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  • Filthy Night Lights

    I really love football and I really was hoping this show would be something I could enjoy...but this show has the morals of a pig and the sex habits of a dog! The fullback is a drunk and a whoremonger who is having sex with his paralized best friends commited girlfriend...the coach tells his quarterback to take a girl \"to the backseat of a car\" and the coach lies and deceives about his recruiting...the so-called christian running has sex with a whore girl and the whore girl has sex with anyone she can including a semi stranger...The football team talks about God and then they live like the Devil...Football IS their God...they need to meet the true Jesus!
  • Show SUCKS I never been so bored watching T.V man this show puts me to sleep.It\'s just terrible.Please don\'r watch this show okay it\'s dumb Texas football;man those guy are crazy about there football in the south.I love Football but show suck.

    I seen this show three time and wow my eyes hurt after that.
    I don\'t care about the charater on this team football is a game,that\'s a good game to be play by young guy who loves the game and sport.So do I.Let\'s go back to another show about sports The White Shadow that\'s a great show about school,the game,the sport it self I grew up watching that on tv the charaters were much better than Friday Nights Lights.It\'s not meaning full in anyway maybe it just does not fit in to what I like about the game that all.
  • I can't believe I wasted an hour of my life watching this crap.

    The worst primetime show I have ever watched. There is no way the show lasts. Terrible. I find it hard to believe that a player could have neck surgery before the end of a game that he played in! It is clear that the show is aimed at young kids with all of the drinking and sexual overtones. There is no way that a high school football player could show up to a practice while drunk and have the coach simply run him through a tough drill. The game footage was hardly believable. The ending was never in doubt. Absolutely abysmal.
  • This show throws every high school stereotype in the story then maximizes on it. Totally unbelievable. Also, the show is incredibly predictable.

    I am from a high school that holds the same high reputations as 'the Panthers.' A state championship is expected every year. The pressure is high, but give me a break. To say a coach cannot lose one game is getting old. It seems to be the coaches largest endeavor in every high school football movie or show lately. Next, the stereotypes are blown way out of proportion. The backup quarterback is 'just a good ole' boy' who is just on for the ride, the all-everything runningback is arrogant, the receivers are undisciplined, all of the girls will do whatever it takes to get a football players attention, and the hard-hitting linebacker is a drunk. Come on, I have never heard of anyone coming to practice drunk. Some of the stereotypes are needed, but the show blows them out of proportion. Also, what is up with every other game being decided on the last play of the game? If this team is so good they should have a big win now and again. Lastly, the show is just predictable from what I have seen. The team will end up winning every game and the hardcore stereotypes will be minimized; season over.
  • I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv.

    I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv. If this is how people in Texas really are then I'm glad I don't live in Texas... If your whole town obsesses about a high school fotball team... Thats just pathetic. Not to mention the fact that there is apparently only one high school. Oh, and the hick accent thing, not that appealing to me. Hell, I liked Morning Edition better than this and that was an idiotic premise. I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv. If this is how people in Texas really are then I'm glad I don't live in Texas... If your whole town obsesses about a high school fotball team... Thats just pathetic. Not to mention the fact that there is apparently only one high school. Oh, and the hick accent thing, not that appealing to me. Hell, I liked Morning Edition better than this and that was an idiotic premise.
  • This show is a stupid football show. No hard feelings to the people that watch this show.I my self personally don't regularly watch football thats why I think this show should be canceled. I hope someone is with me on this one.

    Want to hear what I think? this show is very very very very unimpressive. I don't like football and I watched the pilot hahahahaha. I think NBC made a mistake letting Friday night lights O and the name how lame hey that rimes "name lame". Well anyway don't watch this show it is not worth it trust me. You can see this show on Tuesdays on NBC at 7:00 but don't.
  • Really soapy kind of thing drama!

    What is it with NBC? Do they really want people to call them Must-Miss-TV? They must since they have put Friday Night Lights on the schedule.

    Let's start with a very simple proposition: Film is an audio-visual medium. That means the visuals have to be pretty important right? After all, we hear all the time how film is a story told in pictures...

    Well, what sense does it make to sabotage your visuals? I mean, who is gonna care if the acting is good or bad if the camera-work prevents you from focusing on the story.

    The extremely poor decision of the producers of Friday Night Lights (and presumably of NBC which gave the thumbs up to the awfully made pilot) just killed any chance that their show would be successful.

    I mean, how smart do you really have to be to realize that "shaking the camera makes thing look more real" is an intellectual crutch for irrational, lazy and just plain bad film-making.

    Let's hope NBC finally sees the light and grants a new season to something worthwhile like the excellent Raines with Jeff Goldblum.
  • Misleading the American Public on Spinal Cord Injuries

    When the QB sustained his neck injury he was in a halo on the last show and not in one on the new show. That is very misleading, I work with Spinal cord injured patients and a halo stays on for three - four months and according to the time line it was only a few days after the accident before the next football game. Also he continued to use oxygen on the second show. He was probably not needing this 02. You need to have a physiatrist on your crew. You are misleading the American public on spinal cord injuries and their devastating effect on the patient, their families and friends.
  • Is this show for real. I watch it expecting to see some exciting High School Football.

    Are these High school girls all like this in Texas ? If so I should of went to school in Texas ! This show could be fantastic, exciting if we had Girls and Boys that were for real. Stick to the Football and they should draw in a high crowd. If not I don\'t believe we shall see them playing next year in the Super Bowl .
  • I've never watched this show, not because I don't like football, it just looks lame, and besides, I much rather watch the movie, I hear the movie was great!! Why make a show on a high school football movie?

    Has NBC lost it's fine people? It seems to me we have monkeys working there in the studios of NBC, if I was NBC I wouldn't have let Kidnapped be a series, and I would have put FNL on Fridays!! hello? But, seriously if they wanted a teenage football show, then they should have made it in their own way and not try and base it off the movie. NBC has had the worst luck with the new shows, and some you just knew they were going to be gone by midseason or least at the end of the season. And, the regular series like Law & Order and ER are about the only saving grace, and who would want to watch stupid shows like "the office" and "my name is earl" come on, shows like that are for people who like stupid comedy and don't know what true comedy is, those shows are so lame they're not even funny. I know comedy is hard, but this is pathetic, we need to write to our NBC people and wake them up. Remember when NBC was the highest watched network? After Seinfield NBC has steadily declined, and with shows they have, it's no surprise.
  • Could have been better, should have been better.

    What started out as a show that had potential to be the best that is currently running on TV, turned out to be one of the most disappointing. Maybe it is due to all the hype surrounding it. Like they said on the show, "expectations" can cause quite a bit of stress for the people behind the scenes. Maybe they buckled under pressure, trying to live up to the success of the film and the book. It's not that the show is awfully bad, in fact, it would make a very good show if it didn't have all the hype surrounding it. In my humble opinion, the acting was good enough for any decent show, the actors all played their part very well. But the storyline was a disappointment. It was good in the beginning but turned bad towards the end of season one. The script sounded unoriginal and the writers seemed desperate to create more drama, which led to confusion and repetition. Season two is more or less the same. It could have been better, a lot better than it was. If ever they decide to make season three, let's hope it can make up for the disappointment of one and two.
  • This show was good at times and horrible at other times. To many unrealistic situations and overdramtic over the top characters.

    I played 7 years of football and coached it. I had a very hard time watching what little bit of football they actully showed and the over the top characters \"Smash.\" No high school athlete would ever act this cocky infront of his coaches or the media, nor would he be talking about Tom Cruise and scientology, because high school kids do not care about Tom Cruise, tv writers do. Terrell Owens coming out of college was not as cocky or over the top as this high school kid. Besides the fact that all the students look like they are in thier mid to late 20\'s, this show resembles Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights the movie too much. They were both unrealistic but they were quick action movies that were exciting and only an hour n a half long, not an entire season. I like how the star QB goes out in the first game and there are race issues, and everything is about football in this Texas town,and the back-up who never played becomes the hero, but I liked it more the first time I saw it in Varsity Blues. And since when has a back-up QB never taken a snap, do people really believe injuries do not occur in football, because I know our back up QB took snaps every practice just in case something like that happened and he was prepared. I also know that with no time on the clock and the underdog team about to throw up a hail mary for one last chance to win the game, you would probably have a dime prevent defense in so that you could account for all the WR\'s so one wouldn\'t just happen to get wide open and be left all alone to run the ball 30 yards in for a touchdown, did the opposing team have a pre-schooler coaching thier team? That was a bit ridiculous. And if a player showed up drunk at practice, wow, he would not be playing the next game to say the least. And of course the real estate woman that seems to want an affiar with the alchoholic starting fullback, so there\'s even some Desperate Housewives thrown in for you. I love movies and shows about football, so this show caught my interest, I will watch next week to see if it gets better, but if it continues to be to overdramatic and like a fairy tale than I will stop watching, I hope the writers make some changes because they seem to know drama, but not much about football.
  • Needs its own pull...

    You can\'t really turn a good movie like this Friday Night Lights into a show. The movie is one of the better football stories of recent time, so I understand why they would want to make a show out of it. The show itself looked and felt just like the movie, which is good, but I don\'t feel that there could be a compelling storyline every week. NFL games can\'t even have compelling games every week. There will be their duds, and there will be their great games with great storylines, but in the end I don\'t see this one going the distance. Great effort, as the direction is great and the acting is on par. These directors should stop with this show and work with the guys who did Playmakers.
  • Great premise turns soap opera in second episode

    Regarding oct 10 episode:
    How freaking arrogant on the part of nbc and bosses of the writers to think that they have a firm enough hold on their veiwership to leave a “cliffhanger” like that! Thought after the first episode I’d be dedicated to this show…not going to waste my time without a payoff per episode. Hey nbc, thanks for turning a spectacular premise into a soap opera…
    best of luck running this kind of play-
  • This show takes place in Texas and evolves around this football team. The lead football star was injured during a game and is now paralyzed in the hospital.

    I've watched the first two episodes and this show doesn't really catch my attention. The whole episode one was pretty boring to me until the last ten minutes (where the football star got hurt). Maybe it is also the fact of the lack of vivid coloring of the show (which sort of makes it dull imo) that makes the show boring to me. I tried to give it more of a chance after the first episode, but this show still disinterests me. Maybe the show will get better in the later episodes. I have seen a lot of WAY better shows that were cancelled..
  • I never can get the fasination with bringing movies onto the small screen and removing all the quality actors who were in the movie. Then in a year theyll be scrathcing there head going why did this show fail.

    It seems to me almost every year some idiot decides to bring a movie and put it onto television. Then they wonder why the show has subpar ratings. well a the movies are usually only mediocre and b they remove the main actors. I dont see how they can possibly hope to have this show turn out good when its about people who play football they have tryed other shows like this and i think they had like only 8 episodes made because it blew so what do you think will happen with this one it will blow or get cancelled soon watch!!!!
  • This was a mediocre movie, and it makes real bad televison.

    The movie was underwheleming, why make a tv series out of it! Big Whoop, people live or die for High School Football in Texas. They must never have been to Indiana or one of the many states with Friday night high school football. I actually watched the show again because NBC slotted into Studio 60's slot to see if Hereo's could help it. Nah, it did worse in the ratings then Studio 60. This show is Like The OC, and many others except with steroids. When a show like this fails the networks look for all kinds of reasons. The reason is simple, no one has time to waste on a bad show anymore, specially with the ton of choices that assult us daily.
  • It was good, but just really didn't get me hooked.

    I watched this episode last night but found myself very easily distracted by other things around my house. That to me is a sign that the show isn't going to be able to keep my attention for the whole season. I basically found that I didn't care too much about the characters. They didn't make me feel for them. There were a lot of characters being introduced so I will give this another week or two and see if it gets me hooked or not. Many people have commented that the show is very much like the movie, I never saw the movie so I can't make that comparison.
  • Friday Night Lights.

    This is a great show, but I cannot stand the way it is filmed. The camera is unsteady constantly, as if an amateur is filming. I have seen movies recently that have been filmed this way, and it gives me a headache! When I mentioned this at work, everyone agreed. We love the show, but I do not know if I will continue watching it for this reason. I love the guy who plays the coach; and the rest of the cast is good as well. Very exciting ... good story line. I don\'t even mind watching the football part.
  • How can i see this film? Please give me the link

    How can i see this film? Please give me the link

  • The Most Unbelievable Show I've Ever Seen!! ( And not in a good way LOL)

    A friend told me I would like this show because I like High school football so much. I really like Connie Britton and the person playing Landry (Jesse Plemons). The story lines have to be written by someone who knows nothing about football. (No one would be mad at a high school coach for taking a college coaching position. Where on earth would you have 10 or so reporters at a regular season opener press conference?) I'm trying to finish watching this crap, but its making me crazy with each new episode I watch. I'M in the middle of season 3 and I feel it will never end.
  • I'm still not totally sure about this show, but it does peek my interest.

    I'm not so sure what to think of this show. The characters sure act like typical teenagers which is good because that's who they are supposed to be, and bad because it really makes it hard to like the characters. These guys are supposed to be on a football team, and they are all selfish. They wouldn't be a good football team if they were like that, at least not at the high school level. I guess high school kids might be like that a bit. I have heard about high school football in Texas but is it really that bad? I wouldn't doubt it, but it makes you wonder. I can see a small town closing businesses for a game and all of that, and maybe even administration threating the coaches job if he didn't win, I can even see them treated better to pass, but that is because TV shows has done that before, is it really true.
  • Varsity Blues on TV..

    The show is cool, don't get me wrong, but it was very predictable and not soo exciting. The acting was fine I guess, hopefully the show will get better and actually draw me in, but so far I can definitely leave it. If it wasnt for my husband I probably wouldnt watch it next week.
  • Two things seem important in this town: God and football, though the two often seem mixed. When Coach Taylor takes the reigns of the team, people worry that he will not be up to the task, offering advice. Will Taylor and his team take the win?

    At first I was worried that this how would just be another football show. Granted, I like football...a lot...but only when it\'s my city team. High school football doesn\'t usually attract me. I only watched the show originally because of Kyle Chandler, of whom I am a huge fan, but I wasn\'t expecting to enjoy much more than that. Aside from Remember the Titans similarities, I greatly enjoyed it. The show was intense, though the teen angst and romance got a little old. The focus on Coach Taylor, however, and the new quarterback, was very engaging. 3 1/2 stars.
  • They have honestly butchered the original movie quite a bit. Not really sure where this show is going, but it was just interesting enough to keep watching to see.

    I was so pumped about this new show coming out! So I set my TiVo to record and came home immediately after class to watch. For most of the show I was thinking it was very predictable until the star QB went out for good. It was awesome to see this little no name kid come in and take the pressure of the game and turn it into adrenaline and toss the winning pass! I have to say that at this point, but I wouldn't refer this show to anyone. However, I will keep watching in hopes that things turn completely around!
  • A footbal drama show with plenty of potential just can't click with audiences.

    Friday night Lights seems to live up to the hype of many other sports dramas that don't make it past the first season. It tells stories of triumph, courage, and starting over. After her boyfriend, Jason is hurt during a game, Lyla Gary falls into the arms of Riggins, the big mouthed quarterback with a girlfriend of his own. They continue a relationship behind their lovers back, until it all finally ends, with both of them left with nothing. OF course, as Lyla patches things up with Jason, a website portrays her as a "whore". One of the recievers begins to date the coach's daughter and dealing with a father coming home for a while in Iraq, not to mention taking some sexy photos with models, which makes coach's daughter, Julie jealous. The all about me running back Smash is using his extra bucks for more than what he ever bargained for- like steroids. When his no nonsense mother catches him, and the coach is split on having him play a life altering game, the tension, and drama is brought to a high point. Can Friday Night Lights survive a second season with critics love, but low ratings?
  • child molestation

    this show is about 16yr old boys n girls having sex wit young adults.. producers n writers should be fired.. disgusting..
  • Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows to watch on Wednesday nights. Sometimes I watch it, sometimes I don't.

    Friday Night Lights is about a football team headed by a first-year coach named Eric Taylor. I think this show is pretty decent compared to other sports/drama shows like One Tree Hill.

    This show sometimes goes over the border with its drama. However, most of the time, the acting is fairly good. Just as long as they don't over-act some scenes in Friday Night Lights, I can definetly keep watching it.

    My personal favorite character in this show is Smash. He's a great football player with a lot of attitude. He's got great style too! :P

    I always recommend this show to all my team mates because of how Friday Night Lights combines athletics with good drama and sometimes action.
  • Pretty good.

    I like this show, sometimes it is a bit to dramatic, but aside from that it is pretty good. I'm glad I decided to watch it. I started in the middle of the series so I don't get it totally, but i'm catching up and liking it a lot. The characters are all pretty cool, even if they are a little dramatic at times, the men are hot, and it has football! It's a good show, not my favorite, but it's good enough to keep watching. I'm happy it was brought into my life, and I look forward to every episode.
  • Friday Night Lights

    I loved the show and thought it was really great until the characters started to change. I didn't really like the ending . I expected there to be more and not how it ended. I feel like every characters story showed have been shown and how they accomplished everything they wanted. I believe that there should have been a greater ending to that show.
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