Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Parents, fasten your are about to get a reality check. As if it isn\'t hard enough being a teen-ager, let\'s throw some adult problems in there for them to deal with and show everyone that not all \"heroes\" act heroic.

    WOW...I am so glad that NBC did not pull the plug on this show. I think it would be hard for some adults to watch this because it deals with real issues in the life of their teenagers. Starting with Lila & Street...the issues they are dealing with you would expect to see an adult couple facing, but showing teenagers in a sexual relationship is something that parent\'s don\'t want to know about. And to show these 2 learning how to have a sexual relationship while dealing with complications of infidelity and paralysis is amazing. The show handles this with humor and grace...and begs the question be asked...could I do that?
    Then you have Matt...what an amazing young man. Going to school, playing football, working and being a caregiver for his Grandmother. How difficult is that? Can you imagine? I am glad that they brought the father back and didn\'t try to sugar coat his return. How many soldiers return from war but only want to go back because life here is actually harder than fighting a war? This is another topic that is hard for the general public to comprehend but one that I am sure is a reality. The dad thinks that his son has it easy because he isn\'t a soldier at war, but easy is relative... I in no way would make light of our soldiers situation in Iraq, but, sometimes people need to realize that home is where we need to be and I am glad that this show has the nerve to take on this issue. I am also thrilled to see them address academic issues as well. So much emphasis is placed on athletics because this is the moneymaker for most schools. Academics are overlooked and people forget that H.S. is just a very small part of life...and so few athletes make it big. What happens to those that don\'t have the education. I love the relationship Coach has with his team...he is amazing. And his wife, Tammy, what an excellent counselor and partner. She is not a stereotypical wife. The whole scene with them in the frontyard going back and forth about academics and was Great. I was cheering her on. I know this is only television, but I hope in this case, life imitates art.
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