Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 10

It's Different for Girls

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on The 101

Episode Recap

Lyla Garrity is washing vandalism off of her locker before cheerleading practice. The other girls are writing the words slut and other things because she slept with Tim Riggins. Lyla is late to cheer practice because she was cleaning her locker and now she's obviously distracted and is having a hard time practicing correctly. The other girls are still talking about her behind her back.

Julie Taylor is talking to Matt Saracen about her dad not approving their relationship. Matt is afraid of Coach Taylor but Julie is more confident. Matt tries to apologize for kissing her after the game and then Julie kisses him.

Jason Street is coming home from the rehab clinic. Jason is home now and his parents moved his room downstairs. Jason sees an old picture of him and Lyla together and he throws it on the ground.

Tami, Julie and Coach Taylor are on their way to school. Julie tells her father that she's going out with Matt to Felton Lake. Landry is supposed to take them. Coach Taylor thinks Landry's name is Lance because he doesn't pay much attention to the guy. Coach Taylor tells Julie that Matt is not going on a date with her because he has to go to the cheerleading classic. The football team is going to support the cheerleaders.

Jason's family is going to sue the school for what happened to him. A lawyer is supposed to meet with the family and ask Jason some questions. Jason's parents are leaving to go to work and Mrs. Street is a little worried about leaving him alone in the house. Jason seems bored at home by himself.

Smash Williams is trying to talk to a new girl. He says that he's there to welcome her. The new girl gives Smash a look and then he realizes that he knows her already and that her name is Waverly. Waverly is the Pastor's daughter and she was away but now she's back.

Tim tells Smash that Waverly is out of his league. They are joking in the locker room and the fellows say that Smash will get with the Pastor's daughter before Matt gets with the Coach's daughter. Coach Taylor was in the room and heard most of the conversation and is upset.

The cheerleaders are practicing for the Cheer Classic. The girls are bickering with each other. Brittany continues to have issues with Lyla. Lyla falls during a lift and then they start pushing and shoving each other. Ms. Der is upset with the girls and wants them to get their act together.

Jason goes outside. Mrs. Dunn, the next door neighbor, says hello to him. Jake the kid from next door asks Jason if he can walk. Jason tells him that he can't walk but that he can still race him. Jason races him in his wheelchair and after the race is over he sees Lyla parked on the side of the road. She's been there the whole time watching him with Jake. Jason tells Lyla that he doesn't have anything to say to her and that she should go and not come back.

Smash is in class along with Julie and Waverly. Waverly and Smash are talking about the subject of monogamy. They both seem to agree that men want to be with a lot of women, but then Waverly says that monogamy is what makes humans civilized and it's not a bad thing if it's done with the right person.

Lyla is being invited to a party by a couple of guys at lunch. Then Tim Riggins shows up to talk to Lyla. Lyla asks Tim if he knows that he's sitting with the school slut. Lyla tells Tim how different it is for girls. She says that men get popular for sleeping around while women get called sluts. Then she tells Tim that she made one mistake and it was still a mistake for her. Lyla tells Tim that he's making it worse for her by sitting next to her in the lunch room. Tyra Collette can see Tim talking and sitting with Lyla. Tim gets up and leaves. Tyra walks over to Tim outside the lunch room and tells Tim that he's making it worse for her. Tim tells Tyra that Lyla mentioned that to her. Tyra then realizes that Tim has fallen for her.

Buddy Garrity is finishing his day of selling vehicles when Ben shows up to talk to him. Brittany, his daughter, put some stuff up on the internet about Lyla. Ben warns Buddy about the rumors that are being spread about her on the internet. Ben showed up to apologize in person.

Tami tells Coach Taylor how it was for Lyla as she was walking in the cafeteria. Matt is at the door. He's there to see Julie. Matt is still very nervous around the Taylor's. Julie comes to the door and says that she wants to watch some TV with Matt. Coach Taylor is stunned silent as Julie grabs Matt and walks him into the house to watch TV.

Jason is talking to the lawyer about what he did when he was on the team. The lawyer asks him about whether or not the coach ever instructed him on how to make a tackle. Jason says that he was the quarterback and was not instructed on how to make a tackle because he played offense and was the quarterback. Jason is afraid that they are going to sue Coach Taylor and not the school. The lawyer tells him that he just wants him to tell the truth.

Coach Taylor is upset that Matt just showed up. Tami doesn't really like it either but she's not going to check up on them. Coach Taylor goes out to see what is going on and sees Matt and Julie sitting next to each other with a blanket over them. Matt gets nervous and says that he needs to check on his grandmother. He just shakes Julie's hand and leaves nervously because Coach Taylor is standing over them.

Lyla can see that they made a website calling her a slut and teasing her. Buddy goes to her room door and Lyla lies and says she's doing research on her computer but she's looking at the website that is making fun of her. Buddy leaves to go to bed and Lyla begins to cry.

There is a pep rally in the gym for the football team. Coach Taylor makes mention of the Cheer America Championship Classic on the Saturday after the game. Coach Taylor says good luck and that the football team will be there to support them. Coach then introduces some "ladies" and it is some football players dressed in drag with pom-poms, including Smash, Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen.

Tami notices that Lyla is missing from the pep rally. Tami walks over to Lyla and they read a note that was left for her at her locker. Lyla thought that the girls would just talk and she would be able to tough it out but the harassment won't stop so Lyla is deciding to quit the cheerleading team. Lyla tells Tami that being a cheerleader is something that she's wanted to do since she was 5 but ever since Jason's accident she's been feeling different about cheering anyway.

Smash Williams takes some pills before practice and runs an impressive sprint in the 40 yard dash. Coach Taylor and Coach Mac are very impressed with his speed.

Matt is talking to Coach Taylor about seeing Julie. Matt thinks that Coach has a problem with him and Coach Taylor says that he's right. Matt was trying to have a conversation but then he's cut off by the Coach and told that if he doesn't want him to see his daughter that he won't see her.

Mrs. Garrity is asking Lyla if she has spoken to Jason. She tells Lyla that the important thing about her making a mistake is that she learns from it.

Smash is worried about having dinner with the Pastor. He is bothering his mother and his sister about preparing everything for their arrival and dinner. The Pastor and his daughter Waverly are at the door. Smash says grace and then tries to find out what was going on with Waverly. Waverly was in Africa and that is why she was away. Smash is really curious because he's never been outside Texas. Pastor asks Smash about his SAT classes and Smash just says that everything is alright.

Jason is putting himself to bed when Tim Riggins shows up at his room door. Tim tells Jason that Lyla is completely in love with him and that she's going through hell. He's telling Jason about how people are picking on her at school and that she's quit cheerleading. Jason believes that Tim can help Lyla with her problems and not him. Tim apologizes for what he's done, again but Jason is not in the mood to talk at the moment. Tim leaves.

Julie tells her parents that she's going to the movies with Matt and that he's picking her up right now to go to school. Coach Taylor is trying to stop her and talk to her. Landry is there picking up Matt and Julie to go to school. Tami isn't sure who Landry is. Coach Taylor says he's going to have a "Matt Chat".

Matt is talking to Coach Taylor in his office and Coach gives him a big assignment to do over the weekend. He wants Matt to go over several game tapes. He knows that it will take a lot of time and he's hoping that Matt won't be able to spend time with Julie because Julie doesn't like football.

Smash is trying to ask Waverly out. When he's talking to her several girls go up to him and say hi. Smash is still trying to talk to Waverly when Coach Mac yells at him to make it to the bus. Smash then asks her out to miniature golf and she says that she'll think about it.

The winless Timberwolves are playing the Dillon Panthers. The Panthers beat the Timberwolves soundly. Smash Williams has some great stats. After the game Lyla is outside Jason's house.

Smash is on a date with Waverly playing miniature golf. Waverly is talking to him about his academics. Smash brings up if Waverly still wants to go to medical school and that he remembers her playing doctor all the time when she was younger. Smash thinks it was really cool that she went to Africa but Waverly seems to have a different attitude towards her experience. A girl comes up to Smash to talk to him about his football game. He tells the girl that they are going all the way to State. Then out of nowhere Smash's nose is bleeding. Waverly says that she doesn't think he spent that money on SAT classes and Smash says he's not sure if she went to Africa.

Lyla is trying to talk to Jason but Jason is still upset and hurt. Lyla is upset and says that she only made one mistake and that she was there for him every single day and night. Jason says that he didn't need the only person that he loved to break his heart. Lyla tells him that she felt lost and alone when he was in the hospital. Jason still tells Lyla that he can't bring himself to completely forgive her. He just can't.

The cheer classic is getting started. Coach Taylor is at home and he's running late to go see the Dillon Cheerleaders perform. Julie is going to get a ride over to the performance with Matt and Landry. She spent most of the day looking over tapes with Matt. The Coach's plan to keep Matt busy and away from Julie backfired but Coach is slightly happy that Julie is taking an interest in football.

Tim goes over to Lyla's house before the Cheer Classic. Tim thinks that Lyla should go because he knows how much she loves cheerleading and thinks that she gets the same thing out of it that he gets from playing football. Tim doesn't want Lyla to give up just because of what happened between them.

Coach Taylor and Tami show up and they are not as late as they thought they would be. They are looking for Julie. The Cheer competition is underway and all the Cheerleaders are performing.

Smash William's nose is bleeding again and Coach Taylor is in the bathroom with him. Coach notices his nosebleed and that it doesn't look like a minor problem.

Coach Taylor and his wife find Julie. Julie is with Matt and they sit a few seats away from each other.

Lyla shows up late and says that she wants to perform and to sign her name in for the competition. Her reputation precedes her and she acknowledges that she's the so-called "whore with the website" but she doesn't care about that right now.

The Dillon Panther cheerleaders are going to perform and all the main football players are there, Matt, Tim and Smash. Lyla does a great job and so does the rest of the team. Lyla gives a look out in the crowd and she can see that Jason is there too and he was watching Lyla perform with the team.
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