Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 10

I Can't

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on DirecTV

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  • A brilliant episode with the guts to go where no other shows will.

    "I can't" is an episode that proves that the creative team at FNL indeed "can," and they succeed at every turn. The series has hit its stride, effortlessly keeping over a dozen key characters aloft each week, and managing to give each one of them a core moments to play. They offer the range of human experience, but increasingly there's a poignant vein that runs through the season, as characters struggle to hold to their dreams and convictions in the face of daunting circumstances. It is both an indictment of modern America, and a celebration of the means that we have as individuals, families and communities, to prevail.

    The reason I'm writing my first review on here, however, is to salute what will no doubt be a controversial story element in this episode. Without making a spoiler here, I'll just say that the storyline for Betsy (Madison Burge, who was perfectly cast and has just got better and better) reaches its crisis. And the choice that writers make is to be applauded for its honesty and daring. I can't think of a network show in the last ten years who has a character undertake what the NY Times calls "Television's most persistent taboo." I salute Berg and Co. for showing us this young girl's journey... and not feeling the need to cave to outside agendas. (Of course, I haven't seen the subsequent episode, so who knows, I suppose anything is possible.)