Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 1

I Knew You When

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on The 101

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  • Season 3 premiere.


    What a difference a switch to DirecTV made. The Season 3 premiere wasn't a reboot of the show per se, but it certainly feels ready to forget all of the missteps made last season and focus on some good ol' football-centric stories. Tonight's episode not only reminded me of how amazing this show can be but it was exciting, well-written and well-acted.

    The show smartly decided to skip over last season's playoff games (Season 2 was shortened due to the Writer's Strike). It's hard to blame a show for having to work with a shortened episode load, but at the same time, the way the writers eased us back into Dillon life was superb. We learn that Tami has become principal of the school (don't ask me how), Smash injured himself in the playoffs and lost his scholarship as he attempts to heal again and a new QB is in town named J.D McCoy, and despite Coach Taylor's attempt to keep him as QB 1, McCoy has a father with a lot of influence and a strong arm to rival Jason Street.

    The football scenes were amazing, as usual, and Kyle Chandler was a powerhouse tonight. I'm not sure how he never won an Emmy for the first four seasons of the show, but this episode was proof of how powerful he is. And everyone else was on their game too. The Taylor family stuff remained strong as Coach Taylor and Tami now have equally difficult tasks to face involving the school. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tami does as principal.

    As for the rest of the characters, I was pleased to see that we didn't have as many ridiculous stories going on a.k.a Riggins shacking up with a meth dealer, Street going to Mexico for a weird surgery, Landry killing a rapist). Instead, we get simpler high school stuff, like Riggins and Lilatentativelydating, Smash personally training with Coach Taylor to get back to college and Tyra attempting to up her G.P.A to get to a good college. I just loved the way the characters were interacting tonight and it felt like an early Season 1 episode.

    This is a powerful start to Season 3 and I have high hopes for the rest. With a 13 episode season, they have less room to work with but that could be a good thing. It could help focus the writers to keep the story-telling simple and sweet, and that's a great thing.

  • As the new season starts, Tami must adjust to her new position as Principal, while Tyra deals with her absence as counselor. Both Coach and Matt face pressure from the new QB recruit, JD McCoy. While Lyla and Tim differ on their relationship.

    So we travel back to Dillon Texas and find that the 2007 football season did not end well for the Panthers. Smash was injured and his graduation left a big hole in the offense, and the town is hunting for a big post season victory this year.

    In this episode we got back the pissed at the world yet unmistakably charming Coach Taylor. Case in point his annoyed comments about smoothies, and his innocent act when Tami realized the coaching staff got new computers yest she had to lay off four teachers and the school has no air conditioning, yet Eric likes to keep it cool in his office. So with the jumbo tron and the zero budget we now see where Tami and Eric are going to butt heads this season.

    Matt got very little screen time, but we can see that his issues are still the same, is he good enough to be QB 1? While we know that Coach Taylor will stand by him, and her had a great first game, he was overshadowed by J.D.'s amazing pass, kind of reminiscent to his pass in the first season. What I want to know is are he and Julie together?

    Tim and Lyla sure are, so they did finally answer the question, she is a senior, I always thought she was in season one. Anyway, she and Tim have been hooking up in secret, and he wants to go public, but she is not ready, and after their history I can understand her hesitation. Tim being Tim Riggins, the girls of Dillon were all excited to see him back at school, and there we saw that while she was jealous she still felt that he was not serious to date her. However by the episode's end, they seemed pretty chummy and very public, mainly in her father's eyes.

    Julie was up to her usual antics, she wants her own car, and to take the AP History class she wants to take, not the one Tami wants. So instead of whining for weeks to come, she pulls the old switcheroo on Eric. Glad to see she has matured a little.

    Tyra continues to shine, so she and Landry dated last year but broke up and are still friends, but neither seems to agree exactly. Matt's questioning, makes it seem as though it was pretty recent, cause we know that Landry would have talked it to death with him. She faces a new counselor who tells her that she is only dreaming with the colleges she wants to attend and stands no chance of getting in any of them, so she ditches and fights with Tami. However upon seeing her sister get engaged to Billy Riggins (I need to attend that wedding), she vows to Tami that she is going to apply despite the new counselor's condescending remarks.

    Now Smash was injured and is rehabbing with Coach Taylor. Yet upon finding out that he may never be his old self he quits, his ego once again gets the best of him. Some words from Tim however force him to see the light.

    Tami deals with her new position and realizes that it is not going to be easy being Principal, and I cannot wait for her to fight everyone in the show, cause she has the moral high ground.

    So I can clearly say the Friday Night Lights is back and has come back in full force. This season looks likes it will be great and the previews for next week look great.
  • Hats off to the writers ...

    Great to have this one back, and they way they started it, was fantastic - recapping so well that anyone can watch this as their first episode (ever), and not be left behind. Was really impressed with the changes they made, making for some potentially interesting stories this season. Good to see most of the characters back, yup ... most - but not all. For some of these that are back, was interested to see that there are fresh challenges awaiting them, e.g. a QB whose place was secure, has to pull up his socks ... I think most of us will agree that we would like to see those not seen in the season premiere, back some time. This show continues to show it's realism - from discussions between Coach and Mrs. Coach, to the quick comments showing what life is like in a small town. People have dreams and try their best to achieve them. Some will make it, but ... all in the hands of the writers. Thanks for a great start to the new season!!
  • Season 3 of the Friday Night Lights TV show officially kicked off on Direct TV.

    The new season has a different flavor and also some questioning casting moves and character's storyline.
    The episodes begins with a pep rally. Coach asked the school "if they're ready for Friday Night."
    Tami Taylor is now Principle of Dillon High School. The school has little resources and had to layoff four teachers.
    Buddy gives Tami a check to build a jumbo-tron in the end zone of Herrmann Field. Tami decides the use the money for academics instead.
    Tim and Lyla are back together. They are also seniors at Dillon High (I think this makes Tim a 3rd year senior?). The two love each other but also feels tension with all the rally-girls offering him anything he wants. Tyra is determined to be accepted at a Texas University despite the Vice Principles doubtfulness.
    Mr. McCoy, who owns a beer distributing plant, has moved his family to Dillon so his quarterback son can play for the great coach Taylor. Mr. McCoy shows up a practices and brings gifts for the team and couch.
    Matt has competition with new freshman quarterback J.D. McCoy. The Panther's dominated Friday's game and put the new qb in the remaining minutes. During that time he impressed the crowd displaying his superior passing skills; similar to that of Jason Street!
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