Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 5

Git 'Er Done

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

Lyla Garrity says good morning to her mother and goes out for a run. She's not going to visit Jason Street today. Her mother is happy that she's doing something other then visiting Jason. Lyla is out running, but then she finds herself running to Tim Riggin's house. She thinks about it but then she knocks on the door and goes inside to visit Tim. Tim is happy and offers her something to eat. Lyla wants to know if Tim's brother is at home and he's not, so Tim and Lyla start kissing.

Coach Taylor, Julie (his daughter) and Tami (his wife) are driving to school. The Deejay's on Panther Radio and a caller have no idea who is starting and they are speculating if it will be Voodoo Tatom or Matt Saracen. Julie is telling her father about other coaching jobs outside of Texas. Coach Taylor sits with Ray "Voodoo" Tatom in his office to have a talk with him about who is going to start the next game. Voodoo Tatom tells the coach that he's not there to make friends; he's there to get noticed and recruited. In his mind there is no contest, Voodoo feels like the coach has seen him play and can decide how he wants to decide.

Matt Saracen and Landry Clarke are talking to Brian "Smash" Williams outside and a few girls walk by. Smash is trying to get their attention when one of them asks Matt if he's going to be starting but Matt doesn't know. Coach Taylor is with his daughter Julie at Applebee's writing plays on a napkin when his wife shows up. She takes the napkin and stuffs it down her shirt. Tyra is a waitress at Applebee's and she is serving coffee to Connor, a guy from L.A. Connor and Tyra have some small talk about Tyra taking over the shift of his original waitress. A car with some students from Dillon drives by and it brings out a serious reaction from Tyra.

At football practice Coach Mac has Voodoo Tatom running plays with the First Team. Matt Saracen is on one knee watching practice. Coach Taylor wants to know why Matt isn't taking any practice reps but Coach Mac said that he thought Voodoo was starting. Coach Taylor gets irritated and tells Mac to include Matt in practice with the first team.

Connor drives up to the Applebee's and Tyra is walking outside. He tells Tyra why he is in town and that he's there to inspect oil fields for investors. He asks Tyra does she want a ride with him and she tells Connor that she's not going to sleep with him.

Matt is on his way to practice and he runs into Julie. Matt is awkwardly speaking to Julie and Julie asks him if he's going to start. Matt goes into this formal, clichéd speech and Julie tells him to chill out. Matt walks away from Julie telling himself that he's stupid.

Jason is in rehab trying to throw a beach ball back and forth. His spirits are high and he makes a joke by calling a football play before he tosses the beach ball. Herc comes into the room and says that he wants to show Jason his future. Jason and Herc go to a 'Quad Rugby' contest. Jason is watching them play as they smash their wheelchairs into each other and pass the ball around.

Lyla Garrity goes to see her guidance counselor Tami Taylor. Tami wants to talk to her about her college plans. Tami is impressed with her grades. Lyla says she wants to wait and see what is going on with Jason first and that she wants to be there for him. Tami wants Lyla to think about what she wants to do separate from Jason.

Coach Mac is in Coach Taylor's office copying the playbook for Voodoo Tatom. They have a confrontation about Coach Mac speaking to Buddy Garrity behind Coach Taylor's back. Coach Mac admits that he feels like he should be the head coach but that he's still not going to do anything to hurt the players. Coach Mac still wants to win whether he's the head coach or not.

Tyra drives up to an oil field to meet with Connor. Connor says that Tyra is opinionated and that he likes it. Tyra says that she hates oil and what it did to her father and this town. Connor tells Tyra that he likes Los Angeles and that she would do alright out there. Connor asks Tyra out to dinner and she says yes.

Jason is moving around in his wheelchair and he sees a picture of Herc before he lost his legs. Herc notices Jason's improvement, Jason and Herc have the exact same injury. Herc reveals that it took him over a year to get to where he could play 'Quad Rugby' because he wasted 6 months pitying himself.

Lyla and Tim are getting dressed and Tim is trying to start a conversation with Lyla. Lyla scoffs at him and says "What do you want to talk about….The fact that you're sleeping with your paralyzed best friend's girlfriend"

Coach Taylor is looking at game film. Tami stops by and asks if he's going to be home for dinner. Coach Taylor says that everyone has branded him as the coach that can't make a decision. Tami asks him to come home because the decision isn't going to be good either way. Coach Taylor then begins to explain the pros and cons of Matt and Voodoo. Tami simply says that "it looks like you've made your decision coach".

Connor is at Applebee's and Tyra walks in; Connor is on the phone booking a flight back to L.A. earlier then expected. Connor still wants to go out with Tyra before he goes back; Tyra still wants to make the date.

Coach Taylor asks Matt to meet him in his office. Matt starts to say that he's ready but the coach cuts him off and tells him that he's going to start Voodoo. Matt is disappointed and not relieved.

There is a pep rally before the game. The band is playing and all the students, football players and cheerleaders are there. Coach Taylor tells everyone that they own the fourth quarter. Smash Williams takes over the pep rally and yelling and rhyming and getting the crowd excited. The team is getting on the bus and getting ready to go visit Jason Street before the big game. Lyla is the first to show up in Jason's room. Jason is happy to see her and then the rest of the team starts streaming in. Coach Taylor walks in with a football helmet, then Smash Williams and rest of the team walks in to visit and say a few words. Finally Tim Riggins walks in and tells Jason that he misses him. Jason was upset and relieved to finally see Tim.

Tyra shows up at Connor's hotel room door. Connor thought he was going to pick her up so they could go out but Tyra asks him if she can come inside. She kisses Connor and they go inside the room.

The game is going to begin as both teams are hyped up and ready to play. Everyone is expecting to see a good game from Voodoo Tatom and a Panthers win. The game is filled with hard hits and Voodoo Tatom gets sacked. Voodoo Tatom is upset on the sidelines and he's knocking water cups and containers over. The Panthers are losing 7 to 0. Coach Taylor calls a screen pass for Tim Riggins, but Voodoo Tatom is not going to run the play, he's going to do what he wants. The ball is snapped and Tim is wide open but Voodoo Tatom tucks the ball under and starts to run up the middle. He puts on a couple of moves and runs for a touchdown. Coach Taylor is upset and tells Voodoo that he only gets that one time to disobey him but Voodoo is pointing to the scoreboard in defiance. The score is 7 to 7. The team reacts to Voodoo's play and the defense for the Panthers is hitting hard and gets the ball back for the Panthers. Coach Taylor tries to call a play for the offense but Voodoo Tatom just walks out on the field and makes his own call. He calls a play to throw the ball to Smash Williams. Smash Williams signals Tim Riggins that he's not going to catch the ball. The ball is snapped and Voodoo throws the ball at Smash Williams and there is an interception. The defensive player catches the ball and runs all the way for a touchdown. Score is now 14-7, Panthers are losing.

It's half-time and Coach Taylor is yelling and screaming at Voodoo Tatom. Voodoo tells the coach to back off of him. Coach Taylor tells him that it's over and that he's done with having him in the game. Voodoo gets upset and throws his helmet and then his shoulder pads to the ground. Coach Taylor hands the football to Matt Saracen and tells him to warm up because he's going to be playing the rest of the game.

There is a minute and 18 seconds left in the game and the Panthers are still losing 14-7. Matt Saracen is still the quarterback; Voodoo Tatum is not on the sidelines. Matt calls the play and passes to his wide receiver Dolia, who steps out of bounds to stop the clock. The ball is snapped and it's a handoff to Smash Williams on the right side for a first down and he runs out of bounds to stop the clock. One the next play the ball is pitched to Smash Williams on the left side and he runs for more yards and gets out of bounds to stop the clock. Matt calls the same play but with a "twist". The ball is snapped and Matt hands the ball off to Smash Williams, he runs to the left side and then hands the ball to Tim Riggins for a reverse. Tim runs to the right side and with a big block from Matt, Tim is able to dive into the end zone. The score is now 14-13. Matt goes over to the sidelines and the Arnett Mead players look exhausted. Coach Taylor decides that they can definitely go for the two point conversion. Matt says they should give the ball to Smash. Coach Mac gives Matt a play to run. Matt goes out with the rest of the offense to run a play for the two point conversion. It is an option play. The ball is snapped and Matt starts to run but then he pitches the ball to Smash. Smash starts to run towards the end zone but there is a defender there to meet him. Smash jumps in the air and after contact spins into the end zone. Dillon Panthers win 15-14.

Tyra wakes up Saturday morning in Connor's hotel room. She's alone in bed and then she starts calling for him. Connor comes into the room and hands her breakfast for one person. Tyra seems disappointed but Connor tells her that he has to catch his plane and then reminds her that he has a plane to catch. Connor starts to tell her that she's a great girl and after Tyra cuts him off, he tells Tyra that he's in a relationship in L.A. Then Tyra tells him that she has a boyfriend, too. Connor then awkwardly leaves the room and Tyra is left alone in the hotel room.

Coach Taylor wakes up in a great mood and he's being very affectionate with his wife in front of Julie. Julie starts to protest them kissing and talking affectionately in front of her. Matt Saracen wakes up with bruises and cuts but he's happy that he was able to play in the game. Panther Radio is having a very positive show about the coach and the Panthers win. Coach Taylor is out buying gas and the citizens of Dillon honking their horns at the Coach and giving him the thumbs up and lots of praise. The Coach is on his way to school for a meeting. The camera cuts to Jason at the rehab facility; he's at the gym doing work on his own by strapping weights to his hands so he can do bicep curls.

Coach Taylor is about to start his meeting when there are two men in suits speaking with Buddy Garrity. Buddy introduces the men to Coach Taylor and explains that they are there to investigate the eligibility of Ray "Voodoo" Tatom. There is going to be a formal investigation and if he's deemed ineligible then Voodoo Tatom will be formally removed from the team and the Arnett Mead game will be a lose.

Coach Taylor shakes their hands and then goes to his meeting amid cheers for their victory against their bitter rivals Arnett Mead.