Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 4

Hello, Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on The 101

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  • Coach has to decide whether or not to bench Saracen or play McCoy.


    Could this be the season of Saracen? Or maybe the season of the Taylor family? It's possible it could be the season of Tyra... what I like about this season so far is that everybody is getting really strong character arcs to work with. Normally, the show is juggling so many different arcs that it's difficult to give each character something strong to work with. Right now, I'm feeling really good about how much each character is getting.

    But back to Saracen. After that ridiculous misstep with Carlotta, the ridiculous nurse that he hooked up with, Zach Gilford is getting his strongest material to date. Meeting his mother is the smartest thing that the show could do for him, because not only does it effect his relationship with her, but it puts tension between him and his grandmother and helps Julie once again view him in a different way (they haven't hooked up yet, but it's just a matter of time before that friendship turns into something more). At the same time, Saracen is dealing with the fact that Coach wants to put McCoy in half of the series' in the next game. I love the way the writers are dealing with the fact that Coach is getting it from all sides to make a choice, and his final decision actually allows Matt to continue taking snaps without being benched. I hope that the tension continues to ratchet up, because it's creating good television.

    As for Tami, making her principal has given her nothing but strong material to work with. She's now in a position remarkably similar to Coach Taylor's in terms of making decisions that will likely make everyone angry and make no one but herself happy. Regardless, Coach and Tami have each other and support each other in their endeavors. Their scene together in the bar was classic Friday Night Lights.

    Also, I can't say enough about Gaius Charles. Unfortunately, it seems as if he's going to be off the show after this episode, but boy, what a send-off. Starting from the moment he steps foot on Texas A+M's fields to when Coach Taylor stands up for him, we get some of the show's best work. We've seen the Smash do his thing dozens of times before, but there was nothing as triumphant as watching him make plays with the team. The final shot of the episode, with him grinning towards his former teammates, gave me chills. Excellent work here.

    If there's one thing I had complaints about, it was the focus on Tyra's hook-up with Cash, and that's not even really a complaint, because the scenes were handled great. But as with any episode and any reviewer, there's going to be stuff we don't enjoy as much as others, and this was my arc that I didn't enjoy. But I didenjoy watching Landry and Tyra go head to head in that argument. Good stuff there.

    I'm still waiting for the show to figure out what to do with Julie's character. She had a lot to do last season but not all of it was great. Also, after taking up a lot of the first three episodes, Riggins and Lila basically disappear. But if it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. I'm just excited to see everybody getting their fair share of scenes. And great scenes they are indeed.

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