Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 1

Last Days of Summer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Lyla becomes born again Christian... she seems like the type. Julie drops Matt Landry and Tyra kill her stalker Tami has her baby Eric deals with coming home to his family

    Yeah, I'll agree with what everyone here is saying... a lot of it seems unrealistic, especially the dilemma that they put Tyra and Landry through. A lot of people are saying how they were really unreasonable for not just calling the cops. Yeah, it's illogical and what they did was definitely a stupid move, but there is a reason for it. People are forgetting about a certain complex that Tyra has. Last season, Tyra almost got attacked by that same guy, he almost raped her but she refused to call the cops. This is typical of many girls who are sexually molested; they cannot bear to let anyone know what happened to them and thus a lot of times the sex offender gets away with it because the girl is too ashamed to call the cops. Tyra is an example of this. Tyra's family's reputation is already blemished... her sister is a stripper, her mom had an affair with Bud Garrity... and Tyra herself is known as the school slut. And also, they're teenagers who are in the midst of a crisis, they're not experienced enough to be able to be level-headed in situations like these. And maybe Landry shouldn't have listened to her... perhaps he didn't. But he isn't known to be such a bright kid either, as we've seen last season when her got into a fight with one of the football players. So yeah, what they did wasn't reasonable or very smart, but it's not just a mere plot twist the creators have thrown out there. There's reason and depth behind it. As for Julie... it's just weird to see this transition in her. Last season she was so adamant to stay in Dillon just because of Matt and now she's dropped him like a sack of potatoes... well a lot can happen in eight months. So the season might be off to a shaky start but last season was so stellar... that I have faith in this series that it will pick up. And either way, I'm sure the dynamic between Landry and Tyra will surely intensify and that's something I can't miss.