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  • One of the greatest drama series ever.

    As I'm not particularly obsessed with sports (understatement), initially I wasn't drawn to the premise of the show. Then I stumbled over a scene from the pilot on and I was blown away. There was a sense of realism that had me comparing it with shows like the Sopranos. I personally think it's the best drama series since the Sopranos. And no, it's not just about football!

    It's centered around Dillon High and their team the Panthers led by a fresh coach with a lot to prove in a town with a legacy of playing great football. The writing is smart and respectful of the characters. It also never gets too clichéd, something that could so easily have been the case. You really believe and care about these characters in small town America.

    The best thing about it? It just keeps getting better!

    Please NBC, keep believing in FNL..and people start watching!
  • Amazing show. Mix of teen and adult drama. The best teen show out there.

    A mix of teen and adult drama made this show great.

    The story behind the Taylor family is the best part of the show. It has a good cast with deserve mention to Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Scott Porter. The first season was amazing, but since the 2nd season premiere the show made a lot of mistakes: the choice to almost become a soap-opera: the romance between Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen are the most gratifing aspect of the show in the first season (alongside with the football) and become the worst of 2nd season. All the history of Tyra and Landry in the 2nd season was unecessary and put the Landry guy like he be the lead of the show, post that become to Eric Taylor and Matt Saracen.

    The story-line was superb in 1st season become painfull in second. The relatinships become forced and horrible played. But it's good to see the show going to the 3rd season and it give to TPTB a chance to clear their mistakes and put the show back on track.
  • This show is a great show and a grteat mix of teen drama and football. Any girl or guy would enjoy this show because the fact that its interesting and fun. Its is also very unique and the way they present it rocks.

    This show shows many ways into brining make and female audiences. It also helps present the passion they want a fan to feel when they watch the show. I love the fact that it's not boring or too exciting. I also like that I don't like football, but this show made my opinion change. I honestly hope that they pick up a third season because this show deserves all the credit it's getting from its fans. Many people don't want it to cancel and I'm one of them. This show will do great if it comes back. I know it and I have a feeling that maybe in the future it will become one of my favorite shows.
  • Friday Night Lights kicked in with an amazing pilot, accelerated on high speed and after two seasons, still not losing its vibe. It is bold, candid, country and touching. And the best part is, it does not feel like a teen drama at all.

    There are several reasons why "FNL" replaced my all-time fave teen drama "One Tree Hill". First, the characters are earthly. Those are the people you can come across to everyday. They cannot help themselves making stupid choices, they stutter, they fail, they break into million pieces and they face a tough world.But most of the time, they learn from their mistakes and they do not trap themselves into the same situation like any other wise guy would do.So if you are looking for a played-out scenario, FNL is definitely the wrong address.Yes, it is dramatic and yes, it is emotional but the storylines are not embellished or forced out.They are just a snapshot of the ordinary life. Second, FNL takes place in Texas and it gives you insight about a close community surrounded with values and norms. I cannot deny the fact that I am glad to see some Christian values have been instilled into a show finally.The way that locals are religious but not narrow-minded is such a good experience on TV. But the reason that FNL gets me is the variety of subjects it touches. Racism, rape, adultery, sports ethics, you name it. Plus, you get American football and an incredible Tami-Coach relationship. Neatly written and superbly acted, FNL is the real deal.
  • Entertaining and life-enriching. It doesn't get any better than FNL.

    Some series I watch because they make me laugh. Others I watch because they're exciting. Sometimes I just want to escape my own reality for an hour or so. I watch Friday Night Lights for a little of each, but by the end of it, I feel like I've gleaned a small insight on how to be a better leader and a better person.

    I originally started watching FNL for the football. Instead, I found not only an entertaining and fun series, but a top-notch course in leadership. More than just a show about football, it seems that there is something for everyone to identify with. Each character has their own personal demons to slay, and the audience gets to watch them grow and develop from week to week. It's an entertaining and uplifting experience.

    It would be easy to get carried away and write an in-depth analysis of each character, each plot development, every nuance. Suffice to say, FNL is a lot of fun (I've found myself litterally punching the air on occasion), it's well written, and it's one of the few shows that's truely inspired me to grow not only as a coach, but as a person. That's a rarity indeed today.
  • Based around a small town in texas who love their football and drama.

    Friday Night Lights in my opinion is a show head and shoulders above many when it comes to story lines and actors abilities.
    The story lines and the actors abilities are ground breaking, The cast has such a chemistry I haven't seen in a new show in a long time. I love football, but you don't have to be a fan to be a fan of the show. Football isn't the heart of the show, the community of Dillon is. The show deals with a lot of everyday problems that we all have all faced in our lives which is what makes this show so raw and moving. I hope the lights don't go out anytime soon.
  • One of the best Drama show on TV today.

    WOW. who is stupid enough to even consider cancelling this show. This is one of the best sport (Football) drama available on TV. It is realistic, the caracter are so likable, and real. The story lines are so adequate to this day and age. It is a must show. Watch it once and you well get attched to it right away. I hope that this shows stay on air for a long time. It is real life stories about tennage struggles and happy moments in a small town of Texas that is living and breeding football. It is so enjoyable that I can't wait for the next show.
  • Everything you could ask for; sports, drama, and an accurate depiction of life in Texas and football being all there is.

    Don't cancel this show, it has ridiculous potential, once people discover the show they just can't stop watching it, definitely a guilty pleasure. The advertising for this show is the only thing bringing it down, I never found out about it a month ago, and can't believe I've lived without seeing it until then. Everything is so real, the characters do not live in dream lives, they portray everyday people that viewers can relate to. The show captures football in its essence and to simply put it there's nothing quite like it. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.
  • please save friday night lights !!!!!!

    NBC is making a stupid mistake by even thinking about cancelling friday night lights. Meanwhile they continue to play shows life american gladiators, 1 vs. 100, and other stupid shows. FNL has everything i enjoy in a show. It's got football, hot chicks, drama, and awesome storylines that refresh me in many ways. So many times I start watching a show, enjoy it, than gets cancelled when I really get into it. This is the one show I look forward to watching during the year. I make it a habit to watch it or at least record it on my DVR if i'm busy. It won't be the first time that NBC makes another really unfortunate mistake. And if they do decide to let it go, I just pray that some other channel decides to pick it up. It's the one thing I look forward to after school and work. Please don't take FNL away from me and the loyal fans that watch it religiously.
  • Great Show - Link to Save It Petition

    This is one of he best shows on the air today. It protrays high school kids in a real manner unlike those un-real shows like the OC, etc. These are real kids with real issues, not just the pretty people. It's not just about sports or high school football, its reality, unlike the "Reality Shows" which are nothing like reality. NBC should let this great show get at least one more season and not give up. Visit the link below to add your name petition to try and save the show.

    Link for petition to Save FNL:

    Join the petition to save FNL!
  • NBC should really think about the stupid decision they are wanting to make on even discussing cancelling FNL. I don't understand why good shows such as this are always the first ones the networks want to mess with.

    I don't get it! NBC along with other networks often make some stupid decisions. I personally thought Friday night lights was doing just fine. Everyone wants to cut the good shows and keep those shows full of idiots on all of the time! This is crazy! Celebrity Apprentice and Deal or no Deal just to name a few are plain ridculous and are constantly on the tube! Pull the plug on them! If they feel Friday is not a good day to put the show on, then perhaps they should try a different day. But to wanna cancel a show that constantly has a good storyline to it is just plain dumb!!
  • A high school football coach and his family are the heart and soul of a show full of wonderful characters and very real feelings. Clear eyes full hearts can't lose!

    This is an incredible show that seems to suffer from a bad time slot and some sloppy writing this season. While the second season is not as organic as the first, the acting continues to be incredible. The second season is ripe with plot contrivances and new character relationships that are somewhat annoying, but each time the actors nail it and are able to show growth and dimension within their characters. Very impressive. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys down-to-earth and realistic stories (except for a couple of story lines this year). And despite what many people who've never seen the show probably think, it's not really *about* football. It's about people: the people in the town of Dillon, and football is the lens through which we learn about and understand them.
  • Best Show on Television !

    Why isn't this show more popular ?! I really can't believe it because this show is absolutely amazing. So what if it has some shaky camera work, the acting is superb week after week, the characters are three dimensional and never boring, everything about the show is perfect. It is very underappreciated just like the incredible Veronica Mars, when shows like one tree hill, the o.c., grey's anatomy, etc. are more popular than VM and FNL, it's obvious that people don't have good taste in television. Anyway, I hope this show gets a third season and more people start to realize how good it is.
  • Watch this show, watch this show!! Should be required viewing for anyone wanting to write, act or direct a TV show. Maybe one of the best shows ever made..think Sopranos or the first season of Lost...actually better.

    There is something about this show that I can't put my finger on. The directing is amazing, the acting is amazing, the writing is amazing. But you don't really "see" any of that because it all works TOGETHER. I think this show slips under people's radar because what is great about the show is SUBTLE. The actors work in an one is showboating. I think, it may very well be a MASTERWORK! I know that's a strong word and there are occasional lapses too...but these lapses show just how strong the writing, acting and directing are. If you don't care about football, you probably are still going to like this show. I like pro football but I don't care that much about college or high school football but I am riveted by this show. I never saw the movie but it is my understanding that the TV show is much, much better, especially from a dramatic point of view. It really captures what it is like to be a teenager.

    This show should be required viewing for everybody who cares about TV. I would give it a 12 if I could.
  • Quite simply one of the best shows on television. The drama is intense and real. It is a fairly accurate portrayal of high school football in Texas.

    What a great show. It is intense, interesting and keeps you wanting to see the next episode. I have been watching since day one and the show has never gotten silly or monotonous, which is what most shows seem to do. The characters are well developed and the story line is solid. The actors are outstanding. Coach Taylor is the coach every football player would love to have. He's tough, and he's going to produce results, but he's also a coach you can look up to and is going to look out for you. He's going to be your worst enemy and your best friend a the same time. It will be interesting to see how this show develops. I don't know where they can go with it as these kids start graduating from high school. It has the "West Wing" problem in that sense. Either way, it's the best show on television right now and I'll keep enjoying it as long as it is around.
  • love this show!!!!!!! who's gettin with who? anyone have any guesses?

    who's ready for this show? gotta love this. I don't miss any time this show is on. Did get a little boring a couple shows but, i hope it gets back on track. wish some of the couples would just get together allready so, tired of wondering who's gonna get w/who. i hope there's alot of fans out there so the ratings stay high.anyone have any idea what people is gonna get with who? little worried about the taylors thought they was gonna do the old split but, they have fooled me sooooo far. adding the baby might just have been a little much but, then again maybe something is behind it. hats off to friday night lights. :@)
  • This is good

    I like FNL. It's quite predictable but really funny and some characters are really 100% perfect. Take Matt Saracen or Buddy or Landry. It is also getting a different direction from the start. The first season is more focused on the sport action though is always kind.. "weird", but the second season is more focused on what is going on out of the pitch. So the serie is moving, it is not stucked in the original schemes and that is good.

    yeah i know my review needs to be 100min words but i have nothing more to add see ya bu
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  • How Did I Get Here?

    I love this show--it's awesome! But I have a few questions: Why would a woman have a breast pump sitting out in her office when her job involves people coming in all the time? And why did Tami walk into her office with her blouse unbuttoned so far when she had two men sitting there waiting to talk to her? I've never seen her in anything that didn't reveal half her chest--doesn't she own anything that is halfway modest? And as good looking as Kyle Chandler is and as decent looking as she is, couldn't they have found a halfway cute baby to play the part of Gracie?????
  • Eric Taylor, a first-time high school football coach, finds himself helming a stellar team that has a real chance to make it to the top.

    As the episode summary says: Eric Taylor, a first-time high school football coach, finds himself helming a stellar team that has a real chance to make it to the top. The stakes are high, the reward is sweet, and the pressure is immense. Can Eric take his boys all the way while keeping their morale and morality intact? I really think this show really goes through. When there is nothing to watch on television on Friday Nights (which usually never happens), I'd watch this show. Wouldn't you. This is my review for the show. Thanks for reading! Peace out guys. -Halo.
  • Small town Texas football coach deals with the pressures of his job and family.

    Where do I start? This is my FAVORITE show on television. I love it and can't wait for each new episode. If you watch just one episode you will be hooked. If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend renting/buying the first season and watching it and then catching up on season 2 on Tape it if you can't be home on Friday night. This show is wonderfully written, brilliantly acted and loaded with drop-dead gorgeous actors. This show is so REAL-you actually believe these characters. And wow, are they intriguing. Kyle Chandler as the handsome, flawed coach, the incredibly talented Connie Britton as his wife, Taylor Kitsch as the troubled young player-the list goes on and on. You do not have to love football to love this show-football is just a small part of it. It is more about handling relationships and dealing with personal adversity. It will suck you in. And afer it does, contact and tell them so.

    Friday Night Lights.

    A very raw and rustic drama about the life's of people living in a town called Dillon and its local high school football team, who have the hard task of having to carry the town's hopes and dreams.

    Each character is well written and played by its actors/actresses. Characters are interlinked with each other which makes you feel a part of it.

    Filmed in a fly on the wall style documentary gives it an edge that which you can identify and relate to.

    "This is a no nonsense show with all the thrills, if you are a football fan or not you".
  • Captivating!

    This show is captivating and enthralling. This is the one of the best shows on TV right now. Last night episode was fantastic. When this show gets on a roll, it really does it right! I was breathless the whole episode! I completely forget time when i am watching this show and I hate when it's coming to an end...I can't believe that was really an hour.
    This was a great third episode, hopefully one everyone was waiting for, but I love this show to death so I like them all. But for everyone on the edge, hopefully this powerful episode sealed it in their minds!

    What an amazing show! Support it!
  • I absolutely love this show for a multitude of reasons. The first is that somehow, even though the show is about football (and I hate football) it utterly captivated me from the first episode I saw.

    I love it that the characters aren't all rich. Some of the kids drive crappy cars, wear normal (not couture) clothing and live in middle-class neighborhoods. Their parents don't pay for everything, they actually have jobs.

    I love it that while some characters are trying to be better (Lyla), others can't wait to be bad (Julie).

    I love it that Tammy seems to be suffering from baby blues and is really struggling with having her husband out of town all week. It's just so real!

    I love that Tyra and Landry are together and that she is starting to see him for who he is. I'm interested to see how they resolve the murder, and how Landry's father will factor into it since he's a police officer (at least I think that's what that uniform was?!).

    Season 1 was great, season 2 is better and I hope it develops a following to extend it many more seasons!
  • Jumped the Shark with new Tyra/Landry Storyline

    Last season the show was great. It was real, it was raw. This season first episode they jumped the shark with the new Tyra/Landry storyline. What were they thinking killing that guy. The show is great without that crap. I really enjoy the reality of the show. I really enjoy the style and pace of the show. I really enjoy what the show demonstrated about the pressures that these athletes are under. This show did not need this storyline, it was unnecessary for it to be successful. My score would be a 10 if they had not brought this in. Now I'm debating if this is worth the time, as you know this will come back later and it removes what makes the show great, the reality of it.
  • A very honest show about small town America.

    This is a really refreshing hour long program. The characters are great. Kyle Chandler does a great job as a small town football coach. I like Billy Bob a lot. However, Billy Bob was just to nice. Chandler and Mulkey both do a good job of letting the outside world really know what two a days are like.

    The football action is very good. These guys look like they really hit.

    And it's really not even about football at all. Football just holds things together.

    It's about identity. At least who we were at one time. Job well done!!!
  • This show is the bomb! it shows the amount of pressure of high school football players, and especially the coach and his family.

    this show just started last year but it is a great show. although it does not have a great time slot (Friday night at 10 PM) viewers should tune in every week. the show illustrates the season of the Dillon Panthers, a team predicted to win the state championship. they get a new coach, Eric Taylor, who is the star of the show. in the 1st game of the season, nationally ranked #1 QB Jason Street gets injured; he becomes paralyzed from the waist down and is paralyzed from the waist down. This is a major complication inflicted on the team. the show has many real-life situations, such as steroids, divorces, high school marriages, alcohol, affairs, etc.

    this is a must watch for all high schoolers
  • This show caught me totally off guard. I'm addicted!

    I've never seen the movie, but took a chance with the under $20 First Season price, figuring I had nothing to lose. Well, I'm addicted.

    As I watch, I kind of have this feeling that it's Beverly Hills 90210, but with middle class kids in Texas. I'm 48 years old and not really a big "Teen-television-show-type", but for some reason, this show is riveting. Depiction of life seems about as real as I've ever seen in a television series, and I really have to take my hat off to some of these lesser known actors who have committed themselves to their parts and make their characters come alive. I was really shocked to see that none of these actors or any element of the show was not noticed in this years Emmy Awards. What a shame.

    My only gripe with the show is the depiction of Football during their games. The play-by-play seems a bit too "Hollywood" for my taste, and the actual game play isn't very realistic.

    Still, this show is not really about football as much as it is about daily life in a small American town. Moral issues, love, sex, alcoholism, racism, family, steroids, care for our elderly, the war in Iraq, and the Friday Night Football Frenzy (that eludes me being a West Coast Guy) that infects my fellow Americans in the Mid-West and South, make this show about as complete and interesting as I've ever watched. I'm not expecting a better season 2, but seeing that this first season caught me by surprise, I do have high hopes

    I've recommended this show to 4 of my friends so far and they have either finished it already or are on their way to completing, and they all have the same opinion. It's Just A Great Show.
  • the best family drama on tv

    this is one of the few shows on network television that my family-all three generations-can watch together. The characters are sympathetic and realistic and make you care about what happens to them. The scripts are generally very good and seem to be what real people would say in similar situations. My favorite characters are the coach and his wife. The actors in this series are mostly very good and seem to know their characters well. It is very heartening to see so many young unknowns who are so good, as well as the main adult characters. I am very glad that the series is coming back this year!
  • Well its not a reality, game, talent, singing or dancing show. That gives an 8 right out the starting gate.

    I did try and watch this one and it is a great show. But Ive been out of highschool too long I guess. Dont plan to watch it, but Im glad to see it get a Season 2 as the Nielsen ratings were mediocre and it would have been replaced with some crappy reality show - most likely.

    Though its a bit too soap operish at times, it has good acting, storylines and is generally well done from what I saw of it. It will be interesting to see if the ratings hold up (generally in the low 4's when it was on Wednesdays). If they try and cancel it mid season, try the JERICHO method and send in 25 tons of some type of food product.:)

    If I were still in highschool or in my 20's this would be the type of show I would and did watch back then. Hope it succeeds, the last thing the world needs is another unscripted show...
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