Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on DirecTV



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Tyra and Billy are moving the alcohol around getting ready for the party it is sunny, clearly daytime. When Billy runs into the RV and switches on the radio to listen to the beginning of the homecoming game they quickly switch to the football field where it is dark out.

    • Remember Me as a Time of Day" by Explosions in the Sky
      This song is incorrectly credited on the Closed Caption of every FNL episode.
      The theme song is an original recording created for the show and and can not be found on any of Explosions in the Sky's albums or the Friday Night Lights Movie soundtrack.

    • The team Dillon played in this episode is the Leander Lions from Leander, TX in real life.

      Leander is a suburb of Austin similar to Pflugerville, where the show is shot/based. Leander and Pflugerville are both in district 14-5A and play each other every year.

  • Quotes

    • Tim: Waste of friggin' time, huh?
      Lyla: Look, I know you hate me right now, and I understand
      Tim: I don't hate you, Lyla. It'd be a lot easier if I did.
      Lyla: I don't know how to talk to you when you're like this. I mean, God it's not even 7 o'clock and you can barely stand. You can blame me if you want, Tim. You can blame the whole world for all I care, but if you think being drunk all the time is gonna make this any easier, you're wrong. It's not cool or charming. It's just pathetic and gross and I feel sorry for you. I really do.
      Tim: Lyla.

    • Smash: Look, no disrespect, sir. I just want to say flat out. If you got a list, I don't just want to be on it. I want to be number one.
      Grady: Well I hope you can play as good as you talk. Now's your time, son. Show me what you got.
      Smash: Thank You. (shakes Grady's hand)

    • Mindy: It's Homecoming, everybody's gonna be at the dance. Can't fight tradition sweetheart, not here.
      Billy: Then we'll start a new one.
      Tyra: Exactly, the anti-Homecoming.
      Mindy: Uh-huh
      Tyra: Mm-hmm
      Mindy: We gotta go. You're too young to be in here anyway.
      Tyra: Whatever.
      Billy: Hey, Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose……Damn.

    • Billy: Here (tosses a beer can to Tim)
      Tim: I'm good. (tosses the beer can back to Billy)
      Billy: Dude, night cap, Sportscenter.
      Tim: I quit.
      Billy: You quit? (scoffs) Since when?
      Tim: Since now
      Billy: (laughing) Sure you did.

    • Jason: So, uh, do you and Timmy see a lot of each other now?
      Lyla: What do you mean?
      Jason: I don't know like in school or in practice, or around?
      Lyla: No, not really. Pretty much the same amount.

    • Lucas: Can I tell you something?
      Coach Taylor: Sure.
      Lucas: Keep it between us.
      Coach Taylor: Uh-huh
      Lucas: I don't have an agency. I've just been telling people that because I had to tell them something. Sophomore year I blew out my knee which sucked but I wasn't playing that much as it was anyway. I met a girl, pretty much lost focused on football. Lost my scholarship, pretty much dropped out. Never even graduated.
      Coach Taylor: I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know.

    • Lyla: I think you should come.
      Jason: I don't know. I still don't know if I'm ready to face everybody yet. You know, it's embarrassing being the center of attention and all.
      Lyla: Like you're not used to that.
      Jason: Well, for football maybe, but not for being hurt. I mean, come on, it's like "Hey everybody come check out the freak show, don't feed the animals".
      Lyla: It's not like that. People just want to see you, you know? I miss you.
      Jason: Is that right?
      Lyla: mm-hmm.

    • Coach Taylor: Let me tell you something you're a prospect. There's gonna be a lot of Grady Hunts coming in and out of here in the next few years looking at you.
      Smash: You think so?
      Coach Taylor: I know so. And I'll tell you something else, Grady Hunt is not gonna make or break number 20, you are. You go out there tonight and you focus on this game. You focus on this game alone. You'll be fine. You understand me?
      Smash: Yes, sir. You're right.

    • Coach Taylor: All right, listen up! Listen, now. Y'all ought to be real proud of yourselves. That was a hell of an effort tonight. That was a hell of a game. I don't know how in the hell, he did, or where he came from to do, or what have you, but I know who this game ball goes to. (cheering) (hands football to Tim Riggins) That was one hell of a game. All of y'all, that was one hell of a game!

    • Julie: H-Hey.
      Matt: Hey, wh-what's going on?
      Julie: Not much, is this the safe zone?
      Matt: Yeah, I know. These people are crazy.
      Julie: So, it must feel pretty good winning the big homecoming game and all.
      Matt: Will you go on a date with me?
      Julie: Umm.
      Matt: Maybe, or not, I mean—I just thought I'd throw that out there. But it's, it's probably a bad idea.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Landry tells Matt Saracen to have the Eye of the Tiger. Landry is alluding to the phrase used in the Rocky movies that means to be focused and aggressive. It is also a song recorded by the group Survivor and the song was recorded for the Rocky movies starring Sylvester Stallone.