Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 9

Full Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2006 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

The Williams family is at church during a sermon and Smash Williams is outside in his car injecting himself with steroids. Lyla Garrity is making cupcakes at home to take to the Rehab Center for Jason. The sermon is about God judging secret lives. The camera is panning back and forth from Smash and Lyla. They are two people that have done or are doing something secret. Lyla has cheated on Jason with Tim and Smash is taking steroids behind everyone's back. The Reverend gives a prayer for Smash that he will run all over Gatling in the game Friday. Smash is feeling guilty about what he is doing.

Lyla Garrity is at the rehab center visiting Jason Street. Jason is removing pictures of Lyla in his room when Lyla walks in. Lyla gets emotional and apologizes to Jason for being with Tim. Jason asks Lyla how many times she's had sex with Tim and then asks her to leave. Lyla leaves but then drops off her bag of cupcakes.

Sammy Mead is doing his talk show on Panther radio. He is concerned about Dillon's game against Gatling because it is an away game and they have a very talented Middle Linebacker (Junior Silverio). The callers and Sammy continue to talk about Gatling. Gatling is Smash Williams hometown and where he grew up. Smash asks his mother if they want to go see their Dad when they go to Gatling. Everyone gets quiet but then his mother says they aren't going to a cemetery.

Tami is talking to Coach Taylor about Julie and Matt Saracen's relationship. Coach Taylor tries to downplay her attraction for Matt comparing him to a serial killer and the Riggins brothers, in Coach Taylor's mind Matt isn't someone to worry about.

Tim Riggins is sitting outside his truck concentrating. Matt is being pressured, as the captain of the football team, to talk to Tim about what happened with Tim and Jason. Tim walks into the locker room and looks at a picture of him and Jason together. He folds the picture and takes it down from his locker.

Tyra Collette is calling for Lyla and wants to talk; she tells her that she heard about Jason punching Tim. Tyra asks Lyla why Jason punched Tim. Tyra reminds Lyla that there are rumors flying around about her and Tim.

The Mayor is not satisfied with the accommodations for the visiting Gatling entourage that is going to the game and wants a better hotel negotiated. She makes a joke about trying to avoid a drive by and then volunteers Tami to go with Buddy Garrity to an event to talk to the people in Gatling to get a better hotel for them to stay at.

Julie is talking to her friend about dating a "football player". She is warning Julie that people change fast and that Matt is still the starting quarterback of the football team.

Landry is with Matt and they are shopping for clothes at a Thrift Store. Landry is telling Matt that he needs to change his image for Julie. Landry is trying to get him to be more then himself and to be Matt Saracen the "football player". Landry finds a Members Only jacket for Matt to wear.

Coach Taylor wants his team to be ready for Junior Silverio and the Gatling defense. Coach is talking to the team and tells them that they are going to run through them and make a statement that will lead them all the way to state.

Jason is getting visited by some football team members. Jason tells the group that Tim didn't hit him but that he hit Tim. They ask him about the rumors that Tim Riggins was with Lyla Garrity and Jason doesn't deny it. The group tells Jason that they have his back and that they will "take care" of the situation.

Landry and Matt are talking and Matt wants Landry to watch over his grandmother while he's out on his date. Coach Taylor calls Landry "Lance" and then talks to Matt about his big date night. Coach wants to know what is going on with Tim Riggins. Matt tells Coach Taylor that there is a rumor that Tim hooked up with Lyla and that could be bothering him. Coach then warns Matt that he does speak to his daughter, a lot. :)

Brian "Smash" Williams and Junior are going to hand out together before the game. The Williams family is going to go to a barbeque at the Silverio's house. Smash wants to know if he moved to Dillon to get away from the ghetto or to get away from his father. Mrs. Williams gets upset and tells him to get away from the table.

Matt arrives at Coach Taylor's house to pick Julie up to go out on their date. Coach Taylor notices Matt's Members Only jacket. Coach Taylor and Tami don't like what Julie is wearing. Tami asks Julie to change. Coach Taylor jokes and asks Matt if he wants a beer. Matt answers him seriously and says no because he's driving. Coach says he was joking with a very serious tone.

Matt is out on his date and wants to get a ticket for a show and it's sold out. He wants to know why he can't get a ticket because football players usually get reserve tickets. The ticket agent tells him that they don't give privileges for football players after Reyes started a fight. Landry calls Julie's cell phone to talk to Matt about his grandmother. Matt tells Landry that if something goes wrong to turn on the Discovery Channel. Matt tells Julie that he's going to have to stop by the house to see about his grandmother.

Matt makes it back to his house and Landry tells Matt that his grandmother has flipped out and locked herself in the closet. Matt's grandmother is calling for "Joel" and that's his grandfather. Matt is roll-playing and acting like he's "Joel" to get her out of the closet. Matt then sings a song to get his grandmother out of the closet. Matt sings "Mr. Sandman" to get her out of the closet. She gets out of the closet and she is happy and smiling and singing along with Matt. Landry and Julie are in the house and they can see Matt with his grandmother singing and putting her to bed. After Matt puts her to bed, there is a really awkward moment in the kitchen with Julie, Landry and Matt and then Julie tells Matt that she'll get Landry to take her home.

Buddy is a little worried about Lyla; he's knocking on her room door and wants to know why she didn't come down for breakfast. He doesn't want her to be late for school.

Tami is asking Julie about the date. Julie says that she isn't going to talk about the date but then she tells her that they didn't go to a movie. She tells her mom that she got to see the real Matt Saracen.

Matt thinks that his date was a disaster. Landry said that the only thing that he did right was sing to his grandmother. Julie said that Matt's singing to his grandmother was sweet and vulnerable. Matt thinks that those compliments" are not for a boyfriend. Landry tells Matt to drop the quarterback thing and use the sensitive angle.

Buddy is going over what he wants to say to the people of Gatling about the accommodations for Dillon. Buddy wants to be firm but Tami wants to be more diplomatic. Buddy changes the subject and talks about how Lyla speaks highly of her as a counselor. Buddy asks Tami about Lyla because he notices that she's distracted and not eating. Tami tells Buddy that the best thing he can do is be there for her and let her know that he loves her. Buddy changes the subject back to Gatling and says he'll put some pressure on them and Tami can kill them with kindness.

Smash is working out and his sister Sheila is spotting him. Smash starts talking about his father. He doesn't understand why he can't talk about him. Smash sees his Dad is a good light but Sheila says that she remembers other things. Smash is having a bad time breathing all of a sudden and decides to go to the hospital about it.

The Doctor says that Smash is having an anxiety attack but that he should be fine. Sheila notices a difference with him and asks him about it. Smash says that he's been getting some "pick me ups" from someone at the gym. Smash tells Sheila that football is all he has and that it's his life and he also asks her to keep quiet about him using "pick me ups".

Tim Riggins drives home in his pickup when he's surrounded by a bunch of guys with bats. The guys start busting his truck up with the bats. They are breaking all the windows to get him back for sleeping with Lyla.

Coach Taylor is visiting Jason and asks Jason how he's doing. Jason said he's doing better then him and that Gatling is going to be tough. Jason tells him about his Quad Rugby scrimmage and then asks Coach Taylor if he heard about anything else. Coach Taylor said that he has heard about something. Jason then tells Coach Taylor that he punched Tim.

Tyra drives up to Tim's house and Tim is cleaning the broken glass from his truck. Tyra walks up, turns the vacuum off and then slaps Tim. Tyra really gets upset and says that he could've been with anyone but Lyla.

Buddy and Tami are meeting with the people of Gatlin to discuss the accommodations for Dillon. Tami says that Gatling has the best BBQ and then Buddy Garrity gets right to business and says that the hotel that they are putting them in is not good enough for them. Tami takes a different approach and says that when they bring over the town of Dillon and all the money that they will spend along with them that the 5 star hotel will bring the rates down for their group.

The team and parents along with the cheerleaders are traveling over to Gatling. The town of Gatling is more inner-city compared to Dillon.

Jason is doing some exercises to build strength in his hands and arms when Tyra stops by. She says that they might be the only people in town with the game over in Gatling. She surprises Jason with a bottle of liquor.

Smash comes over to visit Junior and they are having a BBQ. Junior is telling Smash about their friend that got in trouble and is in jail now. Junior tells him that they are the only two people from the hood that have a decent shot at making it. Mrs. Williams goes into a little tirade about Smashes father. Smash can overhear her talking and then he walks away upset.

Jason and Tyra are playing a drinking game called "Quarters". Jason is teasing Tim and then Tyra starts teasing Lyla. They both ask each other if they will be able to forgive them for what they've done.

Smashes mother was looking for him. Smash finally shows up and he has missed bed check. Smash went to go see the old house. He was really upset and walked off. Mrs. Williams asks Smash what he remembers about the night of his father's accident. Mrs. Williams tells him the truth about what happened to him and that the story he knows isn't completely true, even she had no idea how he was with or where he was going when he got into his car accident. She then tells Smash that he has the best parts of him and that he would've been so proud of him and that she says some bad thing about him sometimes.

Brian "Smash" Williams goes to his father's grave sight. Michael Williams is his name. Smash gets emotional at the sight of his headstone.

The Dillon Panthers run onto the field and then the Gatling Eagles run on the field. Some of the Gatling players have words for the Dillon Panthers and they start to push and shove each other before the game starts. Coach Taylor tells everyone to get themselves together and play smart. Smash yells at his team to get them hyped up.

The score is 0-0 in the 4th quarter. Saracen, Riggins and Smash have been shut down by Junior Silverio and the Gatling defense. Smash Williams gets a handoff and is tackled hard by Junior Silverio. On another play, Smash catches a screen and is hit hard by Junior Silverio again.

The Dillon Panthers have the football deep in their own territory. A play is called and Junior Silverio hits Riggins hard and tackles him for a Safety and Riggins is hurt. Gatling is winning the game 2-0. Smash helps Riggins off the field

Lyla is getting taunted and there are girls in the stands asking her questions about Tim Riggins underwear. Buddy Garrity can hear the taunts that the girls are saying to Lyla because she slept with Tim. The girls are yelling at her and one girl throws a drink at her. Lyla then walks away and under the bleachers.

Buddy goes under the bleachers to talk to Lyla. Lyla is crying and Buddy wants to know what is wrong. Lyla tells her father that she lost Jason. She tells him that she was unfaithful. Buddy tells Lyla that we all make mistakes and we grow up. Lyla noticed that he never left a game before and Buddy tells her that it's only a game and that she¡¦s his daughter.

Coach Taylor tells his team they only have one shot at winning this game. Coach asks Tim if he has one more big play in him and to give it the best he has. Tim is hurt but he's coming out on the field. The rest of the team including the guys that busted up his truck forgives him. Saracen gets the snap and pitches the ball to Smash. Tim Riggins makes a huge block on Juinor Silverio and Smash sprints all the way for a touchdown. The Dillon Panthers win the game thanks a lot to Tim's big block. The football team and everyone in the stands are happy and they are celebrating. Julie comes on the field to tell Matt that he had a great game and then Matt kisses her. Tami noticed the kiss in the stands. Smash goes up to his mother in the stands and gives her a huge hug and says that he's ready to go home.