Friday Night Lights

DirecTV (ended 2011)


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  • This show was good at times and horrible at other times. To many unrealistic situations and overdramtic over the top characters.

    I played 7 years of football and coached it. I had a very hard time watching what little bit of football they actully showed and the over the top characters \"Smash.\" No high school athlete would ever act this cocky infront of his coaches or the media, nor would he be talking about Tom Cruise and scientology, because high school kids do not care about Tom Cruise, tv writers do. Terrell Owens coming out of college was not as cocky or over the top as this high school kid. Besides the fact that all the students look like they are in thier mid to late 20\'s, this show resembles Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights the movie too much. They were both unrealistic but they were quick action movies that were exciting and only an hour n a half long, not an entire season. I like how the star QB goes out in the first game and there are race issues, and everything is about football in this Texas town,and the back-up who never played becomes the hero, but I liked it more the first time I saw it in Varsity Blues. And since when has a back-up QB never taken a snap, do people really believe injuries do not occur in football, because I know our back up QB took snaps every practice just in case something like that happened and he was prepared. I also know that with no time on the clock and the underdog team about to throw up a hail mary for one last chance to win the game, you would probably have a dime prevent defense in so that you could account for all the WR\'s so one wouldn\'t just happen to get wide open and be left all alone to run the ball 30 yards in for a touchdown, did the opposing team have a pre-schooler coaching thier team? That was a bit ridiculous. And if a player showed up drunk at practice, wow, he would not be playing the next game to say the least. And of course the real estate woman that seems to want an affiar with the alchoholic starting fullback, so there\'s even some Desperate Housewives thrown in for you. I love movies and shows about football, so this show caught my interest, I will watch next week to see if it gets better, but if it continues to be to overdramatic and like a fairy tale than I will stop watching, I hope the writers make some changes because they seem to know drama, but not much about football.