Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 2

Eyes Wide Open

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on The 101

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  • Good episode, ruined by awful shooting and editing choices

    Seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea to shoot this episode using that shaky hand-held camera style and then use fast cuts and transitions in editing it? This is not an episode full of action, there wasn't even a single football game in it. This was purely a character-building episode, all about emotional conversations between characters, the haunted looks in their eyes as they come to realise the seriousness of Jason Street's condition, and these shaky cameras and fast scene transitions completely ruined the effect of the drama. Also, what was the point of using extreme zooms and close-ups whilst the characters are doing fairly mundane things such as talking or driving? Did we really need to be zooming into Matt Saracen's ear or the coach's mouth whilst they were in the car? Even when two characters are just sitting round a table and talking, the camera shakes as if it's on board a ship caught in the waves. It's just incredibly distracting and annoying.

    Other than this terrible decision by the director to go with this filming style, the solid acting and scriptwriting cannot be faulted, so I give it an overall 7/10.
  • GOOD

    Episode two for Friday Night Lights. This episode is not better that the first episode of the show but a lot of series want a day have an episode like this. Matt Saracen's become a real Panthers and I have to say that I love alreday this characters. Emotionnal, Sweetie, Cute, this perso will be one of y favorite. Kyle chandler is very good too. Street, I'm so sad for him because instead of Smash or Riggon I like his perso. Actually, he seems to be nice, honest and no jackass like the two others. I want to see the scene when Riggon goes to the hospital. I'm sur she will be excellent. Friday Night Lights begins good. 9/10.
  • So the greatness continues...

    FNL's second installment is continuing the maintain the quality. First, this episode doesn't have a football game in it. Which is not neccesserely bad: it's pure character development for mainly Saracen and Eric.

    The drama continues as Street is permanently paralyzed. This means that the team got weaker: but the show must go on. Being Eric, the coach, must be a hard one. For several one big reason: everyone is pushing him.

    The town is expecting victory. In fact... every single person in the town seems to know football better than the coach himself. This show does portray this little town amazingly: the football symbolizes the only thing for the people to hold up to. This was shown several times with the fake "book club" meeting, just to persuade Eric's wife to get this and that player to do this and that, and the fact that on friday... everything's closed!

    Saracen, although basically WON the previous match, has plenty of problems to deal with. For example... everyone bugging him. Blaming all on adrelaine, luck... whatever.

    We also learn that he works at a fast food restaurant, takes care of the houeshold, as he's living with his sick grandmother. Difficult life he has!

    Overall, this was a very nice character developing episode, fleshing out two very important characters.
  • This episode was great, and turned my entire opinion of the show around

    So, first, I watched the pilot episode, and I thought- oh, this isn't that great, predictable stort, etc.
    So I recorded this one on dvr, and was about to erase it, becuase i thought, why bother, but, i decided to watch it
    And I am THRILLED I did so. This episode was great. There was some excelent character developement all around, esp. Coach tailor and saracen.
    This show has, as a result of this episode, become one of my favorite new shows, up there with Heroes and Studio 60
    Despite the fact that NBC has got a lot of criticism for its new fall series, i think they are amazing, and much better than any other networks new shows
  • It is getting better I am starting to feel it a little bit although their is still some errors such as the camera, too polaroid for me and it is getting a little confusing at times. But they were able to get through it, it is improving in some way.

    It is getting better I am starting to feel it a little bit although their is still some errors such as the camera, too polaroid for me and it is getting a little confusing at times. But they were able to get through it, it is improving in some way. I just hope that they would see more of this you know it is something really lovely.
  • This episode say all

    I woes like matt how he Dont wont to show every one how he live and how much he poor no one wont bat Eric get that in the right way
    All the episode eric woes thinking what he will do with out street bat He know that matt can be good to bat he need to learn am every thing the part in the night woes amazing when eric wont that matt screem that is them know what to do this part woes great and this Kill me whan eric ask am \"How you play\" And matt say \"Play fine sour\" and Eric answer \"We well see that \".
  • Please don't cancel this show!

    I am just falling in love with this show and if they cancel it without giving it a chance, I would be ticked off. As the star qb gets injured and that the second stringer is forced into the game. I love the character development as well as overcoming adversity and how they handle things with prayer!
  • I loved every second of this episode. It was well done and left me wanting more.

    Friday Night Lights I believe is well done. They have captured how a town focused on football creates stars out of these kids when life should be just fun and friends. These kids are placed on pedestals mostly I believe because the towns themselves don't really have much else. It's always small towns that breed these undefeated or battle hardened kids.

    What I like also is Matt. Being thrown into the QB1 position with the whole town not on your side because they think you cant do it really sets it off for me. I love underdog stories! Even though Street is a great guy and they make him a strong character I would rather have Matt because he is underappreciated and has a lot to offer and a lot to learn.

    I will def be watching this show every week!
  • This episode wasn't anything special, I was expecting much more.

    I'm not sure what it is, but once again as I watched this week's episode, I found myself very easily distracted by things going on around the house. The acting is okay, the writing is okay, but definitely could and should be better. Usually in a show when a main character is injured and life is in danger, I find myself hooked, I have to see what's going to happen. It's not happening, this episode just didn't draw me in like I expected it to. I basically wasn't very interested in what was happening with the quarterback that was hurt. I like Kyle Chandler, but for some reason in this episode, he's just not drawing me into the role. I'm finding it hard to connect to his character. The one thing that I thought was good, they showed people praying. Something that actually does happen in real life that is good, but too often ignored on television. Basically the past few weeks I've watched because there wasn't anything else I was interested in. Based on this episode, I'll be switching back to Standoff when FOX is finished with baseball.
  • They can\'t end with a football game every week, but I really wanted to see the game. I guess I\'ll have to wait until next week.

    I had a feeling Jason was going to be paralyzed, but what a character! He seems to be taking this devastating blow kind of well. I know he doesn\'t have much of a choice, but a little emotion is acceptable. The new QB will come around, but I think it\'s goona start out rough. Infact this might be a show that tries to prove that winning isn\'t everything. I think that Jason\'s alcoholic friend is a frickin\' a**hole. Actally, he\'s just a typical redneck hillbilly. So far So good.
  • The show proves that it can have a great episode without a football climax.

    I was impressed with last week's pilot episode, especially the football sections. I did feel that the scenes from the pilot that focused on the player's personal lives were a bit weak, and the show needed football action to sustain itself.

    This week has no game scenes, and is all about the days leading up to Saracen's first full game as QB1. It blew the pilot out of the water. I can now go on record as saying that this show is spectacular. This episode is full of so much genuine emotion and innocence that I can't help but get caught up in the drama. The style from the pilot and the feature film is still present. The shaky cam and the music are still there. The show almost feels like a 40 minute music video as it flows seemlessly from one story to another without feeling like it is telling a plotted story with defined scene beginnings and endings.

    Things that could be cheesey just aren't in this show. The crippled quarterback story has been done many-a-time before, but the scenes between the coach and Jason where he tells him over and over that he is a good man is the most genuinely touching scene on network TV in some time. I look forward to the drama unfolding. How will Saracen handle the new fame and pressure? How long will Jason's girlfriend stick with him? Her optimism and determination is mesmerizing to watch (or maybe that's just because she's beautiful) but she will have to face facts at one point, and she will probably move on. Sad day for Jason, and he knows it.

    I'm hooked. Don't let me down NBC. Don't run this show into the ground.
  • Pressure and Prayer - who will crumble and who will survive?

    As a girl from the suburbs, I'm fascinated by this look at life in a religious, committed, Texas town. The pressures the townsfolk are exerting on the coach and his players are insane and it's a wonder they don't all crack. On the other hand, the montage of church scenes with everyone praying in their own way to honor a fallen teen was lovely.

    And when Lyla brought Jason cookies and insisted that he'd get better. . .it brought a tear to my eye.

    I find this show altogether heartwarming and a great example of how you have to fight for your dreams. My only complaint is the shaking camera work! Artsy maybe, but it's making me dizzy.
  • There is no game this time but there is Character Development. I've been questioning how they were going to turn a movie into 20-22 episode season and I'm getting the answer. They can't play 20 games, so I can't hold that against them.

    Matt's family situation is interesting. They explained that his father is in Iraq and that is why he is with his Grandma. We learned that Tim Riggins has a problem dealing with his feelings. He's definitely drinking for a reason. I know he lives with his brother but I have no idea what happened to his parents and now his best friend is paralyzed. That is a receipe for an alcoholic. "Smash" Williams is staying true to the character that he's supposed to be. He's extremely selfish. The team does have to move on but that's locker room talk. He's taking over Jason's seat at the local hangout and wants to be the new "king". Tyra is staying true to her character as well. She doesn't discriminate. She's the town slut but it's with a purpose. She wants to be with the popular guy. She's only been attracted to Jason, Tim and "Smash" and it's because of status. I still thought it was a good episode especially since I'm curious about next week. Are they going to win again or is Matt going to cost them the game. He had a terrible week of practice.
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