Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 8

New York, New York

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on DirecTV

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  • Jason and Riggins go to New York while Saracen tries to be the wide receiver for the team.


    You know, as random and fast-tracked as Jason Street's ascension to sports agent in New York was, I'm willing to overlook howridiculousit was because of how amazing the acting was in these scenes. I don't think anybody would get a job that fast in New York, but Scott Porter has always given the role of Jason Street a sense oflikability. It was impossible notto be rooting for him as he fights to be with his family, and if this is the last we see of him this season or in the show itself, I'll be happy because it was handled beautifully. The look on Riggins' face was indicative of how difficult it will be for both of these guys to leave each other behind.

    There was plenty going on in Dillon too. Mac collapses on the field, meaning Coach is forced to put J.D McCoy's QB coach in charge as Assistant Coach. Right now, everybody is coping with it well, but I have a feeling that the way Joe McCoy is infiltrating the team will have a huge impact on Coach's ability to run the team. Another exciting development with the football stuff is that Saracen, with the help of Julie, is able to get a job on the team as a wide receiver. I can honestly say I had no idea that the show would go in this direction, but it makes a lot of sense. The scene where Matt and Coach run drills and Coach admits he made a poor throw was superb, maybe one of my favorite scenes the show has done.

    Coach and Tami have their own stuff to go through too. Tami wants a new house and while it's a beautiful one, Coach is frustrated because financially, they can't afford it. It doesn't help that it was Joe McCoy's wife who put the idea in Tami's head in the first place. The McCoy's seem to be everywhere this season.

    One of the other arcs here is Tyra and Cash. Tyra goes to an interview for college and is interrupted with the news that Cash may not be faithful to her while he's on the road as a cowboy. As a result, Tyra makes a huge decision: she's going on the road with him and skipping her senior year of school. It's a rough scene to watch as she leaves. Us, as the audience, know that she's throwing her life away and it sucks to watch.

    I wouldn't call this a perfect episode, but whenever a character leaves a show, we're forced to perk up and notice, and I think Street's final scene (if it is his final scene) was handled beautifully.

  • Great Show, it will make you cry, laugh and beg for many more seasons of FNL

    Hello, I found the show to be simply of a true beauty. I like the way all the actors play there roles and I simply enjoy the chemistry and the story of the show. Finally, we get to see Matt play football again, especially that the playoff are close. Intense final moment that will surelly make evryone of that enjoy that show cry. I have to admit, Friday night lights is now without a doubt the best show on TV after 24. I hope you will enjoy the show as much as I did and I can't wait to see the remaining shows. After seing that episode, you would probably be doing anything you can to have NBC/Direct TV renegociate a new contract for Season 4. It is a show that should never end.