Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 14

Leave No One Behind

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2008 on DirecTV

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  • Matt goes bad and Julie gets mad

    The parts of this episode with Matt are hilarious. Him and Tim out on the town was funny and the part at the restaurant with Lyla and Chris was great. Also the stripper taking Matt to the hospital was funny. Julie was acting like a child like always and Tami wasn't much help. Landry and Tyra were very cute in this episode, because really who in there right mind wouldn't choose Tyra, that's the best thing that is ever going to happen to Landry. The part with Smash is very sad and things are not looking up, but maybe he will finally loose his attitude.
  • With fears of not making the playoffs Matt begins a downward spiral, with some help from Tim. Julie is feeling the brush off when Tami spends more time with the team and Tyra. Meanwhile Tyra makes a move for Landry.

    Poor Matty, that scene where Coach threw him in the shower and then he said how everyone picks someone or something else over him. Coach, Julie, Carlotta, even his own father. I am glad they brought this story line back, it was a big thing last year when his dad showed up on leave, Matt does have a lot of abandonment issues, and I think that the fear of losing the notoriety of being the quarterback of a state champion team will be his breaking point, I mean we can tell he has nothing else.

    I did however like watching him hang with Riggins, it is always entertaining watching who Tim corrupts.

    Julie, who let's face it has been quite moody this season, for once was actually relatable, I mean I would be pissed if my mom did not take me to get my license, especially if it was for something that I generally did not like, like the volleyball team.

    The moment that we have been waiting for all season, maybe even longer, Tyra told Landry that she did like him, love him, whatever it was, while it was hard to watch him hurt poor Jean like that, it was great to watch them together.

    All in all a good episode that finally brought the spotlight back on my favorite character, Matt. I think this is the episode that should help nominate Zach Gilford for a Outstanding Supporting Actor.