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  • Texas Forever

    Definitely one of my favorite shows ! I enjoyed this show very much and feel like they hit it right on the nail with making a show about football and the drama associated with it for a team with high expectations. The only thing that I wish is that my boy Jason Street played and maybe got hurt like mid-season or something as I really wanted to see how good he was. But great show, due to cuts I think the seasons got reduced to only being 13 episodes, but if they were all 20+ like the 1st season then who knows just how much better it could have been. But they made it work !!!
  • Friday night lights

    Absolutely fantastic,

    Love all the characters, The Riggins Brothers, and Especially the Head Coach and his wife. Not a huge football fan.

    But I love this show.

    I would recommend to all
  • Clear Eyes Full Hearts

    Part football and another part awesome. Excellent shows from beginning to end. Hope the rumors are true that a movie is in the works.
  • BEST TV drama EVER

    Watching season 4 now on Netflix and I am so hypnotized with every episode. I wished I had watch it during its regular seasons learning lots on raising teenagers and life. Thank you!
  • You will fall in love with this show

    I've never watched the show.. It was a football thingie and i am not into sports.. But because i has nothing better to do and it was on my netflix recommendations.. I started watching it.

    I was so sad about the fact it came to an end.. Is it possible to do the show again? I loved everything about it.. I cried with matt and julie's relationship (i was careful with spoilers), i hated mccoy and his gang so much, i felt in love with luke cafferty, i loved landry so much and tim

    If you're lookimg for a show to fall in love, fnl is the show for you..
  • About this series

    It had great casting in season one and acting for Kyle Chandler in season five.
  • Only two shows made me cry. Friday Night Lights is one of them.

    If you want to meet believable characters and enjoy realistic storylines, this show is for you.

    If you are tired of junk TV and are looking for quality, this show is for you.

    Friday Night Lights is not about football. Friday Night Lights is about team spirit, friendship, family and faith: it is about having a sense of belonging.

    The cast's superb portrayal of life in Dillon, TX made me feel what the characters were feeling and despite what everyone says, I think the third season was by far the best. I mean, from the first episode to the last, I just couldn't stop crying. It was like saying goodbye to old friends that I had the chance to see grow into more mature characters.

    Though the last two seasons weren't as good as the first three ones, it gave the opportunity to explore the realistic outcome of Tim Riggins and tie up loose ends for Matt Saracen with the both brilliantly written and acted episode "The Son".

    Truely a gem.

    Clear eyes, full heart... CAN'T LOOSE!
  • Best Drama Series

    Really, I believe FNL is the best drama series I have ever watched. I missed watching it when it was on network television, but did just recently watch it on Netflix, since it was a high recommendation for me. The writing is excellent. The actors are excellent. My family and I genuinely cared about these fictional characters and their story lines, a true compliment to the writers and the actors. The story lines offer life lessons without being preachy. I especially recommend FNL for families w/teens and older kids although it would be great for all viewers. So sad it ended.
  • A football show so good even someone who thinks football is ridiculous could like

    A football show so good even someone who thinks football is ridiculous could like.

  • More FNL Please

    This is one of my faves & I'm still bummed that they're not making any more new FNL episodes. But, I'm still getting my fix by watching all 5 seasons on HitBliss (no commercial interruptions & no monthly fees btw, YES!!). FNL FTW:
  • The Greatest TV Show ever made

    FNL is my favourite TV program of all time, it was wonderfully cast, perfectly written and engaging in every episode. I too lost a little of myself when it finished! However I am looking forward to starting all over again from Season 1, I just need to mentally prepare myself to once again fall completely and utterly in love with Tim Riggins!

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!
  • Best Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best show ever!!!! People think its all about football but its not its a great family oriented show with a lot of drama...It will make you laugh and make you cry all at the same time
  • Greatest Show Ever

    This is probablly one of the best shows i've ever watched, i finished all 5 seasons in about a month and i just could stop watching it. Good show
  • This show was special. I learned about life, I learned about American football. This show was a breath of fresh air. I'm not sure I will ever watch a show like this again. And this make me sad. I'll sure be missing it. Go Lion!

    This show was special: I learned about life, I learned about American football and I learned about fighting. I will always remember the struggle of all the characters. I really felt like they were real: They were passionate about football, about their future, and every decisions they took had consequences on their life. It wasn't like the One Tree Hill type of drama, were life is great and everything is a cliché. People had to fight for what they wanted and you could feel it. And don't remember why I picked this show when I started to watch it... Maybe because wrote a good review about it... but I remember I was apprehending the football aspect of it. I know nothing about it, it is not a cultural thing here, (we have rugby) and it actually doesn't matter. It's actually not about the sport, even if the sport is the core of everything. This show was a breath of fresh air and I'm not sure I will ever watch a show like this again. And this make me sad. I'll sure be missing it. Clear eyes, Full hearts. Can't lose. Go Lions!
  • Friday Night Lights follows the lives of the people of a football-crazed town called Dillon.

    This show changed my life. I can say that honestly and fullheartedly. I was a bit of an introvert before I started watching this amazing series. I was the QB of a championship football team, took over the year after we won it all, became the leader my senior year. I was selfish and took my opportunity lightly, and got benched midway through the season. My teammates threw me under the bus, and I lost the respect of my peers, my family, my schoolmates, and my teammates. I earned my spot back late in the year and played in the championship game, my final game ever in pads, and we lost. Heartbreak.

    The parallels between my and Matt Saracen's story, I believe, are what made this TV show so meaningful to me. That, and the fact that I hadn't spoken to my father in years.

    After my final season playing football, I grew to resent people and football. Everything that reminded me of my awful last year of high school made me shut down and pull away. But this all changed after I watched this series. After watching this series, I fully understand now the importance of bonds, not only between family and friends, but of an entire community. This enlightenment has really helped me grow and mature as a person, not to mention stab at my heart with guilt for not taking football more seriously. I have worked to better myself as a person since getting the privilege of watching this fine series.

    I began watching this series a few weeks ago, and got to enjoy the final episode last night. I can only say what a treat it's been to watch maybe the greatest television series of all time. I loved every main character who popped out throughout the seasons. Jason, Lyla, Tim, Matt, Julie, Coach and Mrs. Taylor, Landry, Tyra, Smash and Vince, Billy and Mindy, Luke and Becky, Hastings and Jess, Buddy Garrity and Grandma, Herc and Mama Williams, the list goes on. It's just amazing how every character took place in your heart and became a part of you. Realistic storylines, super acting, stellar production, and those tear-jerking moments make this the absolute greatest show I've ever seen.

    I absolutely recommend this to anybody and everybody. It doesn't matter if you don't care about football, it doesn't matter if you aren't a drama lover. This show will steal your heart.
  • ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Season 4 of Friday Night Lights will premiere October 28th at 9 pm ET/PT on Channel 101, to be followed on NBC in 2010.

    Are you ready for some football?

    Season 4 of Friday Night Lights will premiere October 28th at 9 pm ET/PT on Channel 101, to be followed on NBC in 2010.

    Peter Berg is back directing for the first time since Season 1. Episode 1 of Season 4 has been compared to that of another pilot. For those who've seen the pilot episode for Friday Night Lights, it has been described as THE best pilot ever made for television.

    I, for one, cannot wait!!!

    When we last left Friday Night Lights, school funding caused the town of Dillon to be split in two in a redistricting effort to open a closed school, East Dillon High. East Dillon is the poorer part of town and the District decided to "sell" Coach Taylor's position as Head Coach of the State Champion Dillon Panthers to a hand picked coach backed by beer king, Joe McCoy, who just happens to be the father of quarterback phenom, J.D. McCoy. Sound fishy? Boy, howdy ... it is. Coach Taylor was "offered" a position at Head Coach at the closed, dilapidated East Dillon High. Because he signed a 2 year non-compete clause with TMU, he'll have to take the cruddy job. Once a State Champion itself, Coach Taylor will need to build an East Dillon team where there is none. A new school means new players and a new storyline while his wife Tami remains Principal at the home of the Dillon Panthers, the team Coach Taylor took to State, not once, but twice. (It also means at least a re-edit of the opening theme sequence because Coach can no longer be wearing Panther blue.)

    To add to a new show, new cast feel, there were several principal young student players who graduated last season, many of whom will go on to college and be phased out of the storyline in Season 4

    The high school students will come and go, but it is the Coach and his family who remain the tether of this rich, multi-layered story telling.

    The incomparable Kyle Chandler is Emmy worthy in the role of Coach Eric Taylor in this small Texas town of Dillon. He's as tough as nails out there on the field with his young players, but he is also a husband, father of 2 girls, and a member of a town who loves football to the point where stores close every Friday Night for "game night." This man has heart and integrity and passion that he imparts to his players week after week. He is, as his wife describes him, "a molder of men." If he's not under enough pressure, he walks a tightrope handling a tough press corp, an even tougher school district, town boosters, team parents, law enforcement (yes, some of his players are no angels), football and State officials, scouts and agents for his talented players. Coach Taylor is a man in a pressure cooker who is constantly struggling against deciding what is best for the team and what is best for the kids and his family. And Kyle Chandler plays this complex role with all the right stuff.

    To help him keep his balance, bring in the dynamic Connie Britton in an another Emmy worthy role as Tami, Coach Taylor's wife. Tami's his partner and unyielding supporter in his passionate drive to coach the game he loves, loves, loves. She's also his partner in raising their often rebellious teenage daughter, Julie, and their infant daughter, Gracie Bell. If that's not enough for this woman to handle, she's also the Principal for what is sure to become the rival of her husband's new school.

    As a TV couple, Coach and Tami are one of THE most honest and believable couples I've ever seen. Their marriage is the rock strength that is the basis of this pressure cookin' show.

    The casting of the kids is again, some of the best on television. We are all waiting to find out what happens to Riggins, Lyla, Tyra, Matt, Landry, and their friends. We still want to know about Jason and Smash. We've gotten to know these characters and we care about them.

    Renewed for 2 more seasons, Friday Night Lights is THE best show on television today. Critics love it ... fans are passionate. Viewers need to find it and watch. Seasons 1 through 3 are available on DVD and Netflix if you need to catch up. Tune in for 2 episodes, and you'll see what all the buzz is about. Or do the show and its cast a huge favor and tell your friends to tune in.
  • Coach Taylor Rocks!

    The show has plenty of internal story lines however it is definitely worth watching to see how coach Taylor handles the challenges of adolecent teens with excessive testoserone. Though a couple of incidents in 3 seasons may have been exaggerated a touch, there is plenty of realism to be found in this drama and season 4 will have plenty of those fans from season 3 wondering what will happen next. I think for reasons above, my favorite character is coach Taylor and I like his deameanor in this series. I've enjoying him acting in a couple of other movies but this role is one he has made his own. Kudos to NBC and DirecTV for keeping this one around. Now if we could just bring back Las Vegas, I'd be on NBC's good side.
  • This show is a series that not only deserves a bigger audience but a hell of a lot of Emmy awards.

    this show is so could i cant explain it. and the funny thing is that i just started watching it last Saturday, and ive already season every episode, some more than once and i really must say that it has changed my life, honestly. i don't write reviews at all but i need to for this series because ill do what ever it takes to save Friday night lights from getting the nbc axe like the great las vegas did. but as much as i loved Vegas it sucks compared to this one so nbc listen closely do not cancel this we want season 4
  • Maybe the most underrated show of all times. Loved by the critics but unable to draw a large audience, the show struggles and fights every year for its renewal. NBC should bring a show that it could be proud of back for a fourth season.

    Maybe the most underrated show of all times. Loved by the critics but unable to draw a large audience, the show struggles and fights every year for its renewal. The fact is that years from now it will be remembered as an all-time classic that deserved a lot more than what it got. NBC should definitely bring Friday Night Lights back for a fourth season as it is a show that every network would be proud to have on its schedule. Going against the trend the show remains one of the deepest, most realistic and touching shows US Tv has to offer with its top quality acting, directing and writing.
  • A show for the ages..its simplistic view at dealing with complex matters makes this series the best show currently on TV.

    The subject of this show is what you see in the previews. A high school football team in the small town of Dillon, Texas. What you don't see in the previews is the characterization of people and how situations can bring the best and worst out of them. While some may think this show is too simplistic in nature, I believe it is quite opposite. You get to see kids go from year to year in high school and see the hardships they endure and how life can really throw curveballs. There are very few shows on TV that can actually produce the dramatic approaches to the climaxes of the characters lives that this one can. If you like drama and you like to watch shows that produce empathy, then this is the one for you. It's not sugar coated with high def views and unbelieavable stunts. It's just life in the same light.
  • This show is the bomb! it shows the amount of pressure of high school football players, and especially the coach and his family.

    this show just started last year but it is a great show. although it does not have a great time slot (Friday night at 10 PM) viewers should tune in every week. the show illustrates the season of the Dillon Panthers, a team predicted to win the state championship. they get a new coach, Eric Taylor, who is the star of the show. in the 1st game of the season, nationally ranked #1 QB Jason Street gets injured; he becomes paralyzed from the waist down and is paralyzed from the waist down. This is a major complication inflicted on the team. the show has many real-life situations, such as steroids, divorces, high school marriages, alcohol, affairs, etc.

    this is a must watch for all high schoolers
  • Friday Night Lights is about a Small Town in Dillon Texas that centers around a High School Football Team.

    Friday Night Lights is the most Underated show on T.v it sits on any other teen drama that is being aired today. The others are all sizzle but substance. This is not just another show just about who's hooking up with who. The only thing holding this show back is that it airs on NBC which considers 6 million plus viewiers on a Fiday Night at 9:00 Low when there are other networks that consider about 4 million plus high ratings. So lets throw out the ratings and show Friday Night Lights some love because they really deserve it & if Know one won't say it then I will.
  • One of the greatest drama series ever.

    As I'm not particularly obsessed with sports (understatement), initially I wasn't drawn to the premise of the show. Then I stumbled over a scene from the pilot on and I was blown away. There was a sense of realism that had me comparing it with shows like the Sopranos. I personally think it's the best drama series since the Sopranos. And no, it's not just about football!

    It's centered around Dillon High and their team the Panthers led by a fresh coach with a lot to prove in a town with a legacy of playing great football. The writing is smart and respectful of the characters. It also never gets too clichéd, something that could so easily have been the case. You really believe and care about these characters in small town America.

    The best thing about it? It just keeps getting better!

    Please NBC, keep believing in FNL..and people start watching!
  • Entertaining and life-enriching. It doesn't get any better than FNL.

    Some series I watch because they make me laugh. Others I watch because they're exciting. Sometimes I just want to escape my own reality for an hour or so. I watch Friday Night Lights for a little of each, but by the end of it, I feel like I've gleaned a small insight on how to be a better leader and a better person.

    I originally started watching FNL for the football. Instead, I found not only an entertaining and fun series, but a top-notch course in leadership. More than just a show about football, it seems that there is something for everyone to identify with. Each character has their own personal demons to slay, and the audience gets to watch them grow and develop from week to week. It's an entertaining and uplifting experience.

    It would be easy to get carried away and write an in-depth analysis of each character, each plot development, every nuance. Suffice to say, FNL is a lot of fun (I've found myself litterally punching the air on occasion), it's well written, and it's one of the few shows that's truely inspired me to grow not only as a coach, but as a person. That's a rarity indeed today.
  • Based around a small town in texas who love their football and drama.

    Friday Night Lights in my opinion is a show head and shoulders above many when it comes to story lines and actors abilities.
    The story lines and the actors abilities are ground breaking, The cast has such a chemistry I haven't seen in a new show in a long time. I love football, but you don't have to be a fan to be a fan of the show. Football isn't the heart of the show, the community of Dillon is. The show deals with a lot of everyday problems that we all have all faced in our lives which is what makes this show so raw and moving. I hope the lights don't go out anytime soon.
  • Everything you could ask for; sports, drama, and an accurate depiction of life in Texas and football being all there is.

    Don't cancel this show, it has ridiculous potential, once people discover the show they just can't stop watching it, definitely a guilty pleasure. The advertising for this show is the only thing bringing it down, I never found out about it a month ago, and can't believe I've lived without seeing it until then. Everything is so real, the characters do not live in dream lives, they portray everyday people that viewers can relate to. The show captures football in its essence and to simply put it there's nothing quite like it. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.
  • Great Show - Link to Save It Petition

    This is one of he best shows on the air today. It protrays high school kids in a real manner unlike those un-real shows like the OC, etc. These are real kids with real issues, not just the pretty people. It's not just about sports or high school football, its reality, unlike the "Reality Shows" which are nothing like reality. NBC should let this great show get at least one more season and not give up. Visit the link below to add your name petition to try and save the show.

    Link for petition to Save FNL:

    Join the petition to save FNL!
  • NBC should really think about the stupid decision they are wanting to make on even discussing cancelling FNL. I don't understand why good shows such as this are always the first ones the networks want to mess with.

    I don't get it! NBC along with other networks often make some stupid decisions. I personally thought Friday night lights was doing just fine. Everyone wants to cut the good shows and keep those shows full of idiots on all of the time! This is crazy! Celebrity Apprentice and Deal or no Deal just to name a few are plain ridculous and are constantly on the tube! Pull the plug on them! If they feel Friday is not a good day to put the show on, then perhaps they should try a different day. But to wanna cancel a show that constantly has a good storyline to it is just plain dumb!!
  • Best Show on Television !

    Why isn't this show more popular ?! I really can't believe it because this show is absolutely amazing. So what if it has some shaky camera work, the acting is superb week after week, the characters are three dimensional and never boring, everything about the show is perfect. It is very underappreciated just like the incredible Veronica Mars, when shows like one tree hill, the o.c., grey's anatomy, etc. are more popular than VM and FNL, it's obvious that people don't have good taste in television. Anyway, I hope this show gets a third season and more people start to realize how good it is.
  • Watch this show, watch this show!! Should be required viewing for anyone wanting to write, act or direct a TV show. Maybe one of the best shows ever made..think Sopranos or the first season of Lost...actually better.

    There is something about this show that I can't put my finger on. The directing is amazing, the acting is amazing, the writing is amazing. But you don't really "see" any of that because it all works TOGETHER. I think this show slips under people's radar because what is great about the show is SUBTLE. The actors work in an one is showboating. I think, it may very well be a MASTERWORK! I know that's a strong word and there are occasional lapses too...but these lapses show just how strong the writing, acting and directing are. If you don't care about football, you probably are still going to like this show. I like pro football but I don't care that much about college or high school football but I am riveted by this show. I never saw the movie but it is my understanding that the TV show is much, much better, especially from a dramatic point of view. It really captures what it is like to be a teenager.

    This show should be required viewing for everybody who cares about TV. I would give it a 12 if I could.
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