Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 18

Extended Families

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • I love this episode because there was really some drama going on with everybody!!!!

    In this episode, the team makes it to the playoffs and Buddy also gets kicked out of the house by his wife for cheating and ends up on the front porch of Coach's front porch. Of course, this is hard for all the children in Buddy's household and although Lila tries to keep it together, but she ends up running off to Jason where she learns that he has a new tattoo done by someone who could obviously be competition for her, and really doesn't seem to mix well with Jason's new crowd. Jason tries to soothe her but will this finally be the end of Jason and Lila? They seem to be okay in the end but is it enough. Buddy asks to stay @ the Coach's house until his wife cools down. Smash and his girlfriend get a little bit closer in a chilly and "buff" type of way. Sometimes afterward, her father makes a request from Smash to report to him any strange changes in Waverly. Who gets a little bit too emotional @ a restaurant over poetry and end up kissing Smash, but it seems to make Smash a little uncomfortable. Afterwards, when they're alone, Smash wants to know if she's okay. She admits to Smash that she's off of her medication for a mood disorder and that she didn't tell her Dad she off the medicine because she doesn't think he'll understand, but Smash doesn't seem so sure about the situation. The next morning Smash gets a call from Waverly to come over while her Dad is out, but she doesn't seem to be completely okay. Smash finds her curled up and crying in the kitchen. Unfortunately Julie gets a view of something she wasn't expecting to see in the morning, but the coach's wife can't seem to really get use to this new situation, and really who could? It's comical because nobody would really want to probably live with Buddy. Their daughter ends up hanging out with Tyra again when she lets it slip that she's **** to hang out with her. They're at a party, and something is very wrong with Tyra's mother and she makes a scene but kinda seems to be out of it. The Coach and his wife are invited out to dinner with some important people where he has a possibility of getting a better job when they receive a phone call from Julie about what happen @ the party. Julie's mom arrives @ the hospital where she has Matt to take Julie home. She stays @ the hospital to make sure Tyra and her mom are okay. She even goes home with and tries to help them clean up the place but Tyra confronts her about the situation with Julie. The Coach's wife explains to her why she had Julie to stay away from her and apologizes. Julie's mom and Tyra seem to be getting along much better in the end. In the end, after Buddy finds out the Coach could potentially be getting another job elsewhere, he decides to leave. The coach tries to set him straight and tells him he needs to worry about his family, but the point doesn't seem to get across. But the Coach gets an offer from what sounds like a university.

    Wiggins finds a big fan in his young new neighbor who seems to love football, which lifts him out of his gloomy world a bit, and could his mom be his new love interest? Julie and her mom seem to become closer. Wiggins helps the neighbor next door with some handiwork. Tune in to the next show to see what's wrong with Waverly and Tyra's mom, will Buddy get back in the house, and will the Coach be moving on to bigger and better things?
  • I completely forgot that they played football at the beginning of this episode because the "drama" was so good.

    The Dillon Panthers won and they are moving on in the playoffs. Okay..that's out the way. :D Waverly..we all knew something was going on with her but she didn't have a secret love child, she has depression and mood issues. She was definitely acting different and Smash was experiencing her "highs" but then he finally experienced on of her "lows" at the end of the episode. Jason continues to be an important character on this show and I'm really happy to see that. They didn't just put him in a wheelchair and toss him to the side. Lyla was awesome in this eppy. I really felt for her. It sucks to have someone go away from you and make you feel like they've changed and moved on and that you don't fit in with them anymore. I knew she wasn't going to take the news of that tattoo well. Landry is funny and his attemps to get Tyra's attention are hilarious. The scenes with Tyra and Tami were really great. It's not all Tyra's fault, it's Julie..Julie is growing up and she's testing the waters. It was unfair to blame everything on Tyra like that. I can't wait for the next episode...I can't end this without saying something about Buddy Garrity. Buddy Garrity...worst houseguest EVER!!!
  • How Buddy's affair effects his family and others in Dillion...

    This was an excellent episode, as almost every episode of Friday Night Lights is. The conversation between Buddy and Eric, when Eric tells Buddy he shouldn't be worrying about Panther football and should instead concentrate on fixing his family showcases how great Kyle Chandler is. Lyla's drunken rant to Street about how nothing is funny was heartbreaking as was his response. Tyra and Tami telling each other off and then finding some middle ground hit the perfect note---something this show manages to do often. When Julie calls her mom because there aren't any other adults, the realism of their dialogue is excellent. Tami goes because Julie asks, what else can a mother do? This show always manages to portray families in a real light, like when Julie bursts into the Taylors' bedroom yelling about finding Buddy in a towel in her bedroom. And who didn't smile when Riggins taught Beau how to throw a spiral or fixed the rain gutter? Seriously, this was an excellent example of why this show is about so much more than football. We saw about two minutes of a game in the very beginning. As a sidenote, I am curious to see how they handle Waverly's bipolar disorder. She should end up in a facility so that they can get her back on her meds. Failing to do that could have tragic consequences.