Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 7

Keeping Up Appearances

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

Buddy struggles when Lyla's siblings come to visit for the weekend and all they want to talk about is their new stepdad, how they're vegetarian, and how they think all of Buddy's ideas (camping, miniature golfing) are lousy. They finally come around and stop complaining when they attend the Friday night game as a family.

Herc, Jason, Billy and Tim receive fantastic news when, after a rough time at their open house, they receive an offer on their house at asking price!

Billy gets advice from Jason on how to attract recruiters to Tim and makes a video tape of all of Tim's best plays, and interviews the coach and himself.

One of the Panthers gets reprimanded by Tami at school for "accidentally" setting a fire in science lab involving his lab partner. The Panther's name is Jamarca and Tami brings in his parents for a meeting because this is not the first disciplinary action against him. She tells his parents that he might be suspended from some football games and his parents tell Tami that they never gave him permission to play football. Apparently he forged his parents' signature. Coach Taylor gets mad at Tami for not consulting with him first prior to meeting with the parents, but Tami is able to sweet talk his parents into coming to a game to witness what a great player their son is. They become convinced that they should allow him to play because he has a gift.

Landry kisses his new bandmate and is so elated at this new prospect that he tells Tyra that he has a new girlfriend and that they should try to be friends again. Landry soon finds out that his new bandmate is actually gay and she was trying to be polite by kissing him back.

Coach Taylor and Tami have dinner at the McCoy household, and Coach Taylor witnesses the interesting dynamic between Mr. McCoy and JD. Coach Taylor confronts JD about his overbearing dad and tells him that he should just have some fun with the game. Coach ends up having to tell Mr. McCoy to back off at practice and at halftime.

Jason bumps into an old Panther player who has just signed with an NFL team. Jason meets the player's agent, and Jason gets his business card and is encouraged to contact the sports agent if he is ever in New York City. Jason realizes that this could be a great opportunity after he sells the house, and asks Lyla her advice as to whether she thinks he could make it somewhere else. Lyla is sad at the idea of Jason leaving, but tells him that she thinks he should go for it, and be closer to his family.

The Panthers pull off a win in a very tight game, due to JD having an off night. JD's dad leaves the game in disgust, and JD rides home with his mom...she suggests they stop and have some junk food on the way home.