Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 7

In the Bag

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • With Matt gone, Julie turns to academic stuff while Luke finds his father holding him back from school.


    There was a lot of stuff going on in this episode, so much that I had trouble focusing on one thing more than another. This show has always been pretty good about juggling multiple plots but this episode felt like it was straining a little bit. So many interesting things were happening and I wanted it to slow down a bit sometimes and focus on one thing over another.

    I'm getting ahead of myself though. This was still a good episode with strong writing and acting, as usual. At the forefront of the episode, in a way, was the Riggins family and Billy and Mindy's kid. Mindy is put on bed-rest and Billy and Tim are forced to pay for a big hospital bill by putting on a fundraiser of sorts at Riggins' Rigs. Tim has gotten a lot of great story arcs throughout the last couple of seasons, and right now, I'm really interested in what the future holds in store for him. It also helps that we're slowly learning more about Becky. Her story sort of mirrors Tim's in a way, in terms of deadbeat dads.

    As for the football team, Coach assigns Vince as QB. However, the team seems ready to fall apart again after Vince is questioned by police about possibly having a gun in his locker and Luke hurts his foot while helping his dad on a farm. I really like the way the guy Tinker helped Luke. These new characters don't feel like mere replacements anymore; they're becoming their own character, as if they were on the show all along.

    Aimee Teegarden also got some great scenes to chew on this week. With Matt gone and not coming back for awhile, she finds herself falling apart, and she played the scenes as good as she could. Hearing that Matt is in touch with his family makes he excited, if only because it's a sign he might return. Also, I'm glad Kim Dickens agrees to come back to the show for little scenes like this. She's a talented actress in a lot of TV shows and movies, so it's nice she's able to make time to air in the show.

    If there's anything I could've done without, it's the Tami/Glenn stuff. We haven't seen Glenn since Season 2 so I'm wondering why the show felt like they had to bring him back for this goofy little sequence. Glenn's lines felt really awkward, more like a goofy sitcom instead of the realistic show that FNL is.

    But that's just nitpicking... it was a good episode nonetheless. Also, was this week a sign that we may get a Tyra visit soon?!