Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 18

Extended Families

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The 101

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  • How Buddy's affair effects his family and others in Dillion...

    This was an excellent episode, as almost every episode of Friday Night Lights is. The conversation between Buddy and Eric, when Eric tells Buddy he shouldn't be worrying about Panther football and should instead concentrate on fixing his family showcases how great Kyle Chandler is. Lyla's drunken rant to Street about how nothing is funny was heartbreaking as was his response. Tyra and Tami telling each other off and then finding some middle ground hit the perfect note---something this show manages to do often. When Julie calls her mom because there aren't any other adults, the realism of their dialogue is excellent. Tami goes because Julie asks, what else can a mother do? This show always manages to portray families in a real light, like when Julie bursts into the Taylors' bedroom yelling about finding Buddy in a towel in her bedroom. And who didn't smile when Riggins taught Beau how to throw a spiral or fixed the rain gutter? Seriously, this was an excellent example of why this show is about so much more than football. We saw about two minutes of a game in the very beginning. As a sidenote, I am curious to see how they handle Waverly's bipolar disorder. She should end up in a facility so that they can get her back on her meds. Failing to do that could have tragic consequences.
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