Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 13

Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on DirecTV

Episode Recap

The Taylor's are driving to school. The Dr. Q talk show is on the radio. Dr. Q is a psychologist talk show host and she is giving advice about to a woman whose boyfriend robbed a liquor store. Dr. Q is telling the woman on the phone that she is in control of her destiny. Coach wants to hear Sammy Meade but his wife and daughter want to hear the Dr. Q show. I guess some of that sappy Dr. Q show got into Coach Taylor's head because he ends up giving the team a speech about being in control of their destiny. All they have to do is win their next game and they are in the playoffs. Coach Mac admits to Coach Taylor that he listens to Dr. Q as well and that he lives by her.
Smash Williams' mother is in his room cleaning up a bit and she is about to make up his bed when she finds a syringe and drugs in his room. She immediately assumes that Coach Taylor has something to do with Smash being on steroids.
Mrs. Williams storms into the locker room and grabs Smash and they go into the coach's office. She shows Coach the steroids and accuses the Coach of helping Smash get steroids. She is lecturing Coach Taylor about how bad it is for Smash to be using drugs. Coach Taylor assures Mrs. Williams that he has nothing to do with it. Smash is silent and has nothing to say for himself.
The Garrity's are having dinner and Buddy Garrity is talking about selling cars. He's talking about Ty Johnston, a freshman at SMU and he is a psychology major. He's doing a study on cheerleaders and football and he wants to talk to Lyla Garrity. Buddy has set Lyla up on a date hoping that Lyla will move on to someone else and leave Jason.
Coach Taylor is getting ready for a dinner meeting with Mayor Rodell. Tami Taylor is ready to go but Coach Taylor is not in the mood to meet with the Mayor. Tami asks Coach what he's going to do about Smash. Coach Taylor doesn't know what to do about Smash because if he reports him then his football career is over. He's battling over whether or not to report him.
Tyra is talking to her sister, Mindy and her mother, Angela about Tim. Tyra imitates Tim's voice and tells them about how he apologized but they just think he's saying sorry because he's horny. Angela thinks that Tim is very cute and that Tyra should forgive him. Tyra is talking about a job at Buddy Garrity's car dealership.
Jason Street is with Lyla Garrity and he's jealous that she's going to meet Ty at a Japanese restaurant. Lyla leaves Jason alone for a minute to talk to her cheerleading friends. Tyra sits next to Jason and asks him why he is still talking to Lyla after she cheated on him with Tim. Lyla comes walking over and then Tyra switches seats and then asks Lyla about the job at her Dad's dealership.
Mayor Rodell is having a dinner and the Taylor's are over. Mayor Rodell is a lesbian. Coach Taylor obviously never knew that either because he's feeling and looking uncomfortable as the Mayor is putting her hand on her partners knee. Mayor Rodell wants Tami to be apart of her re-election campaign. Tami says she would love to consider it.
Smash has been out all night and he's upset with his mother. He's upset that she went to the Coach with the steroids. He blames his mother for ruining his life. He is yelling and a little out of control and his mother kicks him out of the house.
Smash is sleeping in his car; he's been there over night since being kicked out of the house.
Smash is talking to the Coach in his office, and he's trying to tell him that he made a mistake. Coach is really upset with Smash because what he did isn't a simple mistake. Coach tells him that making a mistake would be being late for dinner or forgetting something at the grocery store not using drugs. Coach Taylor wants to know everything about whom and how he got the steroids.
Tyra is at home and sees her mother lying on the couch. Tyra's mother doesn't know what to do without Bob and Tyra is disappointed to see her mother like this.
Coach Taylor announces that Smash will not be playing in the game on Friday night and asks the team to respect his privacy.
Grandma Saracen is talking about how much trouble the team is in because Smash Williams is not playing. Matt is looking at the game film and figuring out how he can win the game by throwing slants in the middle of the field. Matt is happy and can't wait for his father to see him play with his new strategy.
Matt's father is going to be shipping out to Iraq and he won't be able to see him play on Friday. It is a surprise announcement to Matt but he's trying to be ok with it.
Grandma Saracen says that Matt's father will be able to see the game in Iraq because they show the Super Bowl out there and they have satellites and all kinds of technology.
Coach Taylor and Tami are watching the Mayor on TV and Tami is wondering why the Mayor chose the Taylor's to open up to about her alternative life Tami likes the Mayor's ideas and she is really considering working with the Mayor. Coach Taylor brings up the fact that Tami voted against her.
There is a knock at the door and it is Smash Williams. Smash is apologizing and he wants to know if he is off the team. He knows he is not playing on Friday but he wants to know if he is really off or not. Coach tells Smash that he really doesn't know what he's going to do but in the mean time Smash needs to keep quiet and wait for a decision. Smash drives away concerned about his future.
Coach Taylor has a mini-press conference and he's answering questions. When he's done he goes into his office and Buddy Garrity wants to know what is going on and why Smash Williams isn't playing. Buddy sees himself as an insider because he's the biggest booster and has always been involved with the football team, including recruiting Voodoo Tatom. Matt knocks on the door and enters Coach's office. Buddy leaves and tells Matt to have a great game. Matt tells Coach that he drew up some plays after looking at the tape. Coach Taylor asks Matt to do his job and that he'll do his job, dismissing Matt's ideas.
Jason is asking Herc to drive him over to the Japanese restaurant to spy on Lyla. Jason puts on a black hoodie, Herc says he looks like the Unabomber with his head covered up by the hood. Herc is teasing Jason about Lyla's track record because she cheated on him already. When Jason tells him to drive off, Herc honks the horn and yells to get Lyla's attention and she sees them as they drive off.
Tyra is talking to Tim and asks him to do her a favor and talk to Buddy Garrity about getting a job for her mother.
Buddy Garrity is talking to Tim. Tim is asking Buddy for a favor and wants him to give Tyra and her mother a break. Buddy says he will interview Tyra's mother. Buddy asks Tim about Smash but Tim tells Buddy that he has no idea what is going on with him. Buddy just won't give up; he wants to know what is going on with Smash.
Smash comes home and wants to have a talk with his mother. He finally takes some responsibility for what he has done. Smash feels like without football there is nothing for him. His mother tells him that she's ok with who he is and that she wishes he could just be a kid and didn't put all the pressure and expectations that he puts on himself.
Jason is over at the Garrity's house. Jason wants to know why Buddy set Lyla up on a date with Ty Johnston. Buddy tries to tell Jason that he didn't send her on a date. Jason is upset and wants Buddy to just admit the truth. Buddy tells Jason that he is really uncertain about the future of Jason and Lyla together and he doesn't want Lyla to be a caregiver all her life. Buddy admits that Lyla loves him and will follow him into hell and asks Jason if he wants to take her to hell with him.
Tyra is driving her mom to Buddy's. The two women are going at it because Angela doesn't want to go over to Buddy's for a job. When the truck has a blowout, Tyra's mother says that it's God's way of saying not to go over to Buddy's.
Matt's father, Henry is going to get on a bus so he can be on his way to Iraq. Matt, Julie, and Grandma are all there to say goodbye. Grandma Saracen is telling her son to be good. Matt is silent. Matt gives his father a hug before he goes on the bus as he is heading back to Iraq. Grandma Saracen tells her son to take care of himself. Matt hugs his Grandma and she starts to cry and says they will be ok.
Coach Mac and Coach Taylor are having a meeting with the rest of the coaches and they are going over the game plan for the upcoming game. Tami stops by and says she's going to join Mayor Rodell's campaign. Coach Taylor suggests that she's on the committee because she is the Coach's wife. Tami gets a little offended by that comment. Coach Taylor tells Tami that he's uncomfortable with the Mayor being a lesbian.
Angela and Tyra are arguing about trying to change the tire. Angela is freaking out and she wants to know why life was so bad with Bob. Tyra doesn't understand why her mother doesn't want to be independent. Tyra tells her mother that she doesn't want to be like her. They need to be able to do things on their own.
Herc and Jason are out drinking. Jason tells Herc about confronting Buddy Garrity and that Buddy told him that he wanted his daughter to have a "good life". Jason says that he's been thinking about how selfish he's been after the accident. Jason concludes that he's thinking about letting her go and finally breaking up with Lyla. Herc tells Jason that he can't leave Lyla because of Buddy because there are a million Buddy Garrity's out there that will keep him from ever being with anyone.
Nine minutes left in the game and the score is 0-0. Baxter is in for Smash Williams and he's doing an ok job at running back. The Panthers are driving and Matt throws a screen to Tim and they almost pick up a first down. It's 3rd and 1 and Matt hands the ball off to Tim Riggins and he is stopped for a seven yard loss. Coach Taylor is going to go for it on 4th and 8. Coach Taylor is going to use one of Matt's plays. Matt tells Coach that he can hit the receivers even though South Pines safeties are fast. Matt tells the Coach that the safeties are still playing too deep.
Matt goes into the huddle and calls on of his plays that he made up after watching film on the South Pines team. Matt throws a completed pass to Tim Riggins in between the safeties and Tim takes the pass and breaks it all the way for a touchdown.
The Panthers win and they are officially going to the playoffs.
The team is celebrating at Buddy Garrity's dealership. Matt tells the Coach that he's happy and thanks him for trusting him about the plays. Mayor Rodell is talking to Tami at the party and Coach Taylor is feeling uncomfortable at the way she is so close to his wife as she speaks. Both Coach and Tami look uncomfortable with Mayor Rodell's behavior.
Tyra comes up to Buddy and tries to apologize about missing the appointment. Angela introduces herself to Buddy. Buddy decides that he will talk to Angela and they go into his office. Tyra has a funny look on her face because she's not really sure why Buddy wants to talk to her mom.
Coach Taylor wants to talk to Smash and they leave the party to go talk.
Angela comes out of Buddy's office and says that he's the new receptionist. Tyra is asking her mother about typing and benefits but all Angela can say is that she has the job and she wants to celebrate.
Coach Taylor tells Smash that if he stays clean and submits himself to private drug testing that he can get back on the team. Coach Taylor and Smash are eating at a diner and Coach points out the dishwasher, a former football player who was number 6 on Grady's top 100 list. The Coach wanted Smash to see him and where he is because Grady's list doesn't guarantee success. Coach Taylor tells Smash that he needs to listen to himself and listen to the people who love him. Coach Taylor empha to Smash that he's taking a major risk by letting him stay on the team.
Lyla comes home after the game and Jason is there waiting for her. Lyla knows that Jason was spying on her with Herc. Jason asks Lyla if he should be jealous and then admits that he is jealous. Lyla thinks that Jason is breaking up with her. Jason tells her that he went out with Herc and he realized that he really likes Herc because he didn't let his handicap define him and that he wants to be like him. Jason feels like he can still be a good positive person and move on with his life like Herc has and he wants to be more like him. Lyla says that Herc would dump her and go after Tyra. Jason tells Lyla that he loves her and then asks her to marry him.
Lyla and Jason kiss.