Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • Tais bus ya jsuis

    Jsuis jsuis
  • First Episode For FNL

    What a wonderful pilot for Friday Night Lights. I can't follow the show during the season, so I watch this season during my holliday. Sorry for my english but i'm french so I'm doing a lot of grammatical mistakes.
    Excellent Pilot, Emotion, Action, All the ingredients for a good series are reunite in this show. The cast looks good too. Kyle Chandler is important in the show and this change the possibilty for him to play a better role thaht in other show.
    I love the intrigue, the game, the caracters, I love this pilot. I wait the second episode.
    10/10 for me. Thanks NBC
  • The series premiere of Football Night Lights was really enjoyable, which makes me think that the series will be quite good.

    The series premiere of Football Night Lights was really enjoyable, which makes me think that the series will be quite good.

    We had the Panthers who were favourites to take the Texas Championship. They had a newcomer as a coach who wasn't much experienced. Meanwhile their star quarterback, Jason Street, was being mentioned as one of the best quarterbacks in America.

    It was the first match of the season and it was supposed to be an easy game for the Panthers. But after a disastrous performance, with 3 minutes left on the clock the Panthers were trailing 24-14. Then in order to stop a fast break Jason Street made a huge stop, but in process he injured himself seriously. He had to be taken to hospital with suspected spinal injury.

    The Panthers had no other option but to put the reserve quarterback Matt Saracen. He was very anxious and in fact he made two mistakes with the first two balls he played. Then after talking with the coach, a remarkably change of fortune was in place for the Panthers. Two great plays by Matt Seracen led for two touchdowns which gave the Panthers a 27-24 win.

    The question now is how seriously is Jason Street injured? And how will this effect the Panthers?
  • Overall, this was a good pilot, which although had a rocky start, once you get through it, you won't feel disappointed.

    The reason I started watching this show was the hype. Not by the network, but rather, by the fans. They said, this is a good character drama, and even if I'm not interested in football, I'll enjoy it.

    So I gave it a try...

    The first 15 minutes were awful. I almost wanted to turn off the whole thing. Unfortunately, the show does what many other shows do: jump right into the middle of the story, without introducing the characters, jumping from plot thread to plot thread.

    One of the biggest problems with this can be reflected by an example: so we see a practice on the field. Fine. Then, next scene, one of the players in civil clothes, kissing his girlfriend. Obviously, this was a romantic scene. However.. without knowing the basic things about the character, it's pretty much a waste.

    However, the episode (luckily) slows down, and the last 30 minutes prove the fans right: this is really a great show.

    It's not the football, rather, the characters. The interactions, their real-ness factor. Because they feel real. Only a few show accomplished this, and I'm very happy that I can say even after the first episode: FNL is one of these shows.

    The big "game" was not a let down either. Although it was a galore of clichés(the usual... good start, bad 2nd half, big difference in the end, best player falls, worst players get a chance to play, but eventually leads the team to victory) BUT, you really couldn't analyze WHILE watching - at least not in that depth.

    The reason is, that, it's intense. Very. The music and the agressive camera shots help that. Alot. Overall, this was a good pilot, which although had a rocky start, once you get through it, you won't feel disappointed.
  • Yah it is a pilot episode but I thought that it was pretty safe.

    It was quite safe to me because it was too quiet, the story was good but the execution is a little awkward because of the camera angles well it is okay as a start and pilot episodes are usually like that so I guess it could be a good start for this show, hope this show would go on and God Bless!
  • Iv\'e been waiting

    Shows with a football theme have come and gone. Iv\'e acually liked a couple of them. There was ESPN\'s \"Playmakers\", which I thought rocked, but the NFL didn\'t think so. I don\'t like MTV\'s \"Two A Days\" because of the interviews between segments. I know it\'s supposed to be reality, but we don\'t need to hear half the crap that they talk about.

    I think Friday Night Lights may actually stick. It\'s filmed like Oliver Stone\'s \"Any Given Sunday\", which is cool because that movie was great. The character\'s are good, and anybody who lives in a \"football town\" can relate. high school football is taken VERY seriously in some parts. It amuses me, Iv\'e always thought that it was just a game.
  • Friday Night Lights is a guaranteed touchdown!

    Being from Texas and from the heartland of Texas football, I might be a little biased in writing this. However, I thought Friday Night Lights opened the series strong with their pilot. The writing is tight and the story it tells is dead on to Texas football and the way small towns treat their local high school team.

    I can only see good things in the future for this show if they continue what they have presented up front. The acting is believable to go along with a quality scrip. The only fear I have is that it might just be a bit too regionalized to be fully appreciated.

    Thumbs up. You have to watch.
  • What an excellent start! Im very happy I watched this show.

    The show is a great example of how TV should be. Yes the ending was cliched. Guy that never plays gets thrown into a game that is must win and he summons the strength for a comeback and ultimately the long ball at the last second to win the game.

    For me, it works because the guy is likeable. He takes care of his grandma and doesn't seem very popular because he was playing under a big shot. It was a cringefest when he ran into the game and was screwing up horribly. But when he won the game you had to feel awesome about the show.

    This show made me a believer. I now have something to look forward to on Tuesdays.
  • movie all over again

    I wrote that the show was probably going to be good but I was wrong. The pilot episode was alot like the movie and I didn't like that part of it. The movie was good but I didn't watch the whole episode because I saw the movie and predicted everything correctly. This show gave me no interest to watch this again but if you want to see the movie again in a different way then be my guest because I did not think it was a good way to start the series. I would like it better if the story was different than the movie.
  • More than just football it is a way of life!

    I love the show because not just am I a die hard football fan but also that the show goes beyond football. As it goes into the morals and the characters of the people. That you forget that they are actors. They are like characters just trying to make a living. The new coach comes off by the town as really they think that he won't make it. So far, he has proven them wrong. Great show with great potential.
  • The show was filmed where I went to High School, at Pflugerville High, which was weird to me at first.

    I liked the pilot, shaky camera thing sucks, but I really liked the episode. Lots of heart, and drama. It reminded me of High School I guess.I liked that we had a good mixture of football and drama with the girls and the fame. All the different characters are so different and seem to get along, mostly. I wonder if all the episodes will be in P\'ville. The end of the episode was pretty good I thought. I\'m glad that the back up QB got to play. I never saw the first movie that they made, but I may Netflix it tonight!!
  • The Pilot is almost identical to the movie. The Pilot is perfect because it generates interest in the TV show as a whole and all the characters individually.

    Friday Night Lights is a great movie. It's my 2nd Favorite Sports movie of all time. I still have a special place for Hoop Dreams. Anyhoo, this is about Friday Night Lights the TV show. Specifically the PILOT. I have no idea how this series will hold up over the course of 20-22 episodes a year. The pilot has the same media attention (talk radio/local news) and neighborhood intensity that the movie showed us. When you watch this show just like the movie you get caught up in the story so much that you feel like you live in that town. I saw this Pilot without commercials so I definitely felt the feeling of getting lost in the week of the coach and these football players. You'll feel disappointed whenever there is a commercial break because you need to know what happens next. That is an amazing quality to any TV show if it has it and this show does. The end leaves you needing to see the next week and curious about everyone's life and how everything turns out. Perfect pilot.
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