Friday Night Lights

Season 5 Episode 7

Perfect Record

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2010 on The 101



  • Trivia

    • Scott Porter reprised his role as Jason Street in this episode as a guest star. He has not been seen since episode 3.08 "New York, New York".

  • Quotes

    • Tami: Let's have a barbecue.
      Eric: What?
      Tami: Let's have a morale building barbecue.
      Eric: You said it. I didn't say anything.

    • Billy: How do you think I got Mrs. Riggins? I went into the Landing Strip for two weeks straight and got a lap dance from every girl except her.
      Luke: Ms. Riggins works at the Landing Strip?!

    • Billy: Real men don't lift weights. Real men fender bench.

    • (in the midst of the Lions Haters website debacle :
      Coach Taylor: Let's say today we focus. Friday we punish.

    • Jess: Coach I was wondering if you'd write me a recommendation for this thing at Baylor.
      Coach Taylor: At Baylor? Ah, sure, write something up and leave it on my desk.
      Jess: But Coach, I can't recommend myself.
      Coach Taylor: Sure you can.
      Jess: Are you sure that's legal?
      Coach Taylor: Sure, sure.

    • Coach Taylor (hands Jason a child's size East Dillon hat): There's a little spit on that from Gracie, but we wanted you to have that.
      Jason Street: Thanks Coach, but Streets actually look better in blue.

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