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  • It's so wonderfull.

    I haven't seen it yet but I bet I will like it. It's gonna be awsome.We'll american football is amazing so there will be no comment after I see it. I hope the'll work on many seasons. They must not quit in the middle. But I'm sure they won't. Now I saw it and it was really good. The story is pretty amazing. Of course the love drama, we can't go anywhere without drama, allmost. Favourite episode must be "State" for me. The almost perfect conclussion of a perfect season. Go Dillon Panthers. And the Stadium in Texas was gigantic. It's really awsome. Never seen a stadium like it.
  • I think that this is the best show that I've ever watched in my entire life. Seriously, it's better than One Tree Hill, The OC, & Veronica Mars. The drama is just so real, & I find it so much easier to relate to the characters because it's everyday life.

    I would recomend this show to anyone who hasn't yet seen it. This show is probably the best show that I have ever watched in my entire life. It's so interesting to keep you wanting more, yet it's not fake like a lot of other teen shows these days. The OC is fake because not everyone lives in Cali and drives a BMW. OTH is fake because not everyone gets married in Gr 11. And Veronica Mars is really fake, there's no way that she is that good of a so-called detective. Friday Night Lights deals with everyday situations that are just so real and so easy to relate to. I cannot wait until the Season 1 comes out on DVD, can you say FNL Marathooon?
  • the show is about the preacher the couch and players get to win the game. It is also about friendships, and having faith in your teammates. you come across times that hard decisions must be made for the game, and themselves. And the love for there town.

    I fell that the show is a fun show. That you just can't help but to get into. I love football so I desisted to see what it was all about. So I looked at the show for the first time on-line and I side to myself that this is a good show. so I spend hours on the computer just looking at the show from the first episode to the last one that aired. To see a show that shows the side of football that I have not seen in a TV show till now is the best part of it. you get to see the up and downs of all the players and the couches to see the perisher they have to win the game. I could not ask for better show.
    I love the show this is a show that I can look at as long as it airs. If you have not seen it then you need to see it.
  • Football in texas is a big thing and here a new coach comes in and they expect him to win state.(its like the movie FRiday Night Lights.Though the show you also go through the problems that some players go through.

    i love it friday night lights is a sports drama.through the show it keeps getting better it also has its funny a way you don't have to be a sports fan but in a way you do it depends on the person.The story line is great and the the season finally was awsome.I love that hte show not only focuses on the coaches issues but it also focuses on the players and some people of the town.Im actually the kind of person her perfures comadie insteade of drama but with this show its a tie.I love and i hope the next season is a good as the first.
  • Family, Sport, Passion, Love, Pain, Truth, Work, War, Race, Sexual Abuse, Growing Up no matter what age...

    Following on from the film the beauty of the filming and use of the landscapes to tell the story. But the main ingredient is not only the casting but in the writing. It is great for 22 episodes they show deals with many issues and deals with them well and in an articulate manner. Passion and truth a real show.
  • Between drama and documentary

    Between drama and documentary, all is done to sink you into football universe.
    But sport is a pretext to develop social critics of a community touched by unemployement, with friday nights for all moment of pleasure...
    From images to sport journalist present in every episodes, it's as though you were watching a real competition on your tv screen.
    And then you've got the stories, classic drama issues influenced by sport: all characters try to have an impact on the team and vice et versa.
  • From The Big Screen To The Small

    Friday Night Lights is one the better adaptations of a movie to tv show to come around in a long time. The pilot episode captured the feel of the movie while creating its own independent spirit. This is partly due to the film's director, Peter Berg, being the show's executive producer and he also directed the pilot. The names have all been changed (the movie was adapted from the book which was a true account of the Perrimian High School's (Odessa, TX) 1988 season). The show has been updated to the current day, but the characters are loosely based on the film's characters.
  • Pretty good.

    I like this show, sometimes it is a bit to dramatic, but aside from that it is pretty good. I'm glad I decided to watch it. I started in the middle of the series so I don't get it totally, but i'm catching up and liking it a lot. The characters are all pretty cool, even if they are a little dramatic at times, the men are hot, and it has football! It's a good show, not my favorite, but it's good enough to keep watching. I'm happy it was brought into my life, and I look forward to every episode.
  • Great and not so great all a the same time.

    Friday Night Lights is nothing close to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a show that dealt completely with racial issues and possibly make me want to throw my remote at the tv. Thank goodness that I had no desire what so ever to harm my tv! The plot was too far fetched for me, that was my only problem. It seems like a little too much drama, but then again that's the reason people watch it. I loved the character developement in the first season. The characters really transformed in both good ways and bad. I still can not believe that Street cheated on Lilah! I guess I should have seen it coming..
  • I love this show and I am not even a fan of Football.

    The show is great, but I was fearful at first. I hate Football, so I didn't think I would care for this show. I am a huge fan of Freaks and Geeks and life as we know it, so I thought to myself maybe this show will be more like that. I decided to give the show a chance and I am so excitied I did.

    The Camera style is hard to get use too, but it makes it so much more real and in my opinion better. The characters like usual in any good show are mostly likeable. I love Landry Clarke. He is without a doubt my favorite character in the show. His friendship with Matt is so real and genuine. Another great character is Mama Williams. Just supports the role of a caring and strong mom that most of us have. All of the Taylors are likeable and the heroes of the show. All in all a great show that will never be a hit, but the fans will remember come 50 years from now. Warning: This show does have strong southern accents that are pulled off perfectly. 10/10 for the sweet and likeable Friday Night Lights which has a 2nd season and moves to fridays at 10/9c after Las Vegas only on NBC.
  • A couple words about how i fell in love woth TV again when Friday Night Lights came out..

    Just to let you all know right upfront.. I Adore everything about this series,

    right from the filming strait through to production..

    Amazing is always used, but in this case i find it to be the one word i can think of to describe how much i love this show..

    I was long lost in TV world of who cares as long as they're making a good buck, why change..

    Well, this show has proven why, at least in my case..

    We all know it's not taking Billions to make this series, which is what some series are using per season..

    And it doesn't go for cheep trick bull, which is what most all other TV is..

    I commend this show for having the balls to go on in the timeslot they did, even though i read they had to fight even for that.. Anyway, my review is I love this show.. Period..

    Give it a try, and maybe you will too..

  • In Dillon, Texas football is a way of life, Coach Eric Taylor leads The Dillon Panthers into a new season hoping for good things. The Panthers said to be a sure thing hit trouble when there golden boy star quarterback is injured in the season opener.

    Well I had no expectations for this show so I was suprised to find myself enjoy it so much. I watched the entire season 1 in like two days, I just got hooked. I love the way the show is directed, its done kinda like the film. The episodes are usually set like a week long leaving a game at the end or start of an episode. I think it was easy to get to like the charactors of the show and to know them. The games on the episodes are really well done. Overall I would really recomend adding this to the shows that you watch its a winner.
  • This is probably my most favorite show on tv right now!

    I have to I absolutely love this show! Eric & Tami Taylor are the greatest tv couple ever! They seem like they are a real couple! Like they have really been 2gether for years, their chemistry is awesome! And the team is amazing! Every character is perfect for their parts! And the things the little town deals w/is true! I am from a small town and it is really good 2 watch something like this! It not only just shows football, but the things the kids & parents are going through, which makes it totally awesome!! ***** 2 thumbs up all the way! Can't wait til the next season! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gets your heart pumping in every episode.

    Friday Night Lights has got to be one of the best shows of the season. I'm thinking it should be as popular as Heroes or Lost. The only reason people don't watch this show is because it didn't get as much hype/advertising as shows like Heroes at the beginning of the season. I can't bear to watch this show become like Arrested Development or Firefly where everyone realized what they missed way too late. Please watch this show. You fall in love with the characters as soon as the first episode is over. I can't say this about any other show I watch but after the first season ended, I felt like my girlfriend had just broken up with me for no reason. I felt lonely and every other show just seemed to pale in comparison to Friday Night Lights. But there was a hope that maybe there would be a chance for it again in the future. I know this sounds like I'm such a loser but I don't care. Please watch this show.
  • There's something about "Friday Night Lights" that makes it so winning and affective, and yet to attribute one thing to it is to dismiss everything great about this show.

    "Friday Night Lights" started off as a true story in a small town where football is the spirit of the town. The story of the 1988 Permian Panthers was turned into a sucessful book, later adapted into great sports movie, now turned into the best freshman drama of this last TV season. What's so great about it? Let's start off with something essential in a show about sports: the sports. Like the movie, the football sequences are shot and edited in a way for the audience to feel as they are on the field. Quick and flashy, with glimpse of audience reaction to add to the tense atmosphere. But let's be honest, the real reason this show is loved is not because of that.

    It's because of the performances. Kyle Chandler not only plays the coach, he IS the coach, exploring a whole new realm of as his character does. His relationship with his on-screen wife Connie Britton is the most pure joyous thing to watch, even as they argue, or hug each other, everything about their relationship feels true from the heart. The supporting cast also grows and builds nuisances to their character that only get more enjoyable throughout the season.

    And it's also because of the writing. There are quite a few characters in this drama, but I've never seen a show spread so much substance on all of the characters in such an evenly satisfying way. Characters I never thought I could care for suddenly become such an integral part of the storyline. Characters I thought would only last a few episodes turn into characters I look forward to seeing every week. Amazing.

    The show was recently ordered "six new scripts" for a possible new season. This means if the NBC execs find the story worthy enough, we may have another wonderful season to look forward too.
  • Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows to watch on Wednesday nights. Sometimes I watch it, sometimes I don't.

    Friday Night Lights is about a football team headed by a first-year coach named Eric Taylor. I think this show is pretty decent compared to other sports/drama shows like One Tree Hill.

    This show sometimes goes over the border with its drama. However, most of the time, the acting is fairly good. Just as long as they don't over-act some scenes in Friday Night Lights, I can definetly keep watching it.

    My personal favorite character in this show is Smash. He's a great football player with a lot of attitude. He's got great style too! :P

    I always recommend this show to all my team mates because of how Friday Night Lights combines athletics with good drama and sometimes action.
  • I love this show. This is the only show that I look forward to watching every week. I was upset when this season ended.

    Friday Night Lights is my favorite show ever. I look forwared to watching a new episode every week and I am now upset that current season is over. I hope that there will be more new seasons ahead. I can relate to this show because it brings me back to when I was in high school and I can remember how I felt on Friday nights on the football team and how the coach pumps the kids up before the game. He reminds me so much of my old high school head football coach on how he mentors the kids on the team.
  • greatness!!!!

    This show is nothing short of amazing and should be watched by all who own a tv. It is without a doubt the best new show this past season and I will stick with it until it ends. NBC seems to be stepping up their game and getting some better shows on their network with Friday Night Lights and Heroes.
  • Believable characters, interesting storylines.

    I love this show! It is more like real life than some of the other junk on TV these days. PLEASE keep this show on, it is worth watching!! I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the state championship hype. Will it go to the players heads? Will coach end up staying? New players coming in as freshmen, current players scenarios continuing... It will be interesting to see Coach Taylor's daughter's reaction to the pregnancy. Will Jason and Lyla stay apart? What about Tyra's determination to finish high school and be the first in her family to go to college. All reasons to keep this show!!
  • This is a great show that manages to be so much more than a show about football. We want to see more.

    A show about football could have been so bad but this show manages to be so much better than that. This is a show about people living in a community where football is the number one passion and point of pride for the place. People and character are the best parts of the show with some episodes achieving perfect balance between story, character, and yet still move the story on. Football is just the backdrop and setting for this show that serves as the focal point to bring together and link the individual personal lives and dramas of the main chracters. Lets hope that future series are scheduled and that they can build on the first year's success and continue the high quality storytelling into the future.
  • FNL is the best show on TV right now.NBC really needs to bring it back.You can’t just leave the viewers with the way that season 1 ended.What happens next…. Does Coach take the job at TMU? etc. You can take this show so much further. BRING IT BACK!!!

    Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV right now. NBC really needs to bring it back for a second season and then a third and a fourth. You can’t just leave the viewers with the way that season one ended. I’m sure we would all like to know what happens next…. Does Coach take the job at TMU or do they stay in Dillon? Does Mrs. Taylor have a boy or a girl? Etc. You can take this show so much further. BRING IT BACK!!! NBC needs to stop leading us on with these pilots and continue the series.
  • GREATEST SHOW ON TV RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt like you were there and feeling the excitement with the team. I really hope that it comes back with a sencond season this summer. Smash willams was my favorite he was funny and a great running back.Matt saracin was also good except i didnt like his attitude at the end when the coach said he was going to TMU. Tyra was a great character to she had a terrabile life but she tried to make the best of what she had.I will miss this show. I think this is the only show that is worth watching on TV!!!!!!!!
  • "Friday Night Lights" is an ensemble hour-long drama that centers around a small town Texas high school football team. But it's so much more, people.

    Best new TV show of the year. While that might not be saying a lot in a world that produces "The Hills," the fifth season of "The Simple Life," and "Deal or No Deal," "Friday Nght Lights" constantly showcases the best acting, writing, and cinematography on TV. Even though sports on screen can possess cliche after cliche, the characters in "Friday Night Lights" constantly defy stereotypes, and the stories always provide new twists while leaving you wanting more. Please bring it back, NBC. You give us enough garbage. Let the good ones stay.

    As already said many times on this site, this is without question the best show on Television!! What could possibly be wrong with you that you would not love this show? Let me take a different tack... Television is one way that we reflect who we are as an American society... this show reflects the best of who we are. Shows such as American Idol reflect our worst qualities, our failings as a culture. Lets communicate to the world the best of who we are by supporting this emotionally and intellectually intelligent show.
  • Truly fine drama. Would hate to see it go! There's a lot of junk on tv and this show is always watchable and interesting. I'd like to be able to watch again nest season.

    This is one of the finest shows on television. We are forced to watch many low class efforts because of the lack of good programs. I watched the movie and liked it, but the tv version is much better. The lives of the characters aren't static. They intermix with each other differently all the time. I enjoy waiting to see who changes each week. I don't know why this show is not watched by more people. It has won awards and has such good story lines. You don't have to worry about sex, nudity or violence which we seem to see a lot of these days. Please bring it back next season.
  • The great show blended with all the important parts of the life.

    The great show blended with all the important parts of the life. Our passion, which the players show, the coach who has got the best mind, decides what is right for the team. Secondly a very good mixture of other important aspects of every1's life, such as family, romance, our work.
    Some disturbed families, some successful ones, breakups, successful couple, and many more. Love of one for another even when they are apart.
    Some very good stuff, and the atmosphere build-up during the game is awesome. the winning and the losing. Everyone just praises the players, the coach, and prayin for the one's who have been facing a bad time. I would just suggest people to watch this show. Everything is swe-inspiringly blended into one gr8 show i have seen..
    will rate this show 10/10 from my side.
  • The best show on television today.

    In a society which values instant gratification and an in your face mentality, for a show like this to come along is very rare. I did not watch this show from Day 1. I had seen the movie and while I am a fan of the sports genre, I didn't care for it. When I saw the initial previews of the show, I thought, "Well, this show will be canceled after 3 episodes..." and didn't give it anymore thought. About a month and a half ago, my boyfriend insisted that I watch the show on, since all the episodes were free. He, having gone to college in Abilene, TX (a small west Texas town), insisted that the people on the show captured the essence of west Texas life and that I just HAD to watch it. About 30 minutes into the pilot I was hooked. I watched the entire season (to date - 18 episodes) in the span of 2 days and couldn't get enough of it. The subtlety of the characters and the realism of the show is what makes it the best on television. I feel the emotions of the characters and the dialogue between the actors never feels forced or contrived. I have to credit it to the locations that they shoot in, the freedom they give their actors to explore the character, and the genuis of the writing staff. Unlike so many shows nowadays where it's all bang, bang, glitz and glamour, "Friday Night Lights" is about emotion, relationships, and escaping the pressures of a small town. I urge people to give this show a chance, before it's too late.
  • Great show!

    Man, I hope NBC continues to show faith and this outstanding show stays around for another season or three. Great writing. Great characters. Great relationships. I actually thought the movie version was just "okay" - decent at best... probably that Billy Bob bias I have. But, man... this is one well-done show. The relationship between the coach and his wife in particular is one of the better, more realistic dramatizations I have seen in recent memory. My only critique? The actual football part of the show. I don't think the show needs any more games or any less of them... but come on, does EVERY single game have to come down to the last play? Once, sure. Twice, maybe... but EVERY game? (except one blowout). Aside from that? A pretty flawless show.
  • How can you not love this show?

    Over the past year, this show has become not only my favorite of the season, but also one of the best I have seen in my 39 years on this planet.

    The season is almost over and this show has yet to disappoint. It's a shame that more people don't watch it, because it truly is one of the best shows out there.

    It has become an instant classic. The acting is phenomonal, the writing is superb and each week there is a new story.
    And each week I fall in love with the show again and again.

    All I can say is that I hope that NBC renews it for a second season, because I can't imagine tv next year without it.
  • I love this show.

    I love this show and hope it is renewed. It is action packed and drama and great storylines that draw you in. You watch and want to see what happens next and it is great to see. The characters are great, some you like and love, some you hate and dislike. Matt/Julie are a cute fun couple. Coach and Mrs. Cocch are a great couple with great chemistry. I dont like all the sex, but teens do it, so it is realistic. It is great watching and seeing what happens next. I hope it is reneweed cause it is a great fabolous show.
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