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  • I've never watched this show, not because I don't like football, it just looks lame, and besides, I much rather watch the movie, I hear the movie was great!! Why make a show on a high school football movie?

    Has NBC lost it's fine people? It seems to me we have monkeys working there in the studios of NBC, if I was NBC I wouldn't have let Kidnapped be a series, and I would have put FNL on Fridays!! hello? But, seriously if they wanted a teenage football show, then they should have made it in their own way and not try and base it off the movie. NBC has had the worst luck with the new shows, and some you just knew they were going to be gone by midseason or least at the end of the season. And, the regular series like Law & Order and ER are about the only saving grace, and who would want to watch stupid shows like "the office" and "my name is earl" come on, shows like that are for people who like stupid comedy and don't know what true comedy is, those shows are so lame they're not even funny. I know comedy is hard, but this is pathetic, we need to write to our NBC people and wake them up. Remember when NBC was the highest watched network? After Seinfield NBC has steadily declined, and with shows they have, it's no surprise.
  • Is this show for real. I watch it expecting to see some exciting High School Football.

    Are these High school girls all like this in Texas ? If so I should of went to school in Texas ! This show could be fantastic, exciting if we had Girls and Boys that were for real. Stick to the Football and they should draw in a high crowd. If not I don\'t believe we shall see them playing next year in the Super Bowl .
  • This show takes place in Texas and evolves around this football team. The lead football star was injured during a game and is now paralyzed in the hospital.

    I've watched the first two episodes and this show doesn't really catch my attention. The whole episode one was pretty boring to me until the last ten minutes (where the football star got hurt). Maybe it is also the fact of the lack of vivid coloring of the show (which sort of makes it dull imo) that makes the show boring to me. I tried to give it more of a chance after the first episode, but this show still disinterests me. Maybe the show will get better in the later episodes. I have seen a lot of WAY better shows that were cancelled..
  • This was a mediocre movie, and it makes real bad televison.

    The movie was underwheleming, why make a tv series out of it! Big Whoop, people live or die for High School Football in Texas. They must never have been to Indiana or one of the many states with Friday night high school football. I actually watched the show again because NBC slotted into Studio 60's slot to see if Hereo's could help it. Nah, it did worse in the ratings then Studio 60. This show is Like The OC, and many others except with steroids. When a show like this fails the networks look for all kinds of reasons. The reason is simple, no one has time to waste on a bad show anymore, specially with the ton of choices that assult us daily.
  • This show is a stupid football show. No hard feelings to the people that watch this show.I my self personally don't regularly watch football thats why I think this show should be canceled. I hope someone is with me on this one.

    Want to hear what I think? this show is very very very very unimpressive. I don't like football and I watched the pilot hahahahaha. I think NBC made a mistake letting Friday night lights O and the name how lame hey that rimes "name lame". Well anyway don't watch this show it is not worth it trust me. You can see this show on Tuesdays on NBC at 7:00 but don't.
  • Filthy Night Lights

    I really love football and I really was hoping this show would be something I could enjoy...but this show has the morals of a pig and the sex habits of a dog! The fullback is a drunk and a whoremonger who is having sex with his paralized best friends commited girlfriend...the coach tells his quarterback to take a girl \"to the backseat of a car\" and the coach lies and deceives about his recruiting...the so-called christian running has sex with a whore girl and the whore girl has sex with anyone she can including a semi stranger...The football team talks about God and then they live like the Devil...Football IS their God...they need to meet the true Jesus!
  • This show throws every high school stereotype in the story then maximizes on it. Totally unbelievable. Also, the show is incredibly predictable.

    I am from a high school that holds the same high reputations as 'the Panthers.' A state championship is expected every year. The pressure is high, but give me a break. To say a coach cannot lose one game is getting old. It seems to be the coaches largest endeavor in every high school football movie or show lately. Next, the stereotypes are blown way out of proportion. The backup quarterback is 'just a good ole' boy' who is just on for the ride, the all-everything runningback is arrogant, the receivers are undisciplined, all of the girls will do whatever it takes to get a football players attention, and the hard-hitting linebacker is a drunk. Come on, I have never heard of anyone coming to practice drunk. Some of the stereotypes are needed, but the show blows them out of proportion. Also, what is up with every other game being decided on the last play of the game? If this team is so good they should have a big win now and again. Lastly, the show is just predictable from what I have seen. The team will end up winning every game and the hardcore stereotypes will be minimized; season over.
  • Show SUCKS I never been so bored watching T.V man this show puts me to sleep.It\'s just terrible.Please don\'r watch this show okay it\'s dumb Texas football;man those guy are crazy about there football in the south.I love Football but show suck.

    I seen this show three time and wow my eyes hurt after that.
    I don\'t care about the charater on this team football is a game,that\'s a good game to be play by young guy who loves the game and sport.So do I.Let\'s go back to another show about sports The White Shadow that\'s a great show about school,the game,the sport it self I grew up watching that on tv the charaters were much better than Friday Nights Lights.It\'s not meaning full in anyway maybe it just does not fit in to what I like about the game that all.
  • Really soapy kind of thing drama!

    What is it with NBC? Do they really want people to call them Must-Miss-TV? They must since they have put Friday Night Lights on the schedule.

    Let's start with a very simple proposition: Film is an audio-visual medium. That means the visuals have to be pretty important right? After all, we hear all the time how film is a story told in pictures...

    Well, what sense does it make to sabotage your visuals? I mean, who is gonna care if the acting is good or bad if the camera-work prevents you from focusing on the story.

    The extremely poor decision of the producers of Friday Night Lights (and presumably of NBC which gave the thumbs up to the awfully made pilot) just killed any chance that their show would be successful.

    I mean, how smart do you really have to be to realize that "shaking the camera makes thing look more real" is an intellectual crutch for irrational, lazy and just plain bad film-making.

    Let's hope NBC finally sees the light and grants a new season to something worthwhile like the excellent Raines with Jeff Goldblum.
  • Could have been better, should have been better.

    What started out as a show that had potential to be the best that is currently running on TV, turned out to be one of the most disappointing. Maybe it is due to all the hype surrounding it. Like they said on the show, "expectations" can cause quite a bit of stress for the people behind the scenes. Maybe they buckled under pressure, trying to live up to the success of the film and the book. It's not that the show is awfully bad, in fact, it would make a very good show if it didn't have all the hype surrounding it. In my humble opinion, the acting was good enough for any decent show, the actors all played their part very well. But the storyline was a disappointment. It was good in the beginning but turned bad towards the end of season one. The script sounded unoriginal and the writers seemed desperate to create more drama, which led to confusion and repetition. Season two is more or less the same. It could have been better, a lot better than it was. If ever they decide to make season three, let's hope it can make up for the disappointment of one and two.
  • ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Season 4 of Friday Night Lights will premiere October 28th at 9 pm ET/PT on Channel 101, to be followed on NBC in 2010.

    Are you ready for some football?

    Season 4 of Friday Night Lights will premiere October 28th at 9 pm ET/PT on Channel 101, to be followed on NBC in 2010.

    Peter Berg is back directing for the first time since Season 1. Episode 1 of Season 4 has been compared to that of another pilot. For those who've seen the pilot episode for Friday Night Lights, it has been described as THE best pilot ever made for television.

    I, for one, cannot wait!!!

    When we last left Friday Night Lights, school funding caused the town of Dillon to be split in two in a redistricting effort to open a closed school, East Dillon High. East Dillon is the poorer part of town and the District decided to "sell" Coach Taylor's position as Head Coach of the State Champion Dillon Panthers to a hand picked coach backed by beer king, Joe McCoy, who just happens to be the father of quarterback phenom, J.D. McCoy. Sound fishy? Boy, howdy ... it is. Coach Taylor was "offered" a position at Head Coach at the closed, dilapidated East Dillon High. Because he signed a 2 year non-compete clause with TMU, he'll have to take the cruddy job. Once a State Champion itself, Coach Taylor will need to build an East Dillon team where there is none. A new school means new players and a new storyline while his wife Tami remains Principal at the home of the Dillon Panthers, the team Coach Taylor took to State, not once, but twice. (It also means at least a re-edit of the opening theme sequence because Coach can no longer be wearing Panther blue.)

    To add to a new show, new cast feel, there were several principal young student players who graduated last season, many of whom will go on to college and be phased out of the storyline in Season 4

    The high school students will come and go, but it is the Coach and his family who remain the tether of this rich, multi-layered story telling.

    The incomparable Kyle Chandler is Emmy worthy in the role of Coach Eric Taylor in this small Texas town of Dillon. He's as tough as nails out there on the field with his young players, but he is also a husband, father of 2 girls, and a member of a town who loves football to the point where stores close every Friday Night for "game night." This man has heart and integrity and passion that he imparts to his players week after week. He is, as his wife describes him, "a molder of men." If he's not under enough pressure, he walks a tightrope handling a tough press corp, an even tougher school district, town boosters, team parents, law enforcement (yes, some of his players are no angels), football and State officials, scouts and agents for his talented players. Coach Taylor is a man in a pressure cooker who is constantly struggling against deciding what is best for the team and what is best for the kids and his family. And Kyle Chandler plays this complex role with all the right stuff.

    To help him keep his balance, bring in the dynamic Connie Britton in an another Emmy worthy role as Tami, Coach Taylor's wife. Tami's his partner and unyielding supporter in his passionate drive to coach the game he loves, loves, loves. She's also his partner in raising their often rebellious teenage daughter, Julie, and their infant daughter, Gracie Bell. If that's not enough for this woman to handle, she's also the Principal for what is sure to become the rival of her husband's new school.

    As a TV couple, Coach and Tami are one of THE most honest and believable couples I've ever seen. Their marriage is the rock strength that is the basis of this pressure cookin' show.

    The casting of the kids is again, some of the best on television. We are all waiting to find out what happens to Riggins, Lyla, Tyra, Matt, Landry, and their friends. We still want to know about Jason and Smash. We've gotten to know these characters and we care about them.

    Renewed for 2 more seasons, Friday Night Lights is THE best show on television today. Critics love it ... fans are passionate. Viewers need to find it and watch. Seasons 1 through 3 are available on DVD and Netflix if you need to catch up. Tune in for 2 episodes, and you'll see what all the buzz is about. Or do the show and its cast a huge favor and tell your friends to tune in.
  • Are you ready for Friday night?

    «You know, say what you will about the ravages of sports in this corporate age where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment, but there is still something so unifying about sport in its purest form, when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness and, in doing so, remind us all that we also have greatness inside of us.»

    The words of «Mouth» McFadden of One Tree Hill, another show highly influenced by high school sport.

    I love sports. I love the games for the games and the competitions for the competitions, not for the fame or money. High school sports is the peak for so many talents, and then life usually manage to get in the way. The achievements of high school sport, the team spirit and brotherhood and the feeling of being at top of the world, is something so many carry with them for the rest of their lives.

    A TV-show based on a high school American football team, their new head coach, some of the team members and their families and friends, have a huge potential to hit home with me. Still it needs to be done well, it needs to have a story to tell, characters to identify with, like, dislike or pray for and it needs heart.

    And you can criticize Friday Night Light for a lot if you like, but it got heart. A lot of it.

    This review is based on the first 3 seasons, but I'd like to point out the first season is by far the strongest. Not necessarily because the story was best then, because the acting was superior to the later seasons or because it lost something as we went along, but mainly because the first season had 22 episodes and the time to tell the story as it's done best. In-depth and week-to-week. Season 2 and 3 was only more like half-season productions. I hope the fourth season will do the same as the first, as the show is about to reinvent itself. They have to, as most main characters are leaving for college and Coach Taylor got his new challenge. I just keep my fingers crossed they realize why the first season worked so well, and get us back there now.

    Why I love Friday Night Lights? There's a lot of reasons. Among others...


    The show brings us so many different families and backgrounds, and so many different everyday struggles.Some try their best to grow out from under their family history and some have to grow up with huge responsibilities way to young. We touch on people from families who doesn't even like football, on some who lives with relatives embracing football in everything they do and we meet people from all different social statuses. Not only does the show grow stronger on embracing the differences, but it also goes deep into these characters and develop them.


    Football is a very important part of the show, but without all the drama from other struggles it wouldn't be half the show it is. Friday night there might be a very important game, but the weekly dramas of Friday Night Lights overshadows the game even in Dillon, Texas.


    Very important part of the show, and the many different kind of families presented makes for interesting relationships between teenagers and their parents/caretakers. From my point of view some of the most interesting scenes in the entire show are between Julie Taylor and one of her parents.


    Compared to a lot of other high school shows, I really like most of the casts abilities. I might add I think Aimee Teegarden, as Julie Taylor, is a star. Her credible and incredible acting is a major contributor to the show.

    I'm again ready for Friday night. Bring on season 4.
  • Coach Taylor Rocks!

    The show has plenty of internal story lines however it is definitely worth watching to see how coach Taylor handles the challenges of adolecent teens with excessive testoserone. Though a couple of incidents in 3 seasons may have been exaggerated a touch, there is plenty of realism to be found in this drama and season 4 will have plenty of those fans from season 3 wondering what will happen next. I think for reasons above, my favorite character is coach Taylor and I like his deameanor in this series. I've enjoying him acting in a couple of other movies but this role is one he has made his own. Kudos to NBC and DirecTV for keeping this one around. Now if we could just bring back Las Vegas, I'd be on NBC's good side.
  • Superb. Drama, Sociology and Human interest.

    I gave this show a chance on a whim, a really cheap DVD set of Season 1, and I have been thrilled. My vertigo doesn't like the documentary film style very well, but the stories, the characters and the drama are amazing. I am not a Texan so I cannot speak to the authenticity, but nonetheless it captures so many issues and themes of family, obsession, pressure, just everything. This show tells such human stories with real and authentic characters. There is not weak link among the entire ensemble with all actors delivering convincing emotional performances. This is especially challenging because the documentary style requires a lot of non-verbal communication, facial expressions and such. This is a show that you have to watch, you have to study because there is so much going on with the characters and their performances. The show does a wonderful job capturing those tensions of American life- Race, Class, Gender, everything- without being overwhelming or preachy. This show is not just for football fans, certainly not just for Texans, but a show for anyone who wants to understand the sociology of American life, the psychology of Americans and the challenges and drama that exist in our daily lives.
  • In the small town of Dillon, Texas, everything seems to revolve around the local football team, the Panthers. A stunning loss, a new coach, and a series of turbulent relationships head off this simplistic, but powerful, drama.

    "Friday Night Lights" is brilliant in a sense because it is one of the most simplistic, gritty, and surprisingly powerful dramas on television. In what could have been a cliched genre show, documentary camera work and spot on acting have elevated this show to new heights. Its small town premise packs a punch like no other show on television, and the writing is almost perfect at portraying characters through basic routines and small talk. After failing to generate a true audience, "Friday Night Lights" has become the little show that could, as it fought its way season by season to the pace where it is now.
  • One of the stand-out shows aimed at the younger demographic.

    This show does not usually get the recognition of other 'teen' shows like GossipGirl or OTH, but don't be fooled this is a really good show. The drama is understated, subtle and never in your face. It's based on an ensemble cast, which is quite risky from a production and ratings point of view but, it delivers and then some in terms of entertainment. The cast changes ensure that the storylines are dynamic and varied. This really enables the audience to get a better understanding of the lives of the different people who live in this small town. It never tries to stereotype the characters or the setting of a 'small town'.
    But the best thing about the show is that it's not flashy or glossy as shows aimed at this audience tend to be. FNL is never afraid to show the mundane aspects of life in a small town, nor does it try to overcomplicate the story or characters. For that great credit is due to the writers of the show. It is down to earth in every way possible, from the characters, to the way the show looks and even the lighting.
    So if you want a show that is a relative true depiction of normal everyday life in a small community then this is the show for you. Its dramatic and tense without ever being melodramatic, sentimental, or even preachy.
  • This show is a series that not only deserves a bigger audience but a hell of a lot of Emmy awards.

    this show is so could i cant explain it. and the funny thing is that i just started watching it last Saturday, and ive already season every episode, some more than once and i really must say that it has changed my life, honestly. i don't write reviews at all but i need to for this series because ill do what ever it takes to save Friday night lights from getting the nbc axe like the great las vegas did. but as much as i loved Vegas it sucks compared to this one so nbc listen closely do not cancel this we want season 4
  • This show isn't my favorite show but it is a good show. It really brings out the real life that happens in Texas but it still keeps the drama. The characters are all interesting in their own way. I hope that this show will become the next big thing.

    When I first started watching the series...I became really interested in it right away. It isn't the teen show you see everyday like The OC or Gossip Girl. This brings a new twist to teen drama and they combine it with real Texas life. I thought this show was all about football but that is the good thing about is what makes this show special. The drama and the characters all center around football so you can say that it is one of the main characters. The characters are really interesting and the storylines are fascinating. It is a very unique and intriguing series with much drama. I hope that this show keeps on making people happy because this is a show that is worth watching.
  • Entertaining to an extent.

    I really liked the first season. I thought season 2 was okay. After that, I kind of stopped watching Friday Night Lights on a regular basis. I thought that it was getting to the point where storylines were being worn out and the premise was also losing its appeal. I do have to say that it still is a decent show. My favorite parts have to be the games. Although this aspect has gotten tiring, it still has enough interest to be entertaining. I like the fact that the show has some hot girls too. Overall, a good show. Thank you.
  • An inventive work of art...

    These words of a critic from the New York Times express really how I feel about this show. It has entered my life and turned it around a bit.
    Not being a football-fan, something that has to do with not knowing much about it and the sport not being around where I live, I really didn't think I would ever watch a series like this. But I couldn't withstand the looks of coach Taylor, so I tuned in. Now I still like those looks, but I watch the series because I love the show. The way it is being filmed, documentary-style, and the way the plot is going keep my interest all the way through season 3. The way season 2 ended and season 3 started confused me a bit (shouldn't more than the Smash have gone off to college or whatever by now) but I like the way they tight up those loose ends in the first episode of the third season. I love to see how the Taylor-family are helping many young people along with their lives, and how they really struggle with their own lives. I think some of them are way ahead of their 17-ish age, but since it all presents good story-lines I just accept it. For someone who grew up in a small town in a small country in Europe, it is nice to get a realistic inside view into a small Texan town: a normal day life around it's warm center: high school and football (without selling short anyone who's life doesn't involve football). The way the small, real things in life are pictured, family trouble, school matters, a proud-bringing sports team, the fuzz around it, the people with money, the people without money, all is molted together like a beautiful piece of art. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a following season!
  • It's so real.

    I asolutely love this show. I'm watching season 3 right now, and it just gets better and better. I live in Eastern Europe, where we know nothing about football, most of the people probably never even heard of it. Im lucky to have lived in the USA a few years, so i know its basic rules, but I never really got the whole concept of the game. But it doesnt matter.. football lover or not, you will love this show!!
    It's a real-life drama. The problems, the situations, the relationships.. it all seems real, like something that could happen to you any day. You start to care about the characters, which barely happens when watching a tv show (well, it barely happens to me, anyways.) The actors are superb, and the good chemistry on screen makes the show even more enjoyable.
    I also like the fact that they jump a few months between every season. Even the camera shaking doesnt bother me, im just hooked to this show :)
    Oh yeah, and also: hot young football players!! Go Panthers! :)
  • Maybe the most underrated show of all times. Loved by the critics but unable to draw a large audience, the show struggles and fights every year for its renewal. NBC should bring a show that it could be proud of back for a fourth season.

    Maybe the most underrated show of all times. Loved by the critics but unable to draw a large audience, the show struggles and fights every year for its renewal. The fact is that years from now it will be remembered as an all-time classic that deserved a lot more than what it got. NBC should definitely bring Friday Night Lights back for a fourth season as it is a show that every network would be proud to have on its schedule. Going against the trend the show remains one of the deepest, most realistic and touching shows US Tv has to offer with its top quality acting, directing and writing.
  • Waiting for season even if we might lose some of the best characters on TV, Matt, Smash, Tim even Lyla...

    I really like this show, it is hard to follow it in Europe but still manage to do so! I wonder when will start the 4th season? Did they say something about it somewhere? If you heard something I'll be glad to know!
    I love this show. But what is going to happen to Matt, even if he stay in Dillon,he won't be able to play in the high school team..They should keep the idea of forming a team with the old player and show us them making their way to the NFL! But still can't wait for the next season
  • Most underrated TV Show

    This show has amazing acting and writing... it's different than any other high-school/teen drama where the issues are very real and complex but the characters deal with them in prudent southern mannerims. I love the way its shot as a quasi-documentary and the actors are allowed to adlib the scenes.

    All the characters are well developed, especially through the 3rd season and insist NBC to renew a full 22 eps season for Season 4!


    Now that Coach Taylor is moved off the Panthers and is charged to lead the East Dillon Lions, we can see FNL develop a whole new chapter with new students, the split loyalties of the town, new amazing rivalries and of course, new drama. NBC, please renew this series!!!
  • We don't really have this sport in my country and yet I love this show!

    From the beginning I've loved this show and this newest season is already better than last season. The main reason..Matt Saracen (played brilliantly by Zach Gilford)in this season he gets more screen time as Smash and Street move off the show. He shows teen emotions at their best and worst.His interaction with coach Taylor (played by Kyle Chandler) keeps my face glued to the screen. Off course I always hope to get a glimps of Tim Riggins (played by Taylor Kitsch) without a shirt, I'm female after all. My only not-like-so-much of this show is the Taylor husband and wife interaction, Eric Taylors views of what a wife is supposed to do and be keeps me grinding my teeth. But then again it adds a reality to the show since nothing in life is perfect.
  • A show for the ages..its simplistic view at dealing with complex matters makes this series the best show currently on TV.

    The subject of this show is what you see in the previews. A high school football team in the small town of Dillon, Texas. What you don't see in the previews is the characterization of people and how situations can bring the best and worst out of them. While some may think this show is too simplistic in nature, I believe it is quite opposite. You get to see kids go from year to year in high school and see the hardships they endure and how life can really throw curveballs. There are very few shows on TV that can actually produce the dramatic approaches to the climaxes of the characters lives that this one can. If you like drama and you like to watch shows that produce empathy, then this is the one for you. It's not sugar coated with high def views and unbelieavable stunts. It's just life in the same light.
  • Great but not amazing

    I love the way Friday Night Lights deals with real issues that parents and kids face. To describe Friday Night's like The Brady Bunch, Full House, The Cosby Show, etc. Only the issues aren't as simple and rosy as they were back then, this is a tough world we live in and Friday Night Lights deals with real issues in a real way exploring the consequences of actions, challenges and the decision making process it doesn't shy away from tough topics like teenage fun time, handicaps, alcoholism in parents and the children that suffer and struggle to survive. "It's raw truth." It's dealt with and worked through as a family, with friends, or a trusted adult, etc.
  • This show is the bomb! it shows the amount of pressure of high school football players, and especially the coach and his family.

    this show just started last year but it is a great show. although it does not have a great time slot (Friday night at 10 PM) viewers should tune in every week. the show illustrates the season of the Dillon Panthers, a team predicted to win the state championship. they get a new coach, Eric Taylor, who is the star of the show. in the 1st game of the season, nationally ranked #1 QB Jason Street gets injured; he becomes paralyzed from the waist down and is paralyzed from the waist down. This is a major complication inflicted on the team. the show has many real-life situations, such as steroids, divorces, high school marriages, alcohol, affairs, etc.

    this is a must watch for all high schoolers
  • Friday Night Lights is about a Small Town in Dillon Texas that centers around a High School Football Team.

    Friday Night Lights is the most Underated show on T.v it sits on any other teen drama that is being aired today. The others are all sizzle but substance. This is not just another show just about who's hooking up with who. The only thing holding this show back is that it airs on NBC which considers 6 million plus viewiers on a Fiday Night at 9:00 Low when there are other networks that consider about 4 million plus high ratings. So lets throw out the ratings and show Friday Night Lights some love because they really deserve it & if Know one won't say it then I will.
  • In Dillon Texas, football is everything. The team to beat is the Panthers, who are coached by newbie Eric Taylor. Coming back after winning the State Championship, the Panthers will need all the help they can get once the next season arrives.

    Even though I don't watch the series on a regular basic, I do like the episodes I have seen so far. But I guess a lot of other people love this series because from the last time I checked the series is still airing and just on a break until this fall. To anyone who like drama, football and so on then this might be the show for you. And even though I didn't watch many episodes I do hope new ones come because there are good things about the series. Good luck to this show and hope the network keeps them coming because the series is o.k.
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