Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 5

Git 'Er Done

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • This show is actually improving:)

    This show is actually improving:) For me I see a lot of improvement than the past episodes, it is starting to have a deep and intimate sense of this show. I feel sorry for Jason that he feels that way well if I was in the story I would say don't give up. And that voodoo guy no offense kinda creeped me out well I guess that guy is a good actor:)
  • In the biggest game of the season, Coach Taylor must decide between Matt and Ray for the starting quarterback spot. Tim and Lyla's relationship continues, and Jason shows soem hope.

    This episode was suprisingly above average, and was overall a good episode, especially considering this was the week it was shown in place of "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip". Some of the parts of the show do seem somewhat blank, but at least they are progressing the relationship between Matt and Coach Taylor's daughter. Also, the addition of Ray Vodoo was a good addition, and hopefully that storyline will continue to be as interesting as it was. While Jason's storyline doesn't seem all that entertaining at times, he is one of the shows main characters and I'm glad they keep showing his struggle against himself. Overall, some parts of this episode were average, and some parts were above average.
  • Def one of the best shows on TV! I haven't had emotions like this since The OC first season.

    I just LOVE the premise of this show. Matt Saracen is what keeps me watching. His awkward manner, his nervous tendancies, his aspirations to be great. It just reminds me of myself. That's why I think I love the show so much. It just feels very real. Even the games your sitting there routing Saracen and the team on and booing Voodoo!

    Well this time around, doubt encircles the town as to who is going to start. A loss in this game is not going to be allowed. Its either win or have the town destroy the Coaches. In comes Voodoo. A cocky knowitall that thinks hes the whole team, ala Terrell Owens. He protests everything that Coach Taylor wants and hates everything about the town.

    But anyone really care about the Tyra storyline?? That was probably the biggest waste of time in the show so far. I don't really care about her or anything surrounding her.

    Watching the actual game was the best part of the show. It's a great formula that shows underdog quarterback coming into his position. Voodoo gets shown as a loose cannon that cant truely lead a team if the team doesnt want him as a leader.

    I love this show and cant WAIT for the next episode althought it would be heartbreaking if that win gets taken away because of stupid Voodoo.
  • This is exactly why i watch this show.. i mean who cant not like this show? it has everything.. and to that a very fine looking coach.. Aye! =)

    Read the summary it pretty much conclude this review.. Hope to see the next episode soon, cant wait.. it has actually gone past CSI on my list of \"Must watch series\" haha.. and thats a pretty godd damn step. tss.. =) No to the point i would just like to say to everybody who\'s woundering if they should start see this show( reffering to some of my friends in 04SPE, raaasmus?) you should just give it one episdoe and you\'re stuck! (in a good way) Thanks to all.. Linn..

    And by the way when i\'m at it. it snows for the first time this year at my place.. haha Go sweden go!
  • Great show and hopefully will get some ratings!

    I would hate for this show to get cancelled as
    This is a good family drama and that it is
    Really with good acting and great writing as when the star
    QB goes down, that is Jason, Coach Taylor is faced with
    A dilimea to either go with Matt or Ray as Jason
    Has self confidence to rehab and get on the road to Recovery. As the relationship between Tim & Lyla grows stronger!

    This is prime time television! I'm sorry for "Studio 60" not being able to make the cut but "Friday Night Lights" must be using some of that "Voodoo" magic. Star QB Jason Streets is starting to dig himself out of the rut he was in. Thanks but no thanks to his so called best friend Riggins who finally came to see him in a very touching scene. But that was only after he had sex with Streets girlfriend, Layla, and she does not want to get emotionally attatched. The $**! is about to hit the fan but I hope no one else looses their chance to finish the rest of the season. Voodoo Tatum is just a cocky, distraction and I would have benched him as soon as he turned his back on me the first time. Was that Matt Saracen!?! Way to go kid! Now this kid is the real deal with room to grow. I just hope he keeps his head on straight and not bothered by the hype or the new found success. They might try to take a win from the Panthers because of eligibility of Voodoo. The truth will prevail on that one. Maybe Voodoo will stick around long enough to learn something.?. Thank you NBC, tonight's one, two punch had me on the edge of my bed. Now this makes Monday a little better! Isn't the Homecoming game coming soon, that ought to be entertaining?!!!
  • This show continues to impress me.

    The storyline with Tyra was my favorite of this episode. She went from dating and flirting the popular football players to meeting a business man from out of town. Her character is going though some growing pains. Lyla isn't visiting Jason everyday anymore and her mom thinks she's moving on with her life but she's just running to another guy, Tim. Tim thinks he might be able to have a relationship with Lyla but they don't even talk, it's just a physical relationship but I was really happy to see him finally visit Jason. Yeah, he's backstabbing his best friend but it was worst that he just left him in the rehab center without a visit. Matt is starting to get confidence in himself. He really does want to be the quarterback of this team and he's making friends with everyone. It helps that everyone is against Voodoo Tatom. I was hoping that Matt and Voodoo would become rivals but they took care of him really quickly. Voodoo only played half of a football game before he was benched by the coach and now the team might be in trouble for recruiting him and they didn't even win because of him.
  • In order to be the best you have to take big chances.

    This episode changed a lot of what people think about the coach. But just how long will it last? Everyday their is a chance that one wrong move will make or break the coaches chance to prove to Texas he is worth a DAMN. The coach is given a chance to play a great QB or a QB who has heart and is in it for the love of the game. Who would you choose? Well he goes with the one he believes will win him the game Voo-Doo it back fires and Matt is eventually put in. Isn’t this the point of football to play the game because you love it and you put your heart and soul in it not just because you were born lucky.