Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 17

I Think We Should Have Sex

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on The 101

Episode Recap

I Think We Should Have Sex

Tim Riggins is at a pool hall with his dad and they are hustling a game of pool. Tim and his father win $100 in a game and the loser doesn't want to pay up. Tim hits the guy in the back with a ball and then they start to shove each other. A bouncer in the pool hall breaks up the fight.

Julie and Matt are studying Spanish and then they start making out. Grandma Saracen walks into the room and asks Matt to keep his hands off of her pudding. Julie is on her way home after "studying" with Matt and on her way out the door she tells Matt that she thinks that they should have sex. Julie thinks that it's time for it and Matt is stunned. Julie's mother says "Hi" to Matt and he pauses and stutters, "Hi, Mrs. Coach". ***Theme Music***

Landry is giving Matt a gift, an old condom that's been in his wallet for who knows how long. Smash takes the old condom and throws it out and gives Matt some of his own advice.

Jason and Herc arrive in Austin late. Herc is interested in the ladies while Jason is concerned about being on time and trying out for the Quad Rugby team.

Tyra goes over to the Riggins house and she asks for Billy. She tells Billy that Tim is drinking again and she's hoping that Billy can help. Billy tells Tyra that there is nothing that either of them can do about it and that Tim is going to have to figure things out on his own.

Buddy admits to Coach Taylor that he cheated on his wife. Coach Taylor doesn't want to hear anything about it but Buddy is still telling him about his experience. Coach Taylor gives him some advice and tells Buddy that he needs to end the affair completely and he needs to go home and take care of his family.

Matt and Landry are at a drug store and they are trying to decide what type of condoms to get. Tami Taylor is at the drug store and she can see Landry and Matt looking at condoms to buy.

Tami is at home concerned, she is looking at Julie's baby pictures. When Julie comes home she tells her that she saw Matt buying condoms at the drug store and asks her if she knows anything about it. Julie pauses and is a little scared but tells her mother that she doesn't know anything about it. Tami wants to have a talk about it. Tami asks Julie if she is having sex with Matt and Julie says that they haven't but that they are thinking about it. Tami is very concerned and she gets emotional. She knows that Julie isn't ready to have sex. Julie doesn't really see what the big deal is and that concerns Tami even more. Tami tells her that it is a big deal and that she can wait.

Julie meets up with Matt before practice and she tells Matt that her mother saw him buying condoms. Julie still doesn't understand what the big deal is about losing their virginity. During practice Matt is getting various advices from football players about having sex. Tim's father is at practice and he is asking Coach Taylor to give Tim more carries during the game. He gets into a minor confrontation with Coach Taylor but the Coach avoids anything major and asks Tim's dad to go over to the sidelines.

Coach Mac tells Coach Taylor that a $3,000 camera is missing.

Lyla is on the phone with Jason. Jason is telling her about his experience but she is distracted when her parents start making out with each other in front of her. Herc comes into the room and tries to get Jason to go to a party with him, Lyla can hear him in the background and she's curious about a "party" but Jason says he doesn't want to go.

There is a pretty big party going on and Jason decides to go. Jason is talking to a girl and he apologizes to her for the way he was acting towards her when he first arrived to Austin. Her name is Susan. Susan is a tattoo artist and Jason begins to have a conversation with her.

Coach Mac says that one of the Coach's saw Tim Riggins dad go into the A/V (Audio Visual) room before the camera went missing. Coach Taylor tells Mac that he'll take care of it.

Coach Taylor goes over to Tim Riggins house. Tim's father answers the door and Coach Taylor tells him that a Coach at the school saw him walking out of the A/V room. Tim comes to the door and tells Coach Taylor that if his father says he didn't take the camera that he should believe him. Coach Taylor apologizes to Tim and tells him that he'll see him at practice.

Buddy is apologizing to Tyra's mom. He can not work with her anymore after having an affair with her. He is offering her money and tells her that he can set her up with a job at another place.

Julie is asking Tyra about her first time. Tyra tells Julie that she doesn't have to do it right now. Julie tells Tyra that she likes Matt and that she just needs to "get the information and gather the data". Even Tyra feels like Julie's reasons for having sex are too analytical.

Jason is out with Susan and he is telling her about the incident that happened on the field that left him paralyzed. Susan tells Jason that she would've spent her whole life wondering "why" and Jason tells her that he spent a lot of time wondering the same thing until he finally started to deal with the fact that he couldn't walk.

Jason takes a trip to Susan's tattoo parlor. She tells Jason that he shouldn't get any Chinese symbols or barbed wire or naked ladies. Jason is going to get a tattoo, some writing that means peace.

Tim wakes up and he's going to fix the headlight on his truck, when he goes into the garage to find some tools he finds the camera that his father took from the football team. After finding the camera Tim gets upset and asks his father to leave the house.

Matt and Julie are getting ready to meet each other to "have sex". Matt is really nervous and Julie dolls herself up. Julie arrives and she is still really unemotional about having sex, she tells Matt that they have until 11pm and that they should just "get right down to the sex".

Coach Taylor is looking for some aspirin and he's looking underneath the sink. Coach Taylor finds some designer underwear in the bathroom and he shows it to Tami. They both conclude that it's Julie's underwear. Tami tells Coach Taylor that she saw Matt buying condoms and that she spoke to Julie about having sex. Coach Taylor still doesn't take the news well and says that he will send Julie to a nunnery in Rome and rip Matt's head off if he touches his daughter. Coach calls Lois up and they find out that she is not at her house; they don't know where Julie is.

Tim visits Applebee's because he wants to talk to Tyra. Tyra is busy at work and so Tim will have to talk to her later.

Matt and Julie are kissing and Julie feels weird about the deer that is perched up on the wall, she feels like it is staring at her and judging her. Matt and Julie begin to kiss again and Julie is distracted again, this time Matt stops and says that maybe they shouldn't have sex. He tells Julie that they don't have to do it, they can just hang out together and eat and study. Julie is relieved and they stop.

Coach Taylor and Tami are sitting around waiting for Julie to come home. Tami tells Eric that she really wants to be able to talk to her daughter about everything and that she feels confident that they raised her right. She has faith in Julie and that she will make good decisions.

Matt and Julie do not have sex and are playing around and having fun in a normal innocent way.

Tim is drinking again and he shows up at the pool hall by himself without his father there to protect him. Tyra's mother is at Applebee's and she tells Tyra that she lost her job. Tyra gets a call about Tim because he's about to get himself into a fight. Tim is outside by himself and he's fighting and getting beat up by the guy that his father and he hustled earlier in the week. Billy and Tyra arrive to break up the fight but Tim has already been beat up pretty well.

It is past 1:30am when Julie and Matt wake up; Matt tells Julie that he loves her as he is dropping her off. Julie tells Matt that she loves him too.

Coach Taylor and Tami waited up for Julie and they are on the couch. Julie walks in and her father wants to know if she is ok and Julie explains that nothing happened and that she just fell asleep. She thanks her mother for the talk and then goes to bed. Coach Taylor is relieved that nothing happened.

Matt is looking over at Julie at church. Buddy is in church with his family. Tyra is driving along with her mother when her mother decides to make a visit to church to confront Buddy Garrity about losing her job and their affair. Buddy gets attacked in front of everyone about losing her job. Lyla and her mother walk off embarrassed by what happened.

Tim drives over in his truck to Coach Taylor's house. He delivers the camera that his father stole. Coach Taylor wants to know if he's alright but Tim just tells Coach Taylor that he'll see him in practice.
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