Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 10

It's Different for Girls

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on The 101
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The cheerleaders prepare for Championship Classic. Lyla is picked on when people find out about her and Riggins. Coach Taylor tries to keep Matt and Julie apart. Jason goes home after being released from rehab.

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  • This series is really stepping up the ! And I am actually proud of it like I can't wait till I see more of this show.

    This series is really stepping up the ! And I am actually proud of it like I can't wait till I see more of this show. I hope that they will make a second season of this or an extension even though if it is based from a book, I feel sorry for Lyla a lot of criticisms can break you down but don't worry she'll cheer up.
  • Story and plot gets better every week!

    It was nice to see an episode where the game was not the \"heart\" of the show, and progressing the storylines of the individuals. The lockeroom banter w/ Matt and Smash as to who will nail the girl quicker with the coach watching was just not what the \"coach\" wanted to hear about his little girl.

    Tami and Coach Taylor realize the day would come that their daughter would get serious about boys, but don\'t want it this soon. It\'s obvious that Waverly didn\'t go on church mission to Africa. I think that she went away from the town, due to having a baby. Think back to her answer in class about men wanting to spread their seed around to everyone, you see a close up of her face after her answer and she has a slight confused look on her face about why Smash \"jokes\" about monogomy. Also remember her father is a preacher and that doesn\'t look good to the congregation. I am glad that Jason was at the cheerleading classic, shows that he does care very much for Lila, and I hope that his character does walk again.

    One of the best shows so far. I wish every night was Friday Night Lights night.moreless
  • something different.

    After a VERY heavy focus on the football team and the game of the week it is nice to see an episode where the Friday night game isn\'t shown - and is barely even mentioned. I\'m happy to see Tim not walking away and being all brooding over Lyla. After he sarted the series constantly drunk or half-drunk it\'s nice to see that he\'s not turning back to that.

    It was nice to see Jason show up at the cheerleading competition and it was good to see the conversation with Jason & Lyla. Even if they don\'t work out together it\'s good to see them dealing with it together and it\'s nice to see Jason out of the house and going to things he would have gone to back when \"life was normal\". I love the tension with Matt and Coach Taylor about Julie. Hopefully he\'ll come around, Matt isn\'t exactly the typical guy on the team. Hopefully he\'ll stay true to his character even asthe new \"QB1\" and eventually coach will come around.moreless
  • The best episode yet!

    Fantastic! Once again Friday Night Lights digs deep and comes up with a win.

    Thought that them not showing the big game was a brilliant stroke, even if I didn't get my weekly fill of high school gridiron action.

    There were so many great scenes in this episode which just kept getting better. The lockeroom banter between Matt and Smash as to who will nail the girl quicker with the coach watching made me laugh, as did the uncomfortable goodbye Matt gave to Julie when the Coach busted up their TV night.

    Smash continues to feel the effects of his drug use. Performance is through the roof, but people are starting to suspect that something just isn't adding up.

    The Lyla and Jason storyline was really good as well. It's a credit to the producers and writers that they can go from one extreme to the other in a heartbeat!

    I loved this episode, and I love this show. It just gets better with each week as the characters develop. Makes you wish every night was a FNL night! :)moreless
  • This was a great episode .

    It is why i tell everyone at school to watch it . The excitment really got build up at the end when Jason showed up at the cheerleading event And really showed that he still had feelings for Lyla and still cared about her.Smash still has problems with his steroids and i think he will come clean to the girl he has seemingly to fallin in love with after meeting up with her again.Matt and Julie seem like they belong together but \"coach\" doesnt seem to liek it very much especially after Smash tried to make the bet with matt in the changeroom.Finally The team wins a game with not much work needed which will hopefully mean there will be some excitment when they reach the playoffs.I look forward to next episode which will hopefully see Jason Finally forgive Lyla, and see this team Win Another game! \"clear eyes full hearts cant lose"!moreless
Maggie Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler


Guest Star

Pastor Sid Johnson

Pastor Sid Johnson

Reverend Grady

Guest Star

Rebecca McFarland

Rebecca McFarland

Suzanne Der

Guest Star

Aasha Davis

Aasha Davis

Waverly Grady

Recurring Role

Brad Leland

Brad Leland

Buddy Garrity

Recurring Role

Blue Deckert

Blue Deckert

Coach Mac McGill

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The cheerleading contest is at Strahan Coliseum on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. This is the home of Texas State Bobcat D1 mens and womens basketball and volleyball.

    • The team Dillon played in this episode (in the video highlights) is the Cedar Park Timberwolves from Cedar Park, TX in real life.

      Cedar Park is a suburb of Austin similar to Pflugerville, where the show is shot/based. Cedar Park and Pflugerville are both in district 14-5A and play each other every year.

    • Matt and Julie are watching The Office, an NBC show that airs on Thursday nights. The episode that they are watching is called "Grief Counseling".

    • Brittany's web page is titled THE OFFICIAL LYLA GARRITY SLAM PAGE

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Julie: Don't worry. He's all bark and no bite. Most of the time. How about uh you come over tomorrow night?
      Matt: I mean, is that gonna be ok with your Mom and your Dad 'cause I don't know—if
      Julie: Matt, you gotta get out of that mindset, otherwise, he's just gonna squash this, whatever—whatever this is

    • Coach Taylor: You won't be going out with Matt Saracen on Saturday because Matt Saracen is gonna be with me at the cheerleading thing.
      Julie Taylor: Are you serious?

    • Smash: Look, I'm just here to bring out the welcome wagon. (Waverly gives Smash a look) Hold up, Waverly?
      Waverly: Hello, Brian
      Smash: Damn girl, look, I don't know where you've been but time's sure been good to you.
      Waverly: Well, Thank You. It's been a while, I know.

    • Smash: How about it, QB1? Think you can get the V-chip out of Julie before I can work my magic?
      Matt: I think you should shut up.
      Smash: Oh, come on, man. What, you afraid of a little bet or something?
      Matt: I think it's a good time to stop talking.
      (Smash and Matt both look over and see Coach Taylor)

    • Jake: (speaking to Jason) Can you walk?
      Mrs. Dunn: Jake, that's not very nice.
      Jake: Sorry.

    • Jason: Hey.
      Lyla: Hi.
      Jason: I have nothing to say to you. Don't come back here.

    • Lyla: What are you doing? Don't you know you're sitting with the school slut?
      Tim: Let them look, Lyla. I don't care.
      Lyla: It's different for girls. You can sleep around all you want and people think you're cool. I make one mistake—and it was a mistake. Tim you're making it worse. You can't be here.

    • Tyra: What the hell was that?
      Tim: What are you talking about?
      Tyra: Sitting with Lyla in the cafeteria. Don't you know you're just making this worse for her?
      Tim: Yeah, she kind of just mentioned that.
      Tyra: Then why don't you stay away from her, then?
      Tim: Stay out of it.
      Tyra: You're in love with her. Yeah.

    • Tami: It was medieval; you know it was like the Scarlet Letter or something watching that girl walk across the cafeteria and everybody just glared at her.
      Coach Taylor: That's High School; at least they didn't burn her at the goal post.

    • Tami Taylor: Honey, will you stop pacing please?
      Coach Taylor: What do you suppose they're doing in there?
      Tami Taylor: Probably having sex (giggles)
      Coach Taylor: That's not funny.
      Tami Taylor: Well, it's a little bit funny.

    • Tim: I guess—I guess what I came here to tell you is that Lyla is completely in love with you and always has been and always will be. She's going through hell right now, Street. Hell.
      Jason: I'm sure she is.
      Tim: People at school are just ripping on her. I mean, she quit cheer. She's losing it. And I know it means probably nothing coming from me, but I thought you should know.
      Jason: Well, I'm sure you can help her out with that.

    • Waverly: You know. I don't think you spent that money on a SAT class.
      Smash: Yeah, well, I'm, (Waverly giggles) I'm starting to think you didn't go to Africa.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music in the Episode:

      School Band - Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll (Part 2)
      José González - Storm
      Nelly Furtado - Maneater
      Stereophonics - Rewind


    • The Scarlet Letter

      Tami: It was medieval; you know it was like the Scarlet Letter or something…
      Tami alludes to the way Lyla is being treated to the Scarlet Letter.
      The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. A story set in Puritan New England in the seventeenth century, about a character named Hester Prynne, who gives birth after committing adultery. She refuses to name the father and has to deal with ridicule for the choices that she's made.