Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 18

Extended Families

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The 101



  • Trivia

    • The team Dillon played in this episode is the Round Rock Dragons from Round Rock, TX in real life.

      Round Rock is a suburb of Austin similar to Pflugerville, where the show is shot/based. Round Rock is approximately 5 miles north of Pflugerville. Round Rock and Pflugerville are both in district 14-5A and play each other every year.

      The game was the Region Championship (according to advancing to the State semifinals). This is the only round teams from the same district could actually meet each other in the playoffs.

  • Quotes

    • Lyla:(after discovering Jasons tattoo) When did you get a... You have a tattoo? - Is this real?
      Jason: Yea, mh, it was an impulse buy and i was definetly gonna tell you about it...
      Lyla: You are permanently messed up!
      Jason: I was pretty permanently messed up before

    • Julie: Why don't I just stick pins in my eyes?!
      Tami: Well, I think that's a terrible idea.

    • Matt: Does your mom know that you're here?
      Julie: Matt, why are you even asking that?
      Matt: Look, it's just I don't really want you getting grounded again. I kind of like being allowed to see you.
      Julie (laughing): I'm not gonna get grounded again okay?
      Matt: You're not?
      Julie: No, and nothing is gonna keep me from seeing you.

    • Jason: You're funny when your drunk.
      Lyla (voice cracking): It's not funny Jason when you drive all the way from Dillon, and you find your boyfriend with people that scare you, and getting tattoos from sexy girls.
      (Jason chuckling)
      Lyla (in the verge of tears): It's not funny. It's not funny, Jason. It's not funny. You're changing, and it is so real. And I'm not changing with you. We're never gonna last because I'm not changing with you.
      Jason (touching her cheek): Oh, I'm sorry… Lyla.
      Lyla (crying): I don't know…
      Jason: Look, I'm sorry…
      Lyla: It's okay. No, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay, because you know what? It's bigger than us--
      Jason (cutting her off intensely): Nothing is bigger than us Lyla! Nothing is bigger than us. Nothing is bigger than the love I have for you in my heart. Nothing is bigger than that. And I'm not holding on to you anymore because you're all I have left, I'm holding on you because I love you and I need you in my life. And I'm not giving you up with out a fight. And I'm not letting you go. I love you.

    • Coach Taylor: I got the call.
      Tami: The call
      Coach Taylor: TMU made the offer.
      Tami: Wow
      Coach Taylor: Yeah.

    • Smash: You feeling ok?
      Waverly: I feel wonderful…why are you asking me, why?
      Smash: You seem a little different lately.
      Waverly: It's cause, cause I'm alive, because I'm feeling the world. If that's different then sign me up, I'm different. I'm great. All right, it's like this. I was taking some medication for a while and now I'm off of it.
      Smash: What kind of medication?
      Waverly: It was like this stuff for, uh, mood disorder. It's really no big deal.
      I'm better now; I've got it under control. I don't need drugs to keep me straight.

    • Landry: (Landry holds up his drink for a toast)Hold on one second, you know what everybody to Tyra, everybody to Tyra. I'm in your house right now with you and strippers. Just God Bless everyone who enters here. Cheers.

    • Julie: Yeah, except for the fact that I've been totally forbidden to even hang out with you.
      Tyra: Really, forbidden, that's, uh, that's kind of a dramatic word.

    • Susan: Oh, hey, I'm, uh, Susie I did his tattoo.
      Lyla: Oh, well, that's nice. I'm Lyla his fiancé.

    • Lyla: You seem really happy.
      Jason: I am, it's this sport, I don't know, just playing something again. It's awesome, it's just, uh, I don't think I've been this happy since the accident. Sorry, that came out wrong.
      Lyla: That's ok.
      Jason: Baby, without you I wouldn't be here right now. You make me extremely happy.

    • Jason: Hi
      Lyla: Hi, I drove two hundred miles and all I get is "Hi".
      Jason: I'm just shocked to see you; surprised, happy….happy is a much better word. Baby, what's wrong, what is it?
      (Lyla starts crying)
      Lyla: I think my parents are splitting up.

    • Bo: What are you doing Tim Riggins?
      Tim: I'm fixing my truck.
      Bo: Well, I'm Bo Miller; I'm your new next door neighbor.
      Tim: Ok.
      Bo: And you're Tim Riggins number 33 who single handedly led the Panthers to the semi's. What happened to your eye? Are you gonna be able to play in the semi's?
      Tim: Can you shut up?
      Bo: I don't know can I?
      Tim: Stop please, I'm gonna need you to shut up. Cause I'm incredibly hung over right now.
      Bo: What does that mean?
      Tim: You're going to need to go home, okay, thank you.

    • Waverly: That's why we've gotta go somewhere else?
      Smash: I-I can't go. (Waverly is kissing Smash) Where're we going?
      Waverly: How about a nice romantic moonlight swim?
      (later…in the pool)
      Smash: I've never seen you like this, but I can get used to it.

    • Female Neighbor: Can you turn it down?
      Tim Riggins: I'll, uh, I'll turn it down for ya ma'am
      Female Neighbor: Thank You.
      Tim Riggins: Good Night. You're Welcome.

    • Tami: Honey, what is that thing that is on our front porch? Uhh, that's Buddy Garrity, That's Buddy Garrity sittin' on our front porch.
      Coach Taylor: I see it.
      Tami: oh, no. I want to go to bed. Make him go away. Hey buddy. Great huh?!

    • (Phone's ringing)
      Herc(yelling): Leave it
      Herc(yelling): That's what voicemail's for.
      Street: it's Lyla
      Herc: God that girl's got a radar for when you are about to have a good time.

  • Notes

    • Music in the Episode:

      Outkast - Idlewild Blue (Don't Chu Worry 'Bout Me)
      David Usher - Hope (Tell Everyone)

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