Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 9

Full Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • So many good scenes in this episode!

    This episode is the first one I ever saw which drew me in to Friday Night Lights on a marathon on Bravo. The part where Saracen sings Mr. Sandman to his grandma is so incredibly touching that it makes me wonder how could Julie not fall in love with him? This part made it even sweeter when Matt kissed Julie in excitement after they won the game. The moment between Lyla and her father is well-written as well, as we see him putting his daughter before football. I was also impressed by Tim Riggins' quiet acceptance of the harrassment of the other players. Finally every moment between Saracen and Landry is filled with humor; I think Landry is one of the most underrated characters on the show. I will end this review with a quote from Landry about the demise of Matt and Julie's date while Matt was wearing the Members-Only jacket: "Don't blame the couture."
  • I would have to say this episode was pretty good.

    I would have to say this episode was pretty good. My one critique that I would give to this episode is that they have to speak a little bit more clearer and I believe I would really wanna know what you are saying. But despite that I would like to congratulate you because you are actually improving and the episodes are having more flare. I love the church the Jason and Tim part with Lyla and all that cool!
  • This show is great everytime

    A really good episode, again! They just keep on coming. It's good from the very first scen, all the way to the final seconds. It never gets boring or slow, the characters and their different stories keep the episode going forward and keeps it interesting. It's amazing how caught up you can get, I think it's great. And as always it's just a beautiful show to watch in the way that it's made.
  • Matt takes Julie out on a Date, and the Dillon Panthers face Gatling High.

    A tearjerker of an episode: Watching Matt have to coax his grandmother out of a closet by imitating his Grandfather, in FRONT of Julie during a botched date could force even a heart of stone to break down into tears. A truly devastating scene that was beautifully done. Smash\'s plight is also devasting to watch, as we see him sink lower and lower, and begin to see his friends and Coach Taylor notice that something is wrong. Smash\'s family struggles are also well done in this episode, and flesh him out as well, and starts to tie together a recurring theme of fathers and children (Coach Taylor, Saracen, Buddy Garrity)

    Buddy Garrity also becomes more fleshed out in this episode, while the Mayor remains as annoying as ever. I also find Lyla annoying as hell, as well as being irked because she doesn\'t seem to have an accent in a town where EVERYONE else does. Finally, the could-be-cliche kiss at the end of the episode is made original by Julie\'s shocked reaction, and then the shots of Tami\'s reaction. Tami has quickly become my favorite character in the show.

    And lest I forget, THE FOOTBALL ROCKS! Something to look forward to every episode, IMO.
  • Glad the show was picked up!

    Smash is really the star of the show but the
    Others deserve extra credit as Tim & Lyla's relationship takes in some rumors about them while both Julie and Matt go out on a date but really it is anything but a date. As it has been "cursed" from the very beginning.
    The team also meets with an arch rival and nemesis coming up.
  • A "Smash"-centric episode. :)

    We learn more about Smash Williams and his dad. This was something that was brought up in the Pilot episode when Smash refused to answer questions about his father and now it was brought up again along with other details of this character. He's originally from Gatling, an inner-city town and moved to Dillon after his father died. His mother wanted to get him away from the 'hood, and away from reminders of his father. The first thing I thought was how good Gatling would be with Smash as the runningback and Junior as the linebacker. :) They would probably be going to state. The steriods are starting to catch up with Smash. He's body is not handling the overload on his system. I hope nothing extremely bad happens to him but we'll see. Tyra and Jason are getting friendlier to each other thanks to the affair that Tim and Lyla had. Matt and Julie went from barely getting started to 5th gear already and Coach Taylor and Tami are concerned. I like the previews for next week, after the kiss they had after the game it was only a matter of time before Matt gets banned from seeing Julie.