Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 2007 on The 101

Episode Recap

6AM--Jason Street is waking up, brushing his teeth and lifting weights. He continues to rehab and he's getting stronger. He's takes a shower and then he's looking for his Nevermind-Nirvana CD. Jason is frustrated because he can not find his CD. He's taking his frustrations out on his mother and then says he's going to go buy himself another one. He wheels himself down the street to get himself another Nirvana CD. Jason is in the record store and he picks out the CD that he wants. He sees Lyla and teases her about Clay Aiken. Lyla's friend Melissa calls her and says that she's going to be late for class. Lyla says she'll be late if Jason gives her a reason to be late.

Jason is making out with Lyla at his house. Jason is trying to position himself on the wheelchair and then falls out of his chair. He laughs and then tells Lyla to come over to him. When Lyla climbs on top of him Jason gets frustrated because he is unable to perform sexually. He still can't feel anything below his waist.

Matt is talking about his grandmother's medical bills on the phone. His grandmother is talking about Matt's father and she thinks he's out front but Matt thinks she's just saying random crazy things. Matt goes outside to check on what his grandmother is saying and it really is his father. Matt's father is home from Iraq. Matt is excited to see him and gives him a big hug.

The team is warming up with Coach Mac and Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor asks the team to not embarrass him or the school at the First Baptist Church Annual Dinner.

Tami Taylor is talking to Tim about his slipping grades. Tami questions Tim about whether or not he's been having Rally Girls do his homework and then questions him about one of his past assignments. Tami wants to know if he is really responsible for an A that he received for a book report on the Scarlet Letter. Tami asks Tim what the Scarlet Letter was about. Tim tells Tami that the Scarlet Letter is about a girl named Scarlet. Tami catches him in a lie and tells Tim that he will not get any more free passes with his school work.

Herc and Jason are out for a bite to eat. Jason asks Herc about why he can't have sex and tells him about what happened with Lyla. He tells Herc that he's having trouble "staying at attention". Herc is disappointed that Jason was trying to have sex with Lyla. Herc tells him that he won't be able to perform, at least not for a while. Herc tells Jason that he's starting over with almost everything including sex and that his body may or may not work all the time.

Tami introduces Tim Riggins to Landry Clarke. She wants Landry to tutor Tim for his book report on 'Of Mice and Men'.

At football practice Matt's father is there watching Matt run the team as quarterback. Texas Football Magazine came out with a list of top 10 coaches in Texas and Coach Taylor is on the list. Matt wants his father, Henry Saracen to meet Coach Taylor. Matt's dad asks about his son and Coach Taylor offers a lot of compliments. Matt is a little disappointed in his father's reaction and his seemingly low expectations.

Matt is discussing his father with Julie and Landry. He doesn't really understand why his dad is being different. Matt was expecting his dad to come home and straighten everything out. Landry is trying to promote his band Crucifictorious at the Broken Spoke Friday after the game.

Lyla is at Jason's house and she's there to visit. Lyla brought over some "Quad Porn". Lyla wants to watch the cassette with Jason so he can learn how to function with his new condition. Jason gets turned off by Lyla's attitude and he feels weird because he feels pressured to perform but he can't. Jason tells Lyla to go find Tim if she wants to get laid.

Landry is still hanging up posters for his band as he is tutoring Tim. Tim is ignoring Landry's advice and Landry believes that Tim can't read but Tim tells him that he chooses not to read.

Matt is making some dinner for his father and his grandmother. Matt's father is noticing how Grandma is acting and he seems surprised at how bad she is. Matt is hoping that his dad can come back and help out in the house. Matt and his dad get into a little disagreement about him being in Iraq and not at home.

Tami is taking the garbage out when Coach Taylor comes home and tries to help her but then ends up dropping the garbage out on the lawn. Tami tells Coach about Tim's grades and Coach just wants him to slide by for the next couple of weeks (games). Tami doesn't want Tim to cheat at all and she feels like Coach is encouraging him to continue to cheat and slide by. Coach Taylor gets a call from an assistant coach at UT and they want to know if he wants to be the Quarterback Coach at the University of Texas. Coach Taylor doesn't give a definite answer but says he will leave the option open.

Landry is asking Tim Riggins if he finished reading the story. Landry says that he'll read the story to him if he needs it. Tim is working out in the gym and Landry is reading the book to him while he is working out. Coach Mac and Coach Taylor are looking and Riggins and Landry with a quizzical look.

Matt comes home from school and his father is outside clearing the gutters on the house when the smoke detector goes off and there is smoke coming out of the house. He went outside to take a break from Grandma Saracen and she ended up almost burning the house down. Matt's Dad runs into the house and starts yelling at Grandma Saracen.

Matt and his father are trying to figure out what their options are with Grandma Saracen. Matt's father was thinking about putting her in a home and then the counselor suggests that Henry Saracen might be able to get out of his service to take care of Grandma Saracen. Henry wants to go back to Iraq and not get out of his "duty" to take care of Matt's grandma.

Landry is still reading the story to Tim. Tim thinks the story was really intense because "the guy shot his best friend". Tim and Landry are going over the book and then Landry asks him how he relates to the book. Tim asks Landry to do the report for him and doesn't know how the book relates to him. Landry gets frustrated because he read the entire book to Tim and he has nothing to say. Landry starts to pressure Tim about the story about two best friends that have a dream that get crushed. Landry says that he'd really like to shoot Tim right now and that is how he relates to the book.

Jason comes over to visit Coach Taylor. Tami answers the door and is surprised that Jason wheeled all the way over to their house. Jason says that he hasn't really thought about going back to school. Jason tells her that he's not ready to be apart of the Dillon High School rumor mill. He tells Tami that he saw Lyla the other day and that he was trying to get back together with her. Tami gives Jason some advice and tells him that he is not weak if he forgives her.

Matt's dad offers him a tie to wear at the Annual Dinner. He tells Matt that his Aunt Peg in Oklahoma is willing to have Matt live with her. He's also going to send Grandma Saracen to a home. Matt doesn't want his grandmother to go away and he is frustrated with the way that his father has handled the situation. He had higher expectations and is disappointed. Matt goes to the Annual Dinner without his father.

The team is at the Annual Dinner. Coach Taylor is talking to Tim about his grades and what is going on with his academics. Coach warns him that if he doesn't pass he will not play and that his free rides are over. Matt tells Julie that his father isn't coming. Matt is upset when Julie brings up were his father is and they get into a little argument in front of Tami.

Matt is outside practicing throws through a tire before the game. Matt is off and can not seem to throw the ball on target like he usually does. Matt's father is at the game to watch his son. Matt is having a terrible game. Dolia is wide open and Matt doesn't throw the ball and gets sacked. Smash Williams on the other hand is playing great and covering for all of Matt's mistakes. Coach calls for a block kick on fourth down with Smash and Dolia. Smash and the rest of team rushes the punt. Smash blocks the kick and the Dillon Panthers recover. Matt is coming on the field in the fourth quarter with plenty of time to get the team back in the game. Smash Williams runs over to play wide receiver. The ball is snapped and Smash is wide open. Matt misses the target, again and overthrows Smash Williams badly. Coach Taylor has benched Matt Saracen after he missed a wide open Smash Williams. Matt is completely off today. The back up Brett Weston is sent in and he gives the ball to Smash Williams on his first play. The next play he completes a pass up the middle. He then throws Smash a screen pass and Smash makes a great run after the catch to score the winning touchdown!!!

After the game Matt is walking towards his dad. Matt is upset because he doesn't want to go to Oklahoma. Matt's father thinks Matt can play football anywhere and wants to put Grandma Saracen into a home. Matt finally lets all his frustration out and tells his father that he thought that when he came home he would make things better but that he's making them worse. Matt is so upset that he tells his father that he doesn't want to go home and won't until he goes back to Iraq. Matt goes home with the Taylor's

Landry and his band are performing to a crowd of about 3 or 4 people. Tim shows up and claps at the end of their song. Landry is surprised that Tim showed up. Tim tells Landry about his B- grade and thanks him for helping him study.

Jason is laying down when Lyla sneaks into his room through the window. Jason wonders why she is visiting him and Lyla tells him that she didn't like the way things ended with them the other day.

Tami can see that Julie is still awake and doesn't want Matt to go away to Oklahoma. Matt is outside telling Coach Taylor about his new circumstances. His grandmother is going into a home and he is going to Oklahoma. Matt tells Coach Taylor that he hates his dad. Coach tells Matt not to make that mistake of hating his father and he offers to talk to his father for Matt.

Coach Taylor drops Matt off at home. Matt walks in on his father putting his grandmother to bed.
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