Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

There is a big Homecoming concert and pep rally, Lyla and the cheerleaders are dancing and performing on stage. After the performance Tim walks up to Lyla to talk. Tim tells Lyla that he doesn't hate her but Lyla notices that Tim has been drinking. She tells Tim that drinking isn't going to help him deal with anything and that she feels sorry for him. They are celebrating the 2000 championship team on stage now and Mayor Rodell introduces the star quarterback. He was on the All-Region, All-District and All-State team, Lucas "the Maneater" Mize. Lucas walks on stage to a lot of applause and praise when Smash's little sister tells Smash that he will be on the stage like that one day.

The Homecoming concert is in full swing with live music with everyone dancing including Buddy Garrity. Lucas is talking to Brian "Smash" Williams and asks him about his nickname. Tami asks Lucas about his family and how he is doing. Lucas says that he lives in Dallas now and sells insurance but no one has any idea that he is lying about his success. Coach Taylor is telling Lucas how great Smash is and Lucas mentions a guy named Grady Hunt who creates a list of High School prospects. Lucas takes Smash aside to talk to Grady Hunt. Smash talks a good game and wants to be on the list that Grady Hunt creates. I hope you can play as good as you talk is the response Smash gets from Grady.

Jason is eating with Corey at the Rehab Center and his mind is wondering on thoughts of Tim and Lyla. Coach Taylor walks in to talk to Jason. Jason says he's doing well and wants to know why Coach Taylor isn't at the Homecoming party. Coach Taylor asks Jason if he wants to go to the game on Friday night for Homecoming. Jason says he's not sure if he wants to go but then Coach Taylor asks him to think about it.

Billy Riggins is talking to Tyra Collette about planning their own Homecoming party to make money. Mindy Collette, Tyra's sister, doesn't like the party planning idea that Billy has and takes her sister away from Billy.

Billy is at home talking to Tim. Tim says that he is going to quit drinking ad Billy just laughs at him.

Lyla is with Jason at the rehab when Jason asks Lyla if she is seeing a lot of Timmy now. Lyla says that she sees him around the same as she always has.

Matt is asking Landry to stop talking about Julie. Landry keeps talking about her and annoying Matt because Matt won't ask her out. Landry is trying to give Matt advice and tells him, to get the "Eye of the Tiger".

At practice Smash is being evaluated by Grady Hunt. Grady is taking notes on Smash and how he's doing in practice. Smash is doing really well in practice and follows it up with his typical trash talk. After practice Smash calls Lucas out in front of the team to see if he still has any quarterback skills left. The team cheers and Lucas is throwing some balls impressively in front of the team. Lucas then calls Smash out to catch a deep ball. Smash goes out deep for a pass and catches it with one hand and impresses Grady, the list guy.

Billy and Tyra go to a deserted site to plan the party. Tyra wants to use the site because she is going to use her sister and some strippers to come to the party. They want to be away from town so no one gets in trouble.

Jason is speaking with his parents about whether or not he should go to the homecoming game. Jason's mother is against it and thinks it's just too soon. Jason still hasn't decided and will think about it.

In the weight room, Smash and Tim, are working hard, Tim is working especially hard. Grady Hunt left Smash a message and Coach Mac announces that he received a call and everyone in the weight room is cheering and impressed.

Lucas is talking to Coach Taylor and he tells Coach the truth about what happened to him after high school. He doesn't have a job in Dallas, he never graduated college and he hurt his knee and stopped playing football. He then asks Coach Taylor for a job. Coach Taylor says he'll look into it but can't make any promises.

Coach Taylor is watching game film when Tami walks into the room. Coach Taylor tells Tami that Lucas asked for a job. Tami thinks he has a job selling insurance in Dallas. Coach Taylor tells Tami the truth about Lucas and then Tami goes on about how it's a shame how this town spoils football players and then they don't know what to do when they leave.

Jason is talking to Herc and Herc asks Jason why he would let them make him be a mascot. Lyla calls Jason on the cell phone and Jason doesn't pick up the phone this time. Herc knows that something is wrong between them, and encourages Jason to talk about. Jason tells him that Lyla might be sleeping with his best friend. Herc tells him to go to the game and look at Tim in the eyes and see what's up.

Billy is talking to Tyra about losing his golf career and taking care of Tim because his father left and his mother was a mess. Tyra says Tim doesn't talk much and that she knows more about the Riggins family from talking to Billy in two minutes then the year she spent dating Tim.

Smash shows Grady Hunt all the letters he gets from all the colleges. Grady tells Smash that he needs to take football serious like a job and that a lot of kids get letters. He tells Smash that he is a little undersized but Smash insists it is about his heart and not just his size.

Landry and Matt are out and they see Julie. Landry tells Matt to go ahead and talk to Julie. Matt doesn't make a move.

Tim is out running, he's been exercising a lot since he's stopped drinking. Tim walks into the house after running and Billy makes a joke about him being clean and sober for about 24 hours. Tim is upset to see Tyra in his house with Billy. Tyra tells Tim that she is planning a party with Billy and then she asks Tim when he stopped drinking and Tim just walks away from her.

Jason is talking to Lyla about going to homecoming and he says he doesn't want it to be a freak show. Lyla says she wants him to go because she wants to see him there. Jason changes the subject and asks her what she is wearing. Then Jason changes the subject back and says that his father wants him to go and Lyla says she wants him to go. Jason finally decides that he will go and that everything will be fine.

Lucas visits Coach Taylor and they go into his office. Coach Taylor tells him, that he can't help him because there is no room for another assistant. Lucas gets upset and Coach Taylor continues to apologize but Lucas is obviously upset.

Billy is gathering "supplies" for the part with Tyra. Tyra has ordered 22 kegs of beer and even Billy is alarmed at how much booze they have for their party.

Coach Taylor sees Smash in the locker room studying the playbook and asks him if he's ok. Smash ask Coach about Grady Hunt and thinks he has the power to make or break him. Coach tells Smash that there will be a lot of Grady Hunt's coming in to evaluate him and that Grady will not make or break him, but that he will make or break himself.

Tyra and Billy are at the location outside of town and they are setting up before the game starts. Billy turns the radio on to hear the game.

The Dillon Panthers take the field for their Homecoming game. In a very dramatic moment Jason Street is the first person to come out onto the field. Jason is in his wheelchair in front of the team; he is announced as the honorary captain. The crowd is chanting his name and going wild. Jason starts to get emotional as the team comes out on the field with him. CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CAN'T LOSE!!! The whole team is chanting and getting ready for the game to start.

Grady Hunt is at the game to evaluate Smash Williams as the game starts. Laribee's quarterback starts off running an option play and runs down the field. The Laribee squad continues to drive down the field and scores a touchdown first. All eyes are on Smash Williams now that the Panthers have the ball. Smash is having a bad game so far. He gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage and misses a pass that went straight through his hands. Smash runs a reverse and gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage again. His performance is full of low-lights in this game.

Half-Time The Coaches are talking to the team and then Coach Taylor takes Smash Williams into his office to talk. Coach Taylor is upset because he's playing different and poorly and he knows it's because of Grady Hunt's list. Coach Taylor threatens Smash and tells him that if he doesn't play better that he'll take him out of the game plan.

Second Half Dillon has the ball and Smash Williams gets the ball again and he is stopped and he fumbles. A Laribee player picks up the fumble and returns it for a touchdown and the Panthers are losing the game in the 3rd quarter 17-0 Smash gets upset and throws his helmet on the ground. Coach switches the game plan and decides to give the ball to Tim Riggins instead of Smash.

The new game plan is working so far. The Coach is going to keep giving the ball to Riggins and ignore Smash. Tim is successfully running right up the middle and shows his power by running through people as he runs for a touchdown. The score is now 17-14 the Panthers are still losing. Coach Taylor is going to stick with Tim, and he runs the ball in for another touchdown. Matt Saracen throws a screen to Tim and he runs down the sideline for yet another touchdown. Smash is dejected but Tim Riggins played the game of his life and the Dillon Panthers win the game.

The team runs into the locker room excited and Coach Taylor gives the game ball to Tim Riggins for his great effort. The locker room is happy and cheering and the team wants Tim to give a speech. Tim says he's not really good at talking but he says that the Coach is right that there is one team, and one heart and he says that the team gets its heart from Jason Street and gives the game ball to Jason. The team cheers loudly and is happy but Smash walks out of the locker room alone and upset.

Panther's Field house--Smash feels like he wasted his one chance and he's emotional because he feels like he messed up. He is apologizing to his family about how bad he played.

Billy and Tyra's party is in full swing and there is plenty of drinks and loud music. Landry and the rest of the kids are trying to talk to strippers and they are enjoying themselves.

Smash goes to Grady's house to ask if he will make the list. Grady tells Smash that he doesn't want to hear any excuses and tells Smash that he should work on his strength and size. Smash just wants to know if he will make the list but Grady says that the list comes out in January.

At the party Julie says hello to Matt. Matt is still very nervous around her but he still tries to talk to her. Matt asks Julie if she will go on a date with him. When Julie pauses Matt quickly tries to back out of it.

In the morning there is litter everywhere and the party is over. Billy wakes up and sees Lyla counting money. Tyra says they made $4,680 from the party. Billy and Tyra are laughing and sharing a moment of happiness for all the money they made at the party.

Smash has a syringe and some drugs in his room and he is injecting himself when his mother comes to the door asking for him so they can watch game film together. It looks like Smash has decided to use steroids.