Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 1

Last Days of Summer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on The 101

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  • Season 2 premiere


    I flew through the first season of Friday Night Lights on Netflix in about five days, so I didn't exactly have time to slow down and review each episode as it came up. But overall, I have to say it was one of the more satisfying seasons of television I've watched recently. There were some issues, sure, but most shows have issues. Overall, the quality was excellent. Great acting, nice, subtle writing that never went too far over the top and plenty of balance between football scenes and character development. I really felt like I enjoyed every character, even the more irritating ones.

    I'm a bit disappointed in this season premiere. It's been about four years since this season premiered, so I'm sure everybody already has voiced their opinion on the whole "Landry kills Tyra's attempted rapist" plotline, but having just watched it for the first time now, I can finally give my opinion. I think that the show made a huge misstep in having Landry do that. They could've figured out a way to have a good story to tell without that. But now that we're in it, we're forced to watch as the two hide a secret from everybody for God knows how long.

    Besides that plotline, everything else was enjoyable. I still love the chemistry between Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton on this show. The scenes with them, where Coach Taylor tells her that he's going to leave her a week early to return to Austin was heart-breaking, and watching Matt Sarason continually get pushed aside by Julie so she can hang out with her new lifeguard friend was a subtly sad moment.

    I also like the idea of this new coach, someone who doesn't take crap and certainly doesn't see his players as a part of a community. In his eyes, he's the coach and they're supposed to follow his every order. Jason Street, who is still the QB coach, is forced to follow his orders, even after watching him make Riggins exercise so much that he pukes.

    Right now, all the pieces are in place for a great season. I just don't know how the show will be able to balance them all out this time.

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