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  • Quite Possibly the Season's Best New Series

    While it has all the makings of a "brilliant but cancelled" series, let's hope the network higher-ups use their powers for good and not evil. I'm not much of a football fan, but I loved the film Friday Night Lights and have thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 episodes of its TV spinoff. The pilot episode was phenomenal, but Episode 3 has confirmed that not only is the TV series as good as the's also its own unique animal. Hopefully NBC will keep their finest freshman program alive for at least 13 episodes, if not a full season or longer. A show this good deserves the chance to reach a respectable conclusion, but more importantly, it deserves a chance to thrive. I have never met anyone who claimed to be or know a Nielsen viewer, but this viewer promises to keep watching, crappy ratings be damned.

    Oh, and another thing. This list of blurbs/classifications we have to choose from is ridiculous.
  • This show doesn't get the credit it deserves!

    Everytime I hear that Friday Night Lights is heading for 'The Axe' I just can't believe it. Maybe it's just the fickle, cut-throat world of American Drama and Ratings, but if we lose this show off our TV screens, I think we're missing out.

    From the very first episode, you can't help but get drawn towards the edgy way this show is produced. Perhaps the fact that the direction is so different to the 'formula' most popular shows have in the States is part of the reason why it seems to be tanking in the ratings. The camera-work is very unique for this type of show, almost appearing as a 'fly-on-the-wall'documentary about the trials of a Texan High School football side.

    Only a few shows in, I think if it's axed it will be a grave mistake. Already there are several interesting plot lines developing, which if carefully nutured, will see some great character development also.

    So please! Tune in, or you'll be missing out.
  • This Show is raw and amazing! It\'s almost uncomfortable to watch it hits so close to home on some of the topics. I can actually see come of our hometown boosters in some of the scenes! Please keep this show!

    This Show is raw and amazing! It\'s almost uncomfortable to watch it hits so close to home on some of the topics. I can actually see come of our hometown boosters in some of the scenes! Please keep this show! So many quality shows don\'t even get a chance to get off the ground yet we still have to deal with idiot shows like \"The Simpsons\"! This show is smart, well written and real to life. It evokes strong emotions in this viewer and I know I am not alone. I hope the powers that be will give \"Friday Night Lights\" a chance to find its place in the line-up, it\'s a winner.
  • You don't have to be a football fan to love "Friday Night Lights."

    It isn’t a high concept thriller like Lost or 24 or a standard CBS procedural, but Friday Night Lights packs just as much (if not more) emotional punch as the rest of the dramas on primetime television. You don’t have to be a fan of football to enjoy the show, but if you are, you’ll love it even more. The story of a small town in Texas all rallying behind its high school football team resonates on so many levels. From scenes of team practices, teenage/high school “drama,” family life (both comedy and drama), and the “big game” itself; everyone will find something to enjoy. But in reality, it is difficult not to enjoy all aspects of the show.

    If you were a fan of NBC’s late, great American Dreams, Friday Night Lights definitely fills at least some of the void left by that great family drama. It doesn’t have to shock and awe, it doesn’t have to add some mystical supernatural element to it… Friday Night Lights is filled with many genuinely truthful and sincere moments and all of them make up an overall warm, exciting, thrilling, down to earth drama series. Its premise sounds so simple, yet it entertains and satisfies everything you could want in a primetime drama series, while still going beyond. Easily the best new show of the season.
  • Friday Night in a small Texas would think it would be boring but not if you live there...From late August until November there is the one thing that everyone in Texas lives for, FOOTBALL. This show depicts that life to a T.

    This show is so nostalgic for me...I grew up in TX and the show is right on as far as the attitude of small towns in TX and football. It is amazing to me that it has been more years than I care to admit since I was in high school but this show brings back all of it...the teen angst, the peer pressure, the heartbreaks, the laughs...Last night\'s episode showing the rally squad bringing stuff to the football players, we did that. I started watching it just because it was going to be about High School Football in TX but it is so much more. We watch CBS on Tuesdays BUT you can bet that we record Friday Night Lights and will continue to do so. It is Remember the Titans, Rudy and Friday Night Lights (the movie) all in one. GREAT SHOW!
  • There are not to many shows on TV depicting the student-athelete, and this show does not sit second string to anyone!

    One of the break out shows of the season, this show keeps me watching from the first minute. You have an injured QB who was the best in the state and now a Sophmore that is talented but not the gung ho Texas football player taking his spot. A coach that's not sure he can make it work. And his girlfriend won't allow herself to believe that he may never play football again. His friend from the team won't even go and see him. This show is almost like 90210 with helmets and cheerleaders. Some of these actors are new to TV but even the younger ones are making a believer out of me. This show has that spark and just the right amount of heart to watch, even for those people who don't like football. Because its not just about a football game, its about a town, before, during and after the football game. Watch and see I bet you'll like it more than you think!!
  • Dreading it would be OC with a football team; delighted it wasn't.

    An Amazing show, and almost surprising it hadn't been done before. Whilst it isn't anything ground breaking in itself, it's a very gripping show that will probably grow into a huge success after a number of episodes.

    A nice approach to this series was the almost 'narrator' style media reports throughout via the radiostation and TV Reporter, hope they continue, as it really did help open the story up and define characters quickly.

    The Characters themselves are looking well defined and all have a strong persona about them, it will be more then interesting to see how this team stays together and evolves over the season. In all honesty, it gave everything you could ever ask for in a TV series. Action, conflict, character interaction and building all based around a popular subject; Football.

    All I can say really is after the pilot, it's hooked at least one fan already.
  • Varsity Blues on TV..

    The show is cool, don't get me wrong, but it was very predictable and not soo exciting. The acting was fine I guess, hopefully the show will get better and actually draw me in, but so far I can definitely leave it. If it wasnt for my husband I probably wouldnt watch it next week.
  • Raw, Well-acted, Underappreciated, Powerful...This one suprised me!

    I missed the pilot episode on its original night...on purpose. I just wasn't interested. However, At 11 pm Thursday night, after returning home from my indoor soccer game and looking for something to watch to wind down before bedtime I found myself stopping on USA network being drawn into the raw power of this fascinating, well acted, underappreciated show about Prep football in a Texas town. But this show was show much more then football and was about self-discovery and youth searching for an identity in a small town atmosphere and how football not only unites a team, but an entire community. Great TV!
  • One word........SENSATIONAL.

    This show is fantastic. I prey that NBC is able to keep it on the air because truly, for once, NBC has got themselves a GEM. It is sensational. This show is ten times better than the movie simply because they've taken the element of football, along with some drama, and created an element that hasn't been done before on national television. PLEASE watch this show because it would be an absolute shame for NBC to have to get rid of this one. For once, they have a truly great series on their hands. Congrats to all who are involved with Friday Night Lights, because I am for once, absolutely IMPRESSED.
  • I'm still not totally sure about this show, but it does peek my interest.

    I'm not so sure what to think of this show. The characters sure act like typical teenagers which is good because that's who they are supposed to be, and bad because it really makes it hard to like the characters. These guys are supposed to be on a football team, and they are all selfish. They wouldn't be a good football team if they were like that, at least not at the high school level. I guess high school kids might be like that a bit. I have heard about high school football in Texas but is it really that bad? I wouldn't doubt it, but it makes you wonder. I can see a small town closing businesses for a game and all of that, and maybe even administration threating the coaches job if he didn't win, I can even see them treated better to pass, but that is because TV shows has done that before, is it really true.
  • I am totally HOOKED on this new show.

    Actors are incredibly talented-real emotion shows-not that rehearsed feeling. Will watch every episode with great anticipation and also appreciation for a fine performance. Truly depicts a small town atmophere. Should be rated # 1 new fall series, not just on NBC, but on all stations. I especially like the coach and the older brother who jumps on his littele brother early in the episode. Reminded me of my own big brother. Wife of the coach is good too adn very convincing especially when she puts the picture of the house for sale on the refrigerator. Grandmother is pure perfection in her role.
  • They have honestly butchered the original movie quite a bit. Not really sure where this show is going, but it was just interesting enough to keep watching to see.

    I was so pumped about this new show coming out! So I set my TiVo to record and came home immediately after class to watch. For most of the show I was thinking it was very predictable until the star QB went out for good. It was awesome to see this little no name kid come in and take the pressure of the game and turn it into adrenaline and toss the winning pass! I have to say that at this point, but I wouldn't refer this show to anyone. However, I will keep watching in hopes that things turn completely around!
  • This show is great! I am sooooo tired of reality tv. Friday Night Lights is a realistic veiw of how important football is in some towns.

    This show is great! I am sooooo tired of reality tv. Friday Night Lights is a realistic veiw of how important football is in some towns.
    I myself am a football coach for a varsity team in Fl. Like the show I lost my starting Quarter Back. We lost him befor the season started to a car accident. He died the next day in the hospital befor I was able to see him. I had spoken to him on the phone hours befor the accident. The team this year is remembering him by wearing his number on the sleeve of their jersey's. This season was dedicated to his memory.
  • It was good, but just really didn't get me hooked.

    I watched this episode last night but found myself very easily distracted by other things around my house. That to me is a sign that the show isn't going to be able to keep my attention for the whole season. I basically found that I didn't care too much about the characters. They didn't make me feel for them. There were a lot of characters being introduced so I will give this another week or two and see if it gets me hooked or not. Many people have commented that the show is very much like the movie, I never saw the movie so I can't make that comparison.
  • Not having seen the movie, this was quite the surprise. You might expect to see a very American(tm) show about amazing \"football\" players. Instead you get almost documentary-like series where s*** does happen.

    But man, does the series start out nicely or what. I mean, how many series you have seen that start with slow, realistic yet very pretty montage with Explosions in the Sky track playing on the background?

    That\'s what I thought, and I was pretty much sold after that. Sure, the topics (being football and high school life) don\'t really interest me much, but I thought that the religious side was quite ...fresh idea. While the series might be deeply rooted in the things that many Americans hold very dear, I think the non-glorifying, almost documentary style shooting makes it feel downright rough at times. That and the fact that s**t happens to good guys makes it feel even more realistic.

    Not sure how long it will last though as you can\'t really get around the football issue. It will get boring very fast. But I\'m interested to see what they have planned for us...
  • Great family show to watch for people all ages

    I really like what i have seen so far from this show. It is the only show of its kind out right now. It shows us the highs and lows the team go through. You can already tell they are going to deal with issues such as race, alcholism, and relationships. The first episode was predictable in some parts, like i knew that something bad was going to happen to the starting quarterback, but it also surprised me to see the team win at the end. This is going to be a great show to watch I can tell it is going to be very insperational.
  • Great show that the family can watch!

    Loved the movie as also I am a huge football fan
    Really it is a good show with the whole entire family
    Can watch it. Even if you don't like football, it has a message for people. That you don't give up and that you keep perservering. No matter if it is hard or how hard you try. A new coach tries to take over and the town is cynical about his chances. But hopefully as well, the audience will watch the show.
  • Excellent first show. Everyone falls. This is a good message for all kids and even adults today. Good job in getting the message accross with this remake of the Movie, made for TV. I enjoyed the first show, as did my family.

    It would have been more interesting to portray Odessa and the original Permian Panthers, rather than the little town of Dillon in this TV show. Some cities like Odessa take Friday night football to the extreme, some just try and never get there. The story line was interesting, and a tad different than the movie. It is sad to see football players get hurt. However, it is very much part of the game, and I am glad you brought this out in the first episode to provide reality to this sport. Excellent show from somone who used to play against Odessa in football many years ago.
  • Two things seem important in this town: God and football, though the two often seem mixed. When Coach Taylor takes the reigns of the team, people worry that he will not be up to the task, offering advice. Will Taylor and his team take the win?

    At first I was worried that this how would just be another football show. Granted, I like football...a lot...but only when it\'s my city team. High school football doesn\'t usually attract me. I only watched the show originally because of Kyle Chandler, of whom I am a huge fan, but I wasn\'t expecting to enjoy much more than that. Aside from Remember the Titans similarities, I greatly enjoyed it. The show was intense, though the teen angst and romance got a little old. The focus on Coach Taylor, however, and the new quarterback, was very engaging. 3 1/2 stars.
  • Good, predictable, but was very enjoyable. Just hope doesnt get to dramatic with outside lives, and sticks to Friday nights.

    Grew up in Florida probably second to Texas when it comes to Friday Night Lights, but those where the days, gets kinda nostalgic watching the show, but what a rush it was being out there. Grew up in Florida probably second to Texas when it comes to Friday Night Lights but those where the days, gets kinda nostalgic watching it, but what a rush being out there. Kudo's Has anyone checked out the new NBC Downloads, works great, actually surprised, was able to view Friday Night Lights weeks before premiere, gonna catch Heroes tonight since I missed premiere last week. Not sure how the Sponsors are gonna like it, but I sure as heck do!!!
  • Loved the movie, hopefully i'll love this.

    Hopefully this show will be good. I have seen that it is similar to the movie so just like me if you liked the movie you will too. But after seeing the commercials for it I can tell it might be like 2 a days. But stillit will probably be a good show. Probably a good show for a teen or a football nut. Please note it is about a different a group of players and coach so do not be confused when they say Coach Taylor. THe show airs Tuesday October 3 and is on NBC. I can't wait.
  • True to the movies spirit.

    I enjoyed the pilot and think that it's worth watching even though it seems to be loosely based on the movie version. The pressure that the players have to face and how a whole towns life revolves around a high school game should make for a interesting story line each episode.
  • The guys are really hot. Its fun to watch. I love Texas. It's a good story that inspires everyone to be their best.

    The guys are really hot. It's fun to watch. I love Texas. It's a good story that inspires everyone to be their best. Two thumbs up! I can't explain it. Hte guys are just really hot looking. Not to mention the model girl actresses. It's fun to watch. I really like it. It's about football.... . .. . . . .. . . . / / / . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Similar storyline to what you\\\'ve seen in the movie and Varsity Blues, but the pilot definately proves its a storyline worth rehashing and stretching out into a longer arc.

    I didn't know what to expect with the pilot for Friday Night Lights, but after watching it I really should have known what to expect. The visual style is almost the same as the movie and the plot is the one you've seen before--a small town football team coming into what will be their best season yet deals with a devastating and unexpected lineup change.

    But this isn't the instant miracle movie you have seen, and it makes sense that it isn't. They have alot more than two hours to pack a compelling story into, and as a fan of Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights the movie, I find myself far more drawn to this series.

    This is not something out of a fairytale. This is about real kids lives and the impact that football has upon them. (spoiler) ................ yes, the quarterback does get paralyzed (it appears) in the first episode, but this plot point is handled with care and executed flawlessly.

    The backup quarterback is barely introduced to the audience in the pilot, and it really adds to the significane of the moment. This puts the viewer in the position of all the families in the stands. We don't know what to expect from this kid and we have no clue what makes him tick. Yes, we do see the look on his parents' faces when he goes in and, when it comes down to it, that's really all we need to sell the point of the underdog coming in against the odds.

    What is set up well is the starting quarterback. He isn't the best speaker in the world, but the kid has heart, that much is clear. This is evident, and powerful, in one scene in particular.

    Before the first game of the season the team plays a game with a pee wee league. The looks on the kids faces and the questions they ask the quarterback really get the point across that football is engrained in these kids lives. To them, it is everything--almsot religious, even. Watching this scene makes you understand the dynamic of the town. You see it in the pee wee players parents' faces--watching their little kids play with the town celebrities and, for the first time in the telling of this story, I really come to understand why football is a very legitimate passion for a town like this.

    Alot of America might have looked at this high school football craze in these types of towns as something trivial--something that these people just "take too far." But the value to be found here is that these people don't grow up wishing to be a celebrity--yes, they all dream of going pro, but who has been on a sports team and never once had that dream cross their mind?

    This is a self-sustaining town. They need something to look up to, and they choose to look to their teenage football players, and it means something to them. You know that once upon a time, the team we follow must have been in their pee wee gear, playing a game with the big boys and loving every minute of it. In those days, those little kids dreamt of being on the high school football team...and that's not that far fetched of a dream, especially for an American Idol generation. Its a dream worth going for and a tradition worth keeping alive. These are not a bunch of hicks taking it too far.

    Its the dynamics that they set up that really reel you into this pilot. Scenes like the ones with the little kids, where one asks the star quarterback "Does God Love Football?" and he answers yes, and then prays with them. This is about more than football, this is about a town that has set up a foundation for their children to pass morality and honest values onto the next generation of children. These kids look up to the football players, and the football players know it, and handle it with a greater sense of responsibility than almost any celebrity these days.

    Even though in the back of your mind you kind of know that he's doomed, they've got you liking him (so much so, I was doubting they'd hurt him within the first six episodes). This makes the scene where he's taken out really something moving, and shows the real potential of this type of direction that TV is heading. When the backup comes in, he screws up...badly. But he finds his bearings--though just barely. Its mostly shuffle passes and then one play that we can't be sure was pure talent. We leave this episode really wondering if this team has a shot in hell, even though they got out by the skin of their teeth. The win does not feel like a win, and immediately after both teams get down and pray.

    There's so much to talk about with this pilot and they've set up so much good stuff that I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a monster success and NBC is clearly on a major upswing. As more and more shows like this come out and become successes, the networks might realize that their medium has the potential to pull of things that movies never could, and finally can invest accordingly. This is worthwhile entertainment, if I've ever seen it.
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