Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 1

Last Days of Summer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on The 101
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The Dillon Panthers have to work twice as hard as last year if they want to win another championship since so many things have changed. Can they adjust without Coach Taylor and can Coach Taylor adjust to being separated from his family? Matt and Landry fight to make their new lifestyles easier to handle.moreless

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  • By the far the worst episode of this excellent drama. Unbelievable, totally out of character and steeped in melodrama.

    By the far the worst episode of this excellent drama. The first season was a superb display of the importance of sport to a small Texan town. Unlike other teen focused dramas, it wasn't based on unbelievable story lines and melodrama. The characters were interesting, well developed and diverse. It was also very intriguing to see a show not set in California. Yet the opener of season 2 is a huge disappointment. The situation with Matt and Julie is rather pointless and irritating. It seems completely out of character for Julie to be interested in the 'Swede'. As for Leyla, the revelation that she has become a born-again Christian whilst we were gone is bizarre. If the writers wanted her to go down this path surely they would have shown it develop on screen. It was incredible, literally. Finally, the events surrounding Tyra and Landrieu are those usually found in a C-grade teen flick. One positive is that it has retained the charming wit present in the first season.

    Yet overall, one can only hope this episode isn't indicative of the entire season.moreless
  • Season 2 premiere

    I flew through the first season of Friday Night Lights on Netflix in about five days, so I didn't exactly have time to slow down and review each episode as it came up. But overall, I have to say it was one of the more satisfying seasons of television I've watched recently. There were some issues, sure, but most shows have issues. Overall, the quality was excellent. Great acting, nice, subtle writing that never went too far over the top and plenty of balance between football scenes and character development. I really felt like I enjoyed every character, even the more irritating ones.

    I'm a bit disappointed in this season premiere. It's been about four years since this season premiered, so I'm sure everybody already has voiced their opinion on the whole "Landry kills Tyra's attempted rapist" plotline, but having just watched it for the first time now, I can finally give my opinion. I think that the show made a huge misstep in having Landry do that. They could've figured out a way to have a good story to tell without that. But now that we're in it, we're forced to watch as the two hide a secret from everybody for God knows how long.

    Besides that plotline, everything else was enjoyable. I still love the chemistry between Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton on this show. The scenes with them, where Coach Taylor tells her that he's going to leave her a week early to return to Austin was heart-breaking, and watching Matt Sarason continually get pushed aside by Julie so she can hang out with her new lifeguard friend was a subtly sad moment.

    I also like the idea of this new coach, someone who doesn't take crap and certainly doesn't see his players as a part of a community. In his eyes, he's the coach and they're supposed to follow his every order. Jason Street, who is still the QB coach, is forced to follow his orders, even after watching him make Riggins exercise so much that he pukes.

    Right now, all the pieces are in place for a great season. I just don't know how the show will be able to balance them all out this time.moreless
  • A good start with a big surprise

    The episode started nice and fresh, with the team lounging around the town's pool about 8 months from their state win. This is quickly followed by Tami (who was also at the pool) giving birth (at hospital!) and so the return of the famous Dillon coach Eric Taylor.

    We find out during the episode that Julie has become ... well very slightly odd, in that her relationship with Saracen is somewhat unclear and that she's flirting with 'The Swede' who also works ... at the pool.

    However the big shock of the episode was surely Landry's apparent accidental killing of Tyra's stalker. A very big surprise, and a very big change to the sort of episodes we have been used to watching. I found it a little bit too much, and their reaction was infuriating at best. Why does no-one ever call the police?! Obviously this storyline will play a major part for the show.

    On reflection I suppose it was a good move. Another series of football specific incidents might have meant the show going a bit stale so more non-football incidents could be the right idea.

    Aside from that it was disappointing that there was not really much of Smash, Riggins or Jason. And what was with Layla's rebirth?! That seemed very random, although her table antics were amusing!

    Oh I just remembered the scene were Tami and the coach are talking about him having to return to Austin. That was very moving - great acting by Connie Britton!

    Good start. Lets hope the stories develop.moreless
  • Eight months after winning state, relationships are strained. Julie is flirting with a co-worker, while Matt sits idly by, the distance is hitting Tami & Eric hard, Lyla is alienating all with her beliefs, and Tyra and Landry are growing closer.moreless

    I thought this was a great episode because despite the eight month fast forward, we were able to conceive two very opposite things, somethings change and somethings remain the same. The changes;

    Eric is no longer a fixture in Dillon.

    Tami is ready to pop.

    Julie is no longer interested in Matt.

    Lyla found god, and a snippy new attitude.

    Landry is trying out for the team.

    The new Coach kicks Buddy out of practice. (Which was like one of my favorite moments.)

    Smash is now the standalone team captain.

    Jason is torn between his role as a coach and as a friend.

    The things that remain the same.

    Landry is still pining for Tyra.

    Matt still has no idea what is going on.

    Matt's Grandma still gets excited to see Coach Taylor.

    Smash is still the Smash.

    Riggins still has a way with the ladies.

    There is still someone after Tyra.

    And that last one brings us to this episode's shocker, I got to say I am a bit confused by this, but I feel like at FNL they how to bring you on board with the unexpected twists and turns.

    I have some predictions...

    The new coach obviously doesn't mesh with the boosters and the team, I give him four episodes (like two games) before Eric is back.

    Julie and Matt are over for now, she is going to break his heart. Matt will meet someone new and this Swede is going to make Julie feel she will have to grow up too fast.

    Lyla and Riggins are nowhere close to being over.

    By November we will all know what Tyra and Landry did, and the reaction won't be good.

    Some questions;

    Where is Waverly?

    Where is Jackie and Bo?

    Is Herc still in China?

    Did Matt and Julie eventually take things to the next level?

    Guess we will have to wait and see.moreless
  • Lyla becomes born again Christian... she seems like the type. Julie drops Matt Landry and Tyra kill her stalker Tami has her baby Eric deals with coming home to his familymoreless

    Yeah, I'll agree with what everyone here is saying... a lot of it seems unrealistic, especially the dilemma that they put Tyra and Landry through. A lot of people are saying how they were really unreasonable for not just calling the cops. Yeah, it's illogical and what they did was definitely a stupid move, but there is a reason for it. People are forgetting about a certain complex that Tyra has. Last season, Tyra almost got attacked by that same guy, he almost raped her but she refused to call the cops. This is typical of many girls who are sexually molested; they cannot bear to let anyone know what happened to them and thus a lot of times the sex offender gets away with it because the girl is too ashamed to call the cops. Tyra is an example of this. Tyra's family's reputation is already blemished... her sister is a stripper, her mom had an affair with Bud Garrity... and Tyra herself is known as the school slut. And also, they're teenagers who are in the midst of a crisis, they're not experienced enough to be able to be level-headed in situations like these. And maybe Landry shouldn't have listened to her... perhaps he didn't. But he isn't known to be such a bright kid either, as we've seen last season when her got into a fight with one of the football players. So yeah, what they did wasn't reasonable or very smart, but it's not just a mere plot twist the creators have thrown out there. There's reason and depth behind it. As for Julie... it's just weird to see this transition in her. Last season she was so adamant to stay in Dillon just because of Matt and now she's dropped him like a sack of potatoes... well a lot can happen in eight months. So the season might be off to a shaky start but last season was so stellar... that I have faith in this series that it will pick up. And either way, I'm sure the dynamic between Landry and Tyra will surely intensify and that's something I can't miss.moreless

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    • Landry: Why don't you go punch him in the face?
      Matt: Oh, is that what you would do?
      Landry: In some situations you need to ask yourself, W.W.R.D.? What Would Riggins Do? In this situation?
      Matt: Riggins would not be in this situation 'cause Riggins is captain of the S.S. Ta-Tas over there.

    • (Lyla at dinner with her mom and her new boyfriend saying grace)
      Lyla: Thank you Lord for this food that we are about to receive and for your wisdom Lord. I pray that you will guide me and everyone at this table to help respect You and make good choices ... for example to not take advantage of the vulnerability of a recently seperated but not yet divorced woman ... and in turn to give others at the table the strength to remember that a mother of three should not be wearing skinny jeans. Amen.
      (They all release hands)
      Lyla: Bon appetit!

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