Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 1

Last Days of Summer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on The 101

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  • Eight months after winning state, relationships are strained. Julie is flirting with a co-worker, while Matt sits idly by, the distance is hitting Tami & Eric hard, Lyla is alienating all with her beliefs, and Tyra and Landry are growing closer.

    I thought this was a great episode because despite the eight month fast forward, we were able to conceive two very opposite things, somethings change and somethings remain the same. The changes;

    Eric is no longer a fixture in Dillon.
    Tami is ready to pop.
    Julie is no longer interested in Matt.
    Lyla found god, and a snippy new attitude.
    Landry is trying out for the team.
    The new Coach kicks Buddy out of practice. (Which was like one of my favorite moments.)
    Smash is now the standalone team captain.
    Jason is torn between his role as a coach and as a friend.

    The things that remain the same.

    Landry is still pining for Tyra.
    Matt still has no idea what is going on.
    Matt's Grandma still gets excited to see Coach Taylor.
    Smash is still the Smash.
    Riggins still has a way with the ladies.
    There is still someone after Tyra.

    And that last one brings us to this episode's shocker, I got to say I am a bit confused by this, but I feel like at FNL they how to bring you on board with the unexpected twists and turns.

    I have some predictions...

    The new coach obviously doesn't mesh with the boosters and the team, I give him four episodes (like two games) before Eric is back.

    Julie and Matt are over for now, she is going to break his heart. Matt will meet someone new and this Swede is going to make Julie feel she will have to grow up too fast.

    Lyla and Riggins are nowhere close to being over.

    By November we will all know what Tyra and Landry did, and the reaction won't be good.

    Some questions;

    Where is Waverly?
    Where is Jackie and Bo?
    Is Herc still in China?
    Did Matt and Julie eventually take things to the next level?

    Guess we will have to wait and see.
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