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  • Loved it!!

    Friday Night Lights is an awesome show and Love to watch it. There is so much action going on and I cant wait to see the next episode it keeps me hooked and wondering. The producer must be awesome because he knows how to keep people watching. I like how it's not all big city shows with all the rich scenes. Even though I am a Big City girl and love all that I love to see New stuff from other places that people dont usually see unless you live there. It shows all different kinds of people and has many lessons and I juss love every moment of the show.
  • This is a great show with a lot of appeal for people of all ages. I think guys (and some girls) will watch it for the football aspect, but there's so much more to it than that. It's a phenomenal show with interesting stories and characters.

    This is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I hope it keeps its "different" edge. It does have a lot of appeal for people of all ages. I love the relationship between the coach and his wife. I think a lot of couples can see themselves in some of their situations. Kyle Chandler is adorable, and I love the relationship that he and his wife have. They're funny, loving, and caring parents, as well as a great coach and counselor who are honest and don't put up with people or situations that they shouldn't. And Matt Saracen. Who doesn't just love him? What a sweet and innocent guy with so much responsibility on his shoulders--and at such a young age. This is a great show and deserves to stay around as long as it stays as good as it is.
  • I love this show and almost everything about it.

    This show is about a high school football team and there families, and how they deal with life in the southern Texas town they live in. The show star coach Kyle Chandler leads the football team. Most might think this show is just about football it most definitely is not. A main character Jason Street is paralyzed and I don’t think he plays very much football. Some episodes show almost no signs of football even though it is always mentioned. FNL seems to be getting better as it goes and stays original. The one thing I am worried about is how they might take football out of the show and make it a high school drama. Football is what holds the show together and the drama of there lives should revolve around it. FNL is a great new show that is very original and good. If you are not watching you should.
  • Great TV, looking forward to every episode!

    I wasn't sure I'd like this show because of all the american football, but I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. Because this is one of the best TV-shows I've ever seen! I enjoy watching this more than a lot of movies, it's got great acting, directing and a story you can't get enough of. I highly recommend it, and hope you start watching it so that they make a second (and if it stays good maybe a third) season.
  • Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite shows on television. It has something for everyone. And it deals with real life situations without making to much of a lesson type show. I love Taylor (Riggins) He is so hot in a bad boy kind of way!

    Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite shows on television. It has something for everyone. And it deals with real life situations without making to much of a lesson type show. I love Taylor (Riggins) He is so hot in a bad boy kind of way! I'm not even a football fan and I am soooo into this show. Good Job !
  • I started to watch the show to fill the winter break, so I thought it is nothing special, but now its like my new best friend! Great show, great actors and some amazing moments!

    I started to watch this show during this boring winter break. Nearly every series is on break and I wanted to watch something so I surfed around the tv stations websites and found this show, first I thought its nothing special but it would be good enough to fill the break but know its my new best friend and I cant wait to watch the next episode. I mean the story is simpel but I feel with the team and the members who have to confront all this problems. After I watched all this episodes, I would be pleased if we also would have american football at our high schools here in Germany. Its amazing what a big role this game is playing in the life of the the people from one city.
    Great show, nice actors and I hope NBC will continue the serie as long as possible ;)
  • Cant wait

    After I see the movie I wily like to The show I woes see the Triller This wily sound like a Great show I woes like To watch at Kyle Chandler look good on at and this be so cool to watch am play the coach afterwe see am in homefront play the player and now I will be like to see am play the coach of the them In one Line
    "Cant Wait to watch at"
  • Awesome Show Mixes in a little bit of drama and football Definately worth watching!!

    People might get the impression this is only for football fans but on the contrary my friends for all you drama fans out there this one has plenty of it my friends and its definately worth an hour of your time!!! Really does resemble high school the way it really is not like some other lame teen dramas full of fake scenarios teens go through. If your long past your high school years this show will definately bring you back to those days in which you were a high school student just like it was just yesterday definately worth watching absolutely faboulous.
  • I love football and this serial. It is not all about football matches and it just make Friday Night Lights much better serial;]

    I love football and this serial. It is not all about football matches and it just make Friday Night Lights much better serial;] I am from lithuania, we dont have american football in my coutry, but still there are fans like me, who like play football and watch it. I think every sport team, countches, players goes through these problems expecialy then they are young. In school you always need mentor, coach, somebody who could help you to play, help you to understand importance of match is it football or is it basketball or other sport. And the best thing in this serial is that it all about it!
  • This is a really good show.

    When I first heard they were going to do a show based on this book I could not wait to see how good it was going to be. I was hooked after the first episode. But then all I heard was that it was struggling in the ratings. It may not be in the best time slot, but I do not know where it would do any better except on Friday, but that would mean moving Deal or no Deal which would be fine with me.
  • We love football so don\'t place it on Monday nights

    My son 13 and I watch every episode. We especially enjoy the football games since we are football fans. Interesting development of characters, reminds me of WB Everwood but has a wider base of characters. We enjoy the Texas setting. Would rather see more action on the football field than between the sheets. Hope they keep it clean while addressing the sexual tensions between teens. Enjoyed the episode with the displaced quarterback from New Orleans because we got to see football.
  • My thoughts

    At first it was hard to keep watching. But now that we start to know the characters I can't stop watching!

    Everytime I see Friday Night Light I feel like I am watching a movie. I love the way it's filmed. I love the actors in it and I love the story in it. I like everything about this show. I'm not from america and we don't play football were I live but I can really imagine that there are towns in which football is so important.

    The actresses in this show are all gorgeous women.
    Also I'm glad they got a full season!
  • A great show!

    I think the characters in this show are wonderful and very deep. The storylines are good as well. However, this most recent one with 'Smash' using performance enhancing drugs is a little far-fetched. But that would be my only gripe so far. I'm intrigued by this show and I look forward to the new episodes. I really hope that NBC doesn't give up on this show.
  • I never thought I'd get so interested in a show about football.

    This is, simply put, one of the best shows I've ever seen. The characters are all compelling, particularly Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins. The relationships between the characters in the show are also great, particularly between Jason, Tim and Lyla, as well as between Matt and Landry. Now, I must admit that what I know about football, you could fit on the head of a pin and still have room to spare. But this show is so great that I'm able to transcend that, and focus on the other themes in each episode without being distracted by terminology that I don't understand. The football doesn't overwhelm each episode, rather it's a background to the overall characterisation and story arcs that are being set up. I look forward to each new episode of this show with baited breath, and I'm really positive that the show will maintain it's current momentum.
  • A committed Dillon High School football team is aiming towards being the best high school football team...but they do encounter problems along the way.

    Is Friday Night Lights heading towards starting a new sports-sitcom generation?? NBC's Friday Night Lights centers around a high school football team in Texas. This show brings out the true way football is in these parts of country today. Overall, the show is suspensefull and is enoyable to watch. It brings out the memories of the true high school football experience. Relationships and friendships get in the way of the football players lives.But in the end of it all, there is that tremendous high school spirit. The show is realistic and brings out the true meaning of the high school spirit.
  • Looking for a show that is "easy on the eyes"? Check this one out!!

    This is one of the best shows on televison right now. It is remarkable how they remade a simple movie into a complex television show. Every week I come back to watch this show and I simply don't know why. It keeps your interest. This show reminds me alot of One Tree Hill. Both shows are revolved around sports for the most part, One Tree Hill more so in the beginning. Friday Night Lights holds so much potential for what it can become and what it <b>will</b> become! This is definately not a waste of time. The actors and actresses on the show are talented. Even those that may not seem as talented as others on the show pull it off with such grace. This show will continue to thrive throughout it's television life!!!
  • As far as I'm concerned Tim Riggens is the best new character on television. He's got the whole dramarific package-Personal regret, redemption and cute as all get out.

    This show gets better and better every episode. Tim Riggens is everything a character needs to be on television. I like how they gave us a little backstory about his mom and dad in last night's ep. I also appreciate how the football coach's wife is right on when she talks about how they set the "stars" up for failure. Who was that kid anyway and is he going to keep coming around? I hope not because other that being easy on the eyes he was actually mildly annoying. I find myself getting just as excited for Panther football as I do for the NFL!
  • I'm about ten years too late to be reliving my high school glory days, but this show seems to be taking a look at, an admittedly beefed up look for Hollywood, but a look nontheless at what High School Football in TEXAS is like! Belive me, I'm a grad!

    Coach Taylor has come into a city that is used to winning, and needs that tradition to continue. Although sometimes nefarious methods have apparently been used in the past, Coach Taylor doesn't look kindly on that. He is trying to be a father to a teenage daughter who really doesn't have a clue how much of this is his life, a husband to a witty and understanding wife (more than I'd probably be), a New Head Coach to a team who has to take a few hits to be brought up again, and a New Martyr for the community to either love, hate, or just plain get rid of. It shows life from poverty to wealth, and it has quickly shown how some can have that completly taken away. Good way to have a favorite team to root for on Tuesday's before we root for our own home teams on Friday's.
  • Awesome show. Should not be cancelled. They could of put it on Friday's, but they didn't so don't let it die. Don't find too many football shows on primetime so why not let this one survive. Sit back & relax. Are you ready for some football.

    Every tuesday night is football night. Friday Night Lights is a new and fun filled show. It brings you in to small town football. Makes you appriciate the game. Right now it's the only show like it around. It goes up against any drama show out there right now. I look foward to tuesday nights, it's my football for after the weekend and for the up coming weekend. It's one of those shows that the whole family can sit down and watch together. All I can say is watch it and see for yourself. Are you ready for some Football.
  • Most Real Show Ever Made

    This you must see. the realness the feel it sucks you in and has you going insane what is gonna happen next are they gonna etc. how much more real can a show get. the intensity not leting you go to the restroom. that make's you come back for more evry time. and it makes you want to play football more and makes people who dont like football want to play.
    i call this show stunning crazy good. it is so addictive
    you need to watch this show. one of a kind. drama ups downs.
    the best show ever and not a figure of SPEECH
  • The coach of the Dillon Panthers is under a lot of stress after he loses a game. People in a small town like that don't like to lose games. With a rookie quarterback and a restless team he motivates them to excell. The team must overcome adversity.

    I am personally in love with this show! First of all I am in love with anything relating to football but this show provides the emotional side of football as well. It really delves into the characters lives and the hardships they face. Although, at times, the acting is weak the story line is brilliant and they really keep the show moving. I always dread the end of the show becuase I know I will not be able to see it for another week. The only thing I don't understand is why viewers arn't tuning in. Trust me, you don't have to like or even know about football. Personally, I would like to see more football but if playing less football will keep the show on air, I am all for it! Please if you haven't already, give this show a chance!
  • One of the best, needs to stay on forever and i dont no ne1 else who has even watched one episode IT IS SO UNDERAPPRECIATED

    i think show is one of the best shows on tv today. It also is one of the only non-comedy shows i can actually sit thur... I was pissed when they didnt show the 2nd or 3rd episode and after the debate they were showing law and order re runs... it was a shock to me when non of my friends have even watched an episode, and they all love football. Anybody who saw the movie should have seen the preview and couldnt w8 for it to finally start like i was... why is this show so underapperciated and why doesnt everyone watch it
  • I do like this show but I'm not sure why..

    The problem I have is that I don't actually really <i>like</i> many of the characters, the coach is a bit of a runt, Matt and the coach's daughter are the only ones I like. But it has enough drama and the acting is good however I I can't put my finger on why I keep watching. I haven't read the book or seen the film connected with it, I'm British so this whole thing is alien to me it does fascinate though. I'll keep watching and think it will get better as the characters develop, it's pretty addictive be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • Innovative

    Never, have i seen a show that has been so different and so interesting. This show doesn't focus only on the football team, its practices, and its games-- it gives the full story of the town, and the people under the uniform. Even the most archatyped drunk character has a story, and is completely 3 dimentional. I was very shocked by how well this show was done, especially after, what I considederd, a very weak pilot. I thought the pilot was boring and predictable, but each episode afterwards has brought me back looking for more. I hope that they give this show a better time slot, so that it can do a little beter, at 9 o'clock or something-- this show might work well on a saturday or sunday night even, but whatever they do, i hope they keep it around.
  • This show is the bomb all you people who think it isn’t have never seen a good show before.

    I like how this show is all about football and doesn’t have too much drama in it. Tim Riggins is an awesome character I like how he mixes beer with football. I think Matt Saracen really needs to step up now that voodoo is coming he also needs to stop being distracted by the coaches daughter. I think Smash really needs to shut up before Riggins takes him out. I think its cool that Streets moved his hands even if he was trying to smack his roommate. I interested in seeing how him and his roommate will get along throughout the course of the season.
  • The O.C. for the Rest of Us

    If you are looking for a show about people in New York or Los Angeles, in glamorous professions with wealthy lifestyles, boy are you in the wrong place. Friday Night Lights is about a small-town Texas high school football team. Now, in Texas, high school football is more like second-tier college ball; the stadiums are huge, the games are televised, and the football team is the life of the town. But the kids are still small-town kids with small-town values. They have parents in the military and work in fast food joints. They drive old pickups, not Range Rovers. Although the show is plotted around football, there isn't actually all that much football in the show--mostly we see the players in their everyday lives, sometimes at practice, and only rarely do we see a game. The show remains accessible to non-fans, and there's plenty of material here about the normal teenage angst and romance--more realistically dealt with here than elsewhere--to keep us going.

    It is a little hard to see how this show can continue beyond a season (although first it'll have to gain the ratings it deserves). Many if not all the players are seniors, so next year they'll either have to follow the same kids into college, or a new bunch of kids in the same program.
  • Best show on TV in years!!!!

    I went to high school in Warner Robins, GA. At the time, there were only 2 high schools in town. I went to Warner Robins H.S., a perenial favorite for the state championship at that time. I was a cheerleader only so that I could get into the football games for free...well, for other stuff, too, I guess. I love the game, always have and always will. Years later, my husband and I lived in Batesville, MS for 9 years, home of the South Panola Tigers, another perennial state championship favorite. I watched Deuce McCallister play there when he was just a kid.

    I gave this brief background to explain my delight in this show. It captures the glory AND hysteria that Friday night creates in most any small southern town. I am a military brat and have family and friends in almost every state, so I have spread the word across the nation to everyone I know to watch this show. Many thanks to the producers, director, cast and crew for a fantastic show. Michele Morgan
  • This Program is my favourite show this season. It has more emotion and more realism than anything on at the moment. Plus the soundtrack only adds to the emotional value.

    Its cleverly written and never boring. It really pulls you in adn whenever im watching an episode i am just willing for it NOT to end.

    I really hope more people sart watching it. its not just a drama about the most popular sport in the US but its a BRILLIANT drama about american football.

    I Hope its new slot bear this show the rating it totally deserves. I hope the network gets behind this show because it is brilliantly made and more needs to be made.
  • Unreal, and I don't like football.

    This show is great, I never saw the movie, and I don't even like football, but this show is amazing. Even if you do not like football, don't worry, it is not ABOUT football, it is about a town, a community and a group of young men that are given way too much to deal with, just because they play a game, just a game.

    Only 3 episodes have been shown, and I can not believe the quality that has kept up throughout the episodes, if this show can keep this momentum over 13+ episodes, it will be a future classic, I swear.

    Watch it, and see what I mean.
  • Friday Night Lights.

    This is a great show, but I cannot stand the way it is filmed. The camera is unsteady constantly, as if an amateur is filming. I have seen movies recently that have been filmed this way, and it gives me a headache! When I mentioned this at work, everyone agreed. We love the show, but I do not know if I will continue watching it for this reason. I love the guy who plays the coach; and the rest of the cast is good as well. Very exciting ... good story line. I don\'t even mind watching the football part.
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