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  • If you want a lot of Football action, this isn't for you. It's a fantastic show about a Football town, Football Team, and everyone directly, or indirectly involved. Includes great background music that sets the mood and moves the story along..

    This is a great show following many people in the small Texas town of Dillon and how they are affected directly or indirectly by a member of the football team. It strays to others not directly tied to football itself, but it has taken its time in developing the characters so well that it is not at all confusing. There are so many great characters to Love and Hate, cheer for or against. I wish they didn't take any breaks during the season, but even with the breaks this show is easy to follow. This isn't the kind of show you can jump into mid season, but if watched from the beginning and you follow along, within a few episodes you will be checking the time, hoping the hour isn't up yet. With the great writing, acting and music, it's well worth watching.
  • This is the best show that my family has watched in many, many, years! It combines the best of family values along with sports, teamwork, and real life in a small town setting. Please keep this on the network!!!

    We LOVE Friday Night Lights!!! Thank you so much for finally coming up with a show that the entire family can watch. It would be a shame for this show not to make it next year! My husband and I tell everyone we know that they have to watch this show, and once they do...they are hooked just like us! We cannot wait for Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m.
    Please NBC not cancel this show...there are many other shows that should be canned before this one.
    The characters created for this show are wonderful, and everyone that watches FNL can identify with someone on this show.
    Thank you NBC!
  • Wonderful show!

    Love all the characters, especially Tim Riggins, like those bad boys with a heart of gold. What I like best about this show is that it isn't all about kids sleeping around, back stabbing ect... unlike other teen shows that have been on. This show borders on a realistic element of how hard it is to be a teenager. The pressures to be the best, the most beautiful, the most popular and the things that some teens feel that they must do to be noticed. When this show first started, I didn't really like Tyra but now she has become one of my favorites, she is from the "wrong" side of the tracks and just wants to have a somewhat normal life. I can't wait to see what happens next season.
  • Easily the best show on television today.

    It is very unusual to find a television program that is as stimulating as Friday Night Lights. The writers are so good that you actually believe that the actors are really the characters in real life. If a writer can do that, then you are in a position to be a part of the every day life of the drama. It has something that old movies used to have. The ability to a part of the lives of each of the characters. Also, you can tell that actors enjoy what they do. If you don't then you can never act to an audience and be believable. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the small Texas town.
  • This is in the same catagory of a really good independent film

    I'm not interested in football, I'm urban woman but this series is amazing- puts a whole new light on TVIt's a great view of a "splice of life" in a midwestern HS community, totally different from what's out there. Good acting, perfect casting, great camera moves- a excellent serious script and the right touch of melodrama, I hope it lasts for many seasons to come!
  • A Class Act!!

    I must say that this show has progressed throughout the series. It has become a firm favourite of mine and this episode was undoubtedly the best one so far! The strange thing is there was only a small amount of football( which i'll get to don't worry). This episode brought so much in terms of character development, and it felt like you were actually getting to know the people. It was also a chance to get to see a different side to people. From J Street showing Saracen how to throw the pass to Riggins as a father figure type to his next door nighbours kid. Smash surprised me with how well he took the whole Bi-Polar announcement and I think we are seeing a new side to him. This charater development will be vital if the show is to have a couple more series. I am sure it will and hopefully it gets even better from here on. If it maintains this standard of TV programming only good things can happen for it!
  • One of the best shows on television right now!

    Friday Night Lights is a masterpiece. Even if you are not a huge fan of football, you will love this show because it doesn't revolve around the team. This show focuses on the relationships of family, friends, and loved ones in the town of Dillon, Texas. And, oh boy, is there a lot of drama going on. This show keeps me guessing with wonderful storylines and great relationships, whether good or bad. I love this show, and hope that it will stay on for a long time. It's television at its best!
  • What is going on with Friday night Lights why do they keep moving the time/ day. I could care less about american IDOL where's my FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?? This is the greatest show for the whole family to watch.

    This show is my all time favorite I make sure I have nothing going on, on the night Friday night lights is on. But it seems it always gets a backseat to other shows, what a shame.................
    Where is our FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?????
    I love so many of the characters in this show the coach his wife, and of course the hotest guy ever Tim Riggins, OMG he is soooo hot. I love, love this show, and when it's not on for a week I throw a real drag! Some of us would rather NOT watch american Idol, but would rather watch Friday night lights, Please no more postponing, lets see the next episode.


  • I love this show, and egarly wait all week for it's air time.

    I feel that this show is exciting, extremely well written, and an excellent insight in todays eenager. My entire family loves this show and it is one that we al watch together. Mysonis 17 and that is a very rare event. Thanks for the fantastic story line and characters. I love that this show shows all levels of financial status. In most cases it does not discriminate. The characters are real an believeable. I have yt to find a show on this season that movs me with eve epasode, and I can not wait for the next week. Excellent work!!
  • My new great find of the season!

    I barley started watching this show this weekend and I had no idea what I was missing. I got the pilot off of iTunes because it was free and now I'm hooked. It is the best new show that I have seen in a while. I just love it. I love football and I loved the movie and now I love the TV show just as much as I did everything else. It has to be the best new TV show for me. I have been watching it non stop on NBC because they are all free and now I just want to see what will happen with the rest of the season and wish that it will get picked up for a second one.
  • It's about a Texas Football team that is the town sweethearts. The ins and outs of the kids from the highschool and the families all in one. The realistic portral (sp?) of high school life and the desire of parents for their children is GREAT!

    I LOVE this show. It's one of the only shows on TV the my husband will watch religiously. My favorite character on the show is the lovable Matt! What a sweet kid always trying to do the right thing. I also love to see the interactions between the Coach and his Wife (the school counselor). The coaches wife is how I had always wished my mother had been ... if only we were all that lucky! I like how it's realistic about highschool life and the goods and bads. Great humor and yet I always feel like I've gotten a good life lesson after each episode!
  • my absolute favorite show. i live through it.

    It starts off all about football but when the show takes off we get to know the characters and its really hard not to fall in love with the drama, the action and the well scripted parts. I actually watched all the episodes in one day and now I can't wait for episode 19 to come out! The relationships in this show are so relatable that when you watch it you find yourself crying a lot. Mother-son, parents-children, sibling rivalry, best friends, sexual relationships, and so many others that both make it the compelling show it is and also makes it the amazing drama that it is.
  • What do you get when you take hot buff football players, add a drama full script and cute relationships you get a family favourite show!

    This wednesday night favourite has all the makings of a classic. Hott boys, the best sport ever and family affairs, I'm sure if you just watched one episode youd be just as attached as I am. At the begining of the season I barely knew a single character but my dad watched it in our family room so i would sit in and ask questions by the third episode i was hooked. It has all the drama of the OC and Greys Anatomy, plus my favourite sport.

    Don't worry you dont have to be all about football, my mom has never seen a single game nor does she understand the point but she watches the show every week and she even started getting up on the lingo.

    If your looking for the knowledge of the sport, the drama rama of a texas highschool or just to have something to watch as a family this is the show for you!

    And the boys are fun to look at!!!;)
  • I live for this show

    this show is the best show i have ever watch on TV next to Seinfeld, Office and numerous others. I love to watch what happens every week on the show and it is very suprising. I love how every player has a background and they focus in on everyones lives. My personal favorite is Tim "rigg" Riggins, he is a sweet character but has a soft side to him as we saw on last nights episode. I like Smash's character too, although that most of these are a little Stereotypical, it is still an amazing show that i hope stays on the air for a long time.
  • Football, The american game, no game can come close. A High school football coach, realizes that being a coach is not just coachign the game its also teaching morals abotu life and how to deal with real life situations. Stay tuned and watch this coach....

    This show is one of my favorite just because of the game of football growing up playing both basketball and football you just have a passion of seeing it on TV. This show brings back memories of me in teh school yard throwing the football around with friends playign tackle football with no pads. I recommend this show to those who loves teh game of football and rememebers those days as a High school player. I personally watch this every week. I think it does get boring at times but can be great also. Needs a bit of fine tuning but that can be done in no time.
  • Not Just About football, all thought you wouldn't know this by watching a few episodes.

    I really wasn't sure about this show, and I took a long time to actually give it a chance. I'm not a very big football fan, so I thought this show isn't for me. After hearing a few interviews on the Radio from a couple of the actors, I decided to give it a shot, and I can't seem to stop now. I watched show after show, back to back, and it got me hooked. For a while it seemed pretty silly that everyone in the town would be this much into football, but when you think about, this show taken place out in a small town, there isn't much else goin' on. It because very real after a few shows, and you start to realize how, it's much more about the characters, and the struggles, they go thru as they grow up. It's a great show. I just hope that it doesn't get canceled before it's time. I think lot's of people don't give it a chance because of first appearances.
  • This show will be one of those shows like Sports Night that people talk about and wonder why they didn't watch and support when they had a chance.

    The Dillion Panthers are at the heart of Friday Night Lights. The show follows members of the football team, the coach and his family, as well as the loyal supporters of this smalltown Texas team with huge expectations. Coach Taylor and his star quarterback Jason Street are supposed to bring home the State Championship, but tragedy strikes. Like he did with the movie, Peter Berg captures the passion that surrounds football in Texas. The town closes down for games. Every one has an opinion. The players themselves are flawed, with some seeking redemption, while others continue to slide into the obscurity that awaits them if they don't get a scholarship. Riggins is painful to watch, but every now and then there is a spark that makes you think, maybe he can change. Matt Saracen is the backup quarterback that has to step up. Smash is the cocky running back with something to prove. This ensemble is consistently the best hour of television this season. They don't pull any punches.
  • dont judge a book by its cover

    look well i feel horrible for saying this but i thought this so was going to be crap but i was giving the pilot episode on Itunes so i downloaded it... and it was awsome the drama and everything was great, i have been sick soo all weekend i watched every episode and i cant wait for wednesday... props to friday night lights!!!!
  • Fun Show

    I am not as big a fan of this show as some of the other shows I watch, but I do watch it. Being a high school teacher myself I am drawn to it. The show has some great actors and some great story lines. The love angles sometimes bog te story down. The football sequences are all sot very realistic and I live for the football side of the show. If you were a fan of the book or the movie that this show is based, you will probably enjoy this show. I wish NBC would find a night that they like and quit moving the show all over their schedule.
  • Small-town racism overshadows small-town football

    This show was the best of the season. The race issue that was the focus of this and the last episode was dealt with intelligently and realistically. (Those who think it was unrealistic have just never lived it.) In the end, many characters (Coach Taylor, Coach Mac, Smash, Riggins) had to choose sides and show their true colors.

    I read a few reviews of last weeks episode and two stood out. There was one submitted by mjames1229 on February 9th that was intelligently written and thought-provoking. I disagree with his fundamental premise though, mostly because FNL actually did allude to some racist notions in an earlier episode. I don't recall which number it was, but the Panthers had an away game in Smash's predominantly Black hometown. People referred to being afraid to stay in the local motels for fear of "drive-by shootings." It's probably indicative of lots of small-town thinking. The people there aren't bad folk, but they're not at all worldly, and the thoughts that have permeated the fabric of the community for generations aren't easily dismissed, so it's not easy for me to see a small spark under that latent powder keg going up so quickly.

    On the other side of the spectrum is a review submitted by watchmedie85 regarding the same episode on February 8th. While he casually acknowledges that racism exists, his attitude is sort of "get over it." Black people are mostly to blame for continually fanning the flames of racist banter, and we continue to divide ourselves by bringing it up. I guess it's easy to be so dismissive about a problem that doesn't affect you. It would be like my complaining about all the research and money that goes into a cure for breast cancer. Easy for me to say, since I don't have breasts. But the second the disease struck my wife, mother, sister, or daughter, I'd have a different perspective then.

    watchmedie85 obviously missed the lesson of Tim Riggins. Riggins was equally dismissive of Smash's concerns until the game at which point the racism slapped him in the face. I know that to many of you, the racial slurs and ignored calls (on the field) seemed overblown, but not even a week ago did one of my friends tell me that his co-worker called him "colored" and another showed me an anonymous memo that was placed in the mailboxes of all Black workers calling them lazy porch monkeys and telling the that they should all be fired. Trust me, it still happens.

    Frankly though, I'm less concerned about the card carrying racist than I am about the subtle racist or even the one who doesn't know he's racist. I think most of us carry racial stereotypes about others (yes, that include Black people) that we're less familiar with. I'm prone to do it to, but with my awareness that I might do it, I can correct my thoughts before they influence my actions. If you're in denial about your thoughts, you'll never be able to take corrective measures.

    At the end of his review, watchmedie85 goes off into a few ways that we can earn the respect of white if that's what we want. If you don't like the way I dress or talk, then keep away from me. I don't really need anybody to like me in a personal way. What I do need is a fair shot. Maybe you don't like me, but don't deny me employment because my name is Rashad and not Bob, don't deny my loan just because my grammar isn't perfect, and don't pull me over because I'm wearing a ballcap and bobbing my head while I drive. This is the most insidious type of racism, the kind that's so hard to prove that when you cry foul someone tells you that you're crying wolf. And believe me, that form of racism is alive and well.
  • A footbal drama show with plenty of potential just can't click with audiences.

    Friday night Lights seems to live up to the hype of many other sports dramas that don't make it past the first season. It tells stories of triumph, courage, and starting over. After her boyfriend, Jason is hurt during a game, Lyla Gary falls into the arms of Riggins, the big mouthed quarterback with a girlfriend of his own. They continue a relationship behind their lovers back, until it all finally ends, with both of them left with nothing. OF course, as Lyla patches things up with Jason, a website portrays her as a "whore". One of the recievers begins to date the coach's daughter and dealing with a father coming home for a while in Iraq, not to mention taking some sexy photos with models, which makes coach's daughter, Julie jealous. The all about me running back Smash is using his extra bucks for more than what he ever bargained for- like steroids. When his no nonsense mother catches him, and the coach is split on having him play a life altering game, the tension, and drama is brought to a high point. Can Friday Night Lights survive a second season with critics love, but low ratings?
  • Dang iTunes freebie hooked me again

    Well I had seen Friday Night Lights the movie with Billy Bob Thorton and I liked it a lot. I was very skeptical when this show came out. It seemed like it wasn't going to be that good but when I got a chance to see the pilot for free courtesy of iTunes I enjoyed it a lot. Needless to say I purchased the rest of the season which (on iTunes) is out of order and one of the episodes is not correct but I managed to get the season up until now. I really enjoy the different characters and the little bit of football that is shown. I really hope that Matt S. and Julie stay together which there is reason to believe they will. I look forward to seeing how this season progresses as well as if and how they are going to do futures seasons.
  • The story of a small town where everything revolves around their stellar football team and it's coaches and players...

    Very well written, under rated... Nice camera work, cinematography, cast... some other time slot could help it with the ratings. Probably on Weekends... Hoping for a second season.
    I have been following it from the begining, and the story has grown, it has more sub plots now and there is always something new going on. At first I was wondering how they would pull out a story only based on the game they had each week. But now I can see all of the hard work these peope have put into this show.
    Minkha Kelly is definetly very hot. Nice work!!!!!
  • Someone tell me why no one watches this show.

    This show is fabulous. On the surface you might think "Oh, look it's another teen soap opera like The OC". Well I assure you that's not what this show is. It amazes me every week with the actual drama (not stupid teen problems either).

    This show centers around a high school in Texas which happens to have an elite football team. Coach Eric Taylor is in his first year on the job as a head coach and is leading a talented team poised for the state title. However, in the first game, Senior QB Jason Street (who Taylor mentored as QBs coach) goes to make the game-winning tackle and is injured on the play. He ends up paralyzed and now must adapt to living life in a wheelchair.

    Meanwhile, Matt Saracen has to take over as QB. Along the way he develops a crush on the coach's daughter, Julie.

    There are serious issues in this show that make it unlike any other on TV. They go head on with some tough issues. I highly recommend watching this show!
  • For all football fanatics

    I rented Friday Night Lights the movie and was amazed. IT seems like there is a new genre of movie and tv sitcom coming out pertaing football. What i like about friday night lights is the support a town gives it highschool football. It seems everybody and there momma knows offensive and defensive formation and would know how to attack a defense(Are you listening Brad Childress?)It deals with real life issues athletes and coaches face today. In the state of texas it would stressful to be a high school football coach. Rememeber Texas is the leading state in highschool football recruits. I keep hearing that the show is getting poor viewer ratings.
  • It's a shame that everyone would rather watch science fiction crap like "Heroes" and completely disregard the true drama of Friday Night Lights.

    I think the only reason this show has not been canceled is because it is just that damn good. The acting is great, especially by Kyle Chandler who plays Coach Taylor. He makes the entire show worth watching. High school sports are taken seriously in a lot of small towns and Dillon, TX is a perfect example. I guess now-a-days everyone is into flying people, and saving the world and what not, but if you like to keep things real, Friday Night Lights is an excellent show to watch.
  • An amazing example of superior television writing

    This show is one word....amazing. In 44 short minutes, this show makes you laugh and cry, makes you mad and happy, makes you nostalgic for your teen years and then happy they are over. If you don't mind sitting on the edge of your seat through the exciting football action and then allowing the story of Jason and Lyla to just pull your heartstrings, you need to see this. And can catch up on every episode so far at so don't be afraid to start watching because you think you will be behind. Go watch the series so far RIGHT NOW. It will be your loss if you don't. If the Emmys don't see what brilliance is on every Wednesday night on NBC, then they truly have gone completely commercial. Here's hoping Friday Night Lights not only gets a second season, but a Best Dramatic Series emmy as well.
  • the lives of the Dillon community as they all hope for their Dillon Panthers' state championship.

    i love it, i love it, i love it! This is coming from a girl whose country doesn't even play American Football!
    the tv show's not just some teen drama but something that is worth watching by all. it really isn't about football perse but about the lives of the people concerned... the whole community. I've watched the movie Friday Night Lights and that totally touched my heart. Same goes with the series, but only better. Although it lacks a little comedy, it does make up with great lines and subplots of drama. FNL shows how harsh life gets but becomes worth it once one takes the action to rise up and fight.
    Kyle Chandler is definitely suited for his role and so are the other characters like Scott Porter as Jason Street and Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity.
    now, i'm playing the sport that's nearest to American Football... Flag Football! totally inspired by Friday Night Lights of course!
  • I actually saw the first episode well it may seem not that good but let's give them a chance.

    I actually saw the first episode well it may seem not that good but let's give them a chance. Well I saw the pilot episode and for me to be honest it was a safe start. Well it is okay to use it for a base well I love the parts where they pray, it is something that I like. Well there's always room for improvement, so I guess it is something that can be given a chance let's see more of this.
  • This high school drama is the best show on television. The show toes the line well between the gridiron and the life that exists arround it.

    This show is truly one of the very best to ever hit the TV screen!!! \\\"Friday Night Lights\\\" wins on so many levels it is hard to figure out where to start. The character development is brilliant, the storyline is gripping, and the acting is nothing short of perfection. This show is safe for both men and women. The football scenes are very well done and the drama in between them rivals that of any HBO super hit. Anyone who went to High School can relate to someone on the show and as a result it is easy to lose yourself for one hour each week. What makes this show so good is the fact that you find yourself empathizing with every character whether you can relate or not. That puts this show on a level that most shows strive for but could never attain!
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