Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 8

New York, New York

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

After making a profit on the Garrity house Jason decides to go to New York to meet with Wendell's sports agent Grant and ask for a job so that he can be closer to Erin and Noah. Tim agrees to go with Jason as his traveling companion. Jason shows up at Grant's office unannounced and finds out that Wendell strung Grant along and then didn't sign with him because another bigger sports agency competitively recruited him and Wendell stopped returning Grant's phone calls. Jason finds out that Grant was only interested in him because of his relationship with Wendell. Tim suggests that Jason pay Wendell a visit and try to talk him into signing with Grant in the hopes that it will give Jason some leverage for an entry level position with Grant's agency. The plan works, and Jason asks Erin to move in with him and Noah, to which she says yes. Tim and Jason have a heartfelt goodbye that results in "Texas forever".

Tami via Katie McCoy finds her dream house which is a little more than she and Eric can afford. Eric looks at the house with Tami twice, seriously considers it, but then admits that the mortgage would keep him up nights and that overall it's too much of a stretch for them. Tami thanks him for actually considering the entire thing.

Matt is becoming frustrated that receivers on the team can't read the routes when he knows them all by heart. He talks to Julie about maybe becoming a receiver, then talks to Coach Taylor about it. Coach Taylor shoots down the idea immediately because if Matt got hurt then he would be out a back up quarterback. Matt gets even more frustrated that he could actually get some playing time. During dinner at the Taylor house Julie asks her dad to give Matt a shot, and Matt and the Coach agree to run ten routes out in the yard and if Matt can make all of them then the Coach will consider it. Matt makes nine out of nine, and then the Coach tosses him a bad pass, so the Coach decides to give him a shot at practice, which goes really well. Earlier in the episode Coach Mac collapses on the field due to some sort of heart condition, which results in Coach Taylor reluctantly hiring J.D. McCoy's personal coach to fill Mac's spot temporarily.

Tyra's boyfriend Cash is about to leave for a six month Rodeo tour and admits to her that it will be hard for him to be faithful to her on the road. Tyra is dealing with this revelation before her first college interview, which only goes okay. This results in Tyra deciding to ditch school and go on the road with Cash for a while. It seems like she is not going to fill out any of her college applications.