Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 20

Mud Bowl

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • The Panthers refuse to give up home field advantage after an incident and play in a cow field in the rain. The Coach weighs the options of leaving. Jason coaches Matt to be a better QB1. Tyra is raped while waiting for Landry.

    Every week it becomes harder for me to pick my favorite episode they are all so good. This week's was one of the best. Matt and Jason working together was inspired. Tim's affair with his neighbor brought to the attention of her son, who idolizes him. Smash finally convincing Waverly to get help. Lyla finally standing up to Jason and telling him that he can't be a jackass to her anymore. And finally the game, it was football in the purest sense.

    The one sad note is Tyra getting raped while waiting for Landry, it was so sad but I liked how she handled it.

    Two more episodes left can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Best episode in season 1

    Well written, caracters are smart and the idea amusing. The role playing between coach taylor and his wife is really interesting. All episodes that include many football scenes are great, but this one tops it all. The way the writes choose to finish the game is a bit weird, but it was the only downside. Loved the incident with the county police and how the offensive coach sized the opportunity to show is leadership. In all, this episode and the first (pilot) are the best ones of this show. Can't wait to see the second season and I surely hope the ratings will go up!
  • Top episode. (spoilers)

    Due to a train accident the Panthers can't use their stadium to play the important state semi final. Coach Taylor refuses to give up the home advantage and decides to build a new football field. The field is built in the middle of a farmland, which causes the semi final to turn into a mud bowl. Meanwhile Jason returns to Dillon and he reunites with Tim, Matt and Smash. Matt is having doubt about his capacity to lead the team to the state final, so Jason talks with him and coaches him, which makes Matt play the game of his life, leading the Panthers to the semi final victory.
  • What a great episode! Exactly what I wanted out of it!

    This episode had me gasp, had me get teary-eyed and made me laugh all in the same hour. What a tremendous episode. It was great to see them get back to the football aspect. What a tremendous game and an even greater win. Watching Coach Taylor fight for home-field advantage was great and then watching the Panthers come back to a victory was sweet. I actually gasped when Tyra was grabbed. I am glad that they didn't have her raped.
    I got teary-eyed just watching the aftermath of the win and when Julie jumped on Matt, it was so sweet and special that the tears just came to my eyes (I'm an emotional girl, LOL). Probably one of my favorite episodes this season.
  • Mud Bowel

    Everytime I think this show has peeked it has another episode like this one!I love this show and I love this episode I love the way they have brought all of the characters togehter,Like Riggins and Landry and then Tyra and Landry(who I just love together) Ans then the way they spliced the game scenes in with the assault scenes and the rain being everywhere and washing away everything and nothing it was awesome, Best show on TV
  • The show continues to be great.

    I agree with Billy...Tim's relationship with Jackie is going to end badly but let's just have fun watching it while it lasts. Jason is a good coach and it was cool to see him working with Matt but I really enjoy all his dramatic scenes with Lyla. She threw the water on him!!! :D Landry and Tyra...what can I say. Landry realistically has NO shot at being with her but I love seeing the two of them interact with each other. The facial expressions that Tyra makes are great. I felt badly for both of them, poor Landry really wanted to meet with her and he was late and of course Tyra was being attacked which is really messed up. She was able to get away but being attacked is very traumatic. The Panthers are going to state and they will be playing against "Voodoo" Tatom. A character that I really liked and I wished he lasted for a few more episodes before they got rid of him.
  • Great Episode Action packed and drama.

    This was a great episode, as always. It was action packed and full of drama. The way the Tyra attack and football game together was great. I am glad Tyra was able to fight the guy off. And now she and Landry may be closer. Jason may help coach, and he did a wonderful job with Matt. MatJules is so awesome together. The fixing the cow pasture to be a field was great. I enjoy every little bit and hope this show is renewwed. Smash is really trying to help Waverly and be her friend. Tim should not be sleeping with the neighbor though. GReat episode.
  • Perfect.

    I L-O-V-E this show. No, seriously, this was yet another episode that confirmed that this show has spirit, a perfect storyline, great actors, masterful writing and, of course, drama.

    Tyra was almost raped, which was a really shocking twist... I have to admit, I thought she was gonna kill the guy, and I was afraid the show was gonna turn into a One-Tree-Hill style soap (don't get me wrong, I also watch OTH :D ), but that's not what happened and I'm thrilled...

    I absolutely love Matt and Julie, they're just the perfect couple, and the scene after the game was awesome... Oh, The Game. That was just brilliant. I enjoyed every second of it. Perfect. That's all I have to say. Only two more episodes left. Still, I'm optimistic, 'cause things are looking good (I'm talking about season 2)... The excitement about season 2 is much bigger than my sadness over the season finale, so I'm feeling good! 8) =)