Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 6

How Did I Get Here

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Lila's friend tries joining the team, Landry's dad learns the truth and Matt moves on.


    I feel like this show works best when the writers are focusing 100% (or as close to that as possible) on football and how football effects everybody's life. Sometimes, they stray away for a bit, but the focus on character is always prevalent. The last couple of episodes have been fantastic in the way they balance out stuff happening in each of the character's personal lives and the way they focus on football. Here, we get to see Lila's friend from Juvie attempt to join the team. He has no experience but he has a lot of heart. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor kicks Riggins off the team because he missed a week of practices while in Mexico. While Lila's friend tries to join the team, Tim decides to help him practice.

    We also get Matt finally moving on from Julie. There's clearly still a connection between the two, but right now, Matt feels as if he needs to try something new, hence his time spent with the new girl at the school. As crazy as Julie has been lately, I couldn't help but feel a little bad when she saw Matt and the girl kissing in his car. The story thread was handled pretty well for being something that has been done a billion times in shows before.

    I've been waiting to see how this whole Landry plot would be resolved, and while we don't exactly get a resolution here, we do get closer to one. Landry finally comes clean to his father about what happened. Landry's father, who is played by Glenn Morshower from 24 and has been quietly superb so far, decides to burn the only evidence left of his crime, which is the car he put the rapist in. It's treated as a pretty minor scene, despite being a pretty major event. Landry's dad, who is a cop, is destroying evidence and hiding the truth about a crime. I hope we get a final resolution soon and get some focus back on football, because Landry being on the team makes for some good scenes.

    There's some other stuff going on, mostly minor with the potential to grow to major. For instance, Jason finally leaves the team after deciding he wants to find something new to do with his life. And Tami's sister (the same actress who plays Will Schuster's old fiancee in Glee... I think) shows up and is basically a hyper version of Tami. It should be interesting to see how these threads are fleshed out.

  • The more Tami, Tim, and Smash - the better the episode.

    I thought this episode was fantastic. I loved every single scene with Tami, Tim, or Smash in it, they're all so amazing. In my opinion this was definitely the best episode so far this season. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with Lyla and Landry. The less we see of them the better. I'm really happy Matt has found someone else for the moment while Julie is stuck moping around and regretting the fact that she treated him like crap. I hope he doesn't forgive her anytime soon. Sow your wild oats Matt! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It reminded me of exactly why I love this show.
  • Tami's sister is in town causing trouble. Tim is off the team. The new girl shows interest in Matt, which kills Julie. Landry's dad uncovers his son's secret. Jason contemplates his life. Taylor deals with Buddie's crazy ideas.

    I liked this episode, the series needs more Billy Riggins, and Tim over other people's homes for dinner.

    This new Atlhetic Director position will be fun, cause I would guess there are a lot of other Coaches just as pissed as the Girl's Soccer Coach, and I love watching calm serene Eric deal with crazy people.

    Tami's sister is in town, she seems like trouble, could be interesting to watch. This will put a strain on the marriage definately.

    Jason's story was very compelling, when Buddy made the comment on how rich he and Lyla could have been, I felt like a lump in chest. In the one year since his accident he has seen his dreams die, and now I feel he realizes he needs to find a new dream, cause being a coach on the sideline is not going to be easy.

    Landry's dad is nuts, the car is going to be discovered, he either going to have to forge documents, reporting it stolen or buy a new one or something, but this is far from over.

    I like Santiago, he seems like a real honest kid, definately some good stories should come from him. So Tim is off the team, but has discovered his coaching side, I like that Coach didn't fold immediately. Lets see if Tim can get his life together.

    I like the direction the series is going.
  • A transitional episode that entertained some of the time but otherwise fell a little flat. That being said, things look promising for the future of this season.

    For the past few episodes, I have enjoyed the show and complimented the direction it has been taking. This was a necessary transitional episode but efforts to keep it interesting fell flat. The Landry story seems to be somewhat resolved. It was cleraly headed in that direction in the last episode when the evidence bubbled to the surface and his father forced an end to his relationsip with Tyra. Now we see that come to fruition as his father makes the loud statement that he values his love for his son more than his job. For a man of such integrity, this is a heart-warming moment for them. Landry's father is visibly disturbed by his actions, which keep the scene from becoming too emotional. Nonetheless, it is an effective resolution (God willing) to that story.

    Street, Riggins and Lyla make their way back to Texas. Riggins must deal with the consequences his faces with the team. Street must come to terms with his role in life and, as a result, his relationship with Lyla. This introduces a new storyline for the middle third of the FNL season. Much like Street's attempts last year to play in special sporting events overseas, Street now looks outside Dillon for his place in the world. The difference now might be that he has matured. I hope this gets to play out. Meanwhile, Riggins is helping Lyla's adopted convict join the football team. The scene with them and Smash and Saracen reminded me of last year's scene where street helps Saracen come into his own as the starting quarterback. Tami's visit from her sister seemed like a plot device to bring a little more substance to an otherwise transitional episode. It lacked enough punch to be the center storyline. So while the other elements to the episode are transitioning, this seemed like a pointless subplot. During all this, Eric Taylor is stuck in the hell of a high school system budget.

    Overall, this episode resolves some of the early season issues and sets things up to begin moving forward. We now have the plot involving Street to look forward to. Along with, Riggins' attempts to get on the team, aided by Smash, who is hungry for a chance to shine for college scouts. We have Saracen's new relationship, with his acceptance that Julie is in his past. And of course we have Coach Taylor back in charge but seeming to take on more responsibility. The future looks good for this season