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  • child molestation

    this show is about 16yr old boys n girls having sex wit young adults.. producers n writers should be fired.. disgusting..
  • Texas Forever

    Definitely one of my favorite shows ! I enjoyed this show very much and feel like they hit it right on the nail with making a show about football and the drama associated with it for a team with high expectations. The only thing that I wish is that my boy Jason Street played and maybe got hurt like mid-season or something as I really wanted to see how good he was. But great show, due to cuts I think the seasons got reduced to only being 13 episodes, but if they were all 20+ like the 1st season then who knows just how much better it could have been. But they made it work !!!
  • Friday Night Lights

    I loved the show and thought it was really great until the characters started to change. I didn't really like the ending . I expected there to be more and not how it ended. I feel like every characters story showed have been shown and how they accomplished everything they wanted. I believe that there should have been a greater ending to that show.
  • How can i see this film? Please give me the link

    How can i see this film? Please give me the link

  • Friday night lights

    Absolutely fantastic,

    Love all the characters, The Riggins Brothers, and Especially the Head Coach and his wife. Not a huge football fan.

    But I love this show.

    I would recommend to all
  • Clear Eyes Full Hearts

    Part football and another part awesome. Excellent shows from beginning to end. Hope the rumors are true that a movie is in the works.
  • BEST TV drama EVER

    Watching season 4 now on Netflix and I am so hypnotized with every episode. I wished I had watch it during its regular seasons learning lots on raising teenagers and life. Thank you!
  • You will fall in love with this show

    I've never watched the show.. It was a football thingie and i am not into sports.. But because i has nothing better to do and it was on my netflix recommendations.. I started watching it.

    I was so sad about the fact it came to an end.. Is it possible to do the show again? I loved everything about it.. I cried with matt and julie's relationship (i was careful with spoilers), i hated mccoy and his gang so much, i felt in love with luke cafferty, i loved landry so much and tim

    If you're lookimg for a show to fall in love, fnl is the show for you..
  • About this series

    It had great casting in season one and acting for Kyle Chandler in season five.
  • Only two shows made me cry. Friday Night Lights is one of them.

    If you want to meet believable characters and enjoy realistic storylines, this show is for you.

    If you are tired of junk TV and are looking for quality, this show is for you.

    Friday Night Lights is not about football. Friday Night Lights is about team spirit, friendship, family and faith: it is about having a sense of belonging.

    The cast's superb portrayal of life in Dillon, TX made me feel what the characters were feeling and despite what everyone says, I think the third season was by far the best. I mean, from the first episode to the last, I just couldn't stop crying. It was like saying goodbye to old friends that I had the chance to see grow into more mature characters.

    Though the last two seasons weren't as good as the first three ones, it gave the opportunity to explore the realistic outcome of Tim Riggins and tie up loose ends for Matt Saracen with the both brilliantly written and acted episode "The Son".

    Truely a gem.

    Clear eyes, full heart... CAN'T LOOSE!
  • Best Drama Series

    Really, I believe FNL is the best drama series I have ever watched. I missed watching it when it was on network television, but did just recently watch it on Netflix, since it was a high recommendation for me. The writing is excellent. The actors are excellent. My family and I genuinely cared about these fictional characters and their story lines, a true compliment to the writers and the actors. The story lines offer life lessons without being preachy. I especially recommend FNL for families w/teens and older kids although it would be great for all viewers. So sad it ended.
  • A football show so good even someone who thinks football is ridiculous could like

    A football show so good even someone who thinks football is ridiculous could like.

  • More FNL Please

    This is one of my faves & I'm still bummed that they're not making any more new FNL episodes. But, I'm still getting my fix by watching all 5 seasons on HitBliss (no commercial interruptions & no monthly fees btw, YES!!). FNL FTW:
  • The Most Unbelievable Show I've Ever Seen!! ( And not in a good way LOL)

    A friend told me I would like this show because I like High school football so much. I really like Connie Britton and the person playing Landry (Jesse Plemons). The story lines have to be written by someone who knows nothing about football. (No one would be mad at a high school coach for taking a college coaching position. Where on earth would you have 10 or so reporters at a regular season opener press conference?) I'm trying to finish watching this crap, but its making me crazy with each new episode I watch. I'M in the middle of season 3 and I feel it will never end.
  • The Greatest TV Show ever made

    FNL is my favourite TV program of all time, it was wonderfully cast, perfectly written and engaging in every episode. I too lost a little of myself when it finished! However I am looking forward to starting all over again from Season 1, I just need to mentally prepare myself to once again fall completely and utterly in love with Tim Riggins!

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!
  • Best Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best show ever!!!! People think its all about football but its not its a great family oriented show with a lot of drama...It will make you laugh and make you cry all at the same time
  • Greatest Show Ever

    This is probablly one of the best shows i've ever watched, i finished all 5 seasons in about a month and i just could stop watching it. Good show
  • When this show ended, I lost myself for a bit. I'm back now but I still look back on those days of marathoning seasons in a single day.


    This was one of those tv shows to me that never really caught my eye until I was bored. And I am so glad that I actually found it now when it was about to end because, i was able to stay home for days and just watch episode after episode and not have to wait. It was so good. I loved every character and cared for each one as if they were my family. I have shed tears for them, and I have shared laughs with them. I got very emotionally involved. Even when the main characters graduated from Dillion, they were still there partially, and new main cast also does the same in capturing my heart.

    Coach Taylor, Kyle Chandler, is someone every man can look up to and aspire to be like. With his in show wife, Tami Taylor, they make a powerhouse couple.

  • An amazing show GIVE IT A THIRD SEASON & EMMY's

    I first watched the movie in 2005 it was OK but was not amazing. When i heard that they where making a show based on the movie i wasn't super excited about it. One day i seen it on ITV 4 it was great after a few episodes your completly hooked. The show is Defo A+ i love it. All the actors are great and the writing just cant get better. It's hard to say how good it is its just perfect really. I really hope NBC does not cancel this hidden gem PLZ PLZ watch its superb LOVE IT my new fave show.
    SAVE FNL!!
  • I despise when a show is cancelled unless its deserved. You're nuts if you think this one is. Its real and its awesome and its way better than most of the shows that are staying. I'm disappointed.

    This show is not deserving of the axe. Why on earth do networks kill off good shows and keep the really boring crappy ones. Hello! Sh*t my father says is a good show? Come on. Yet Fringe is a bubble show on the cusp of being cancelled. Keep the good shows people! No one wants to watch sitcoms anymore. And Ghost Whisperer got shut down after 5 seasons? ABC you had the option to pick it up but did you? NO. I cancelled my cable because there's nothing worth watching anymore. I'd rather watch reruns of Mr. Ed than that crap. Okay I'm done.
  • This show was special. I learned about life, I learned about American football. This show was a breath of fresh air. I'm not sure I will ever watch a show like this again. And this make me sad. I'll sure be missing it. Go Lion!

    This show was special: I learned about life, I learned about American football and I learned about fighting. I will always remember the struggle of all the characters. I really felt like they were real: They were passionate about football, about their future, and every decisions they took had consequences on their life. It wasn't like the One Tree Hill type of drama, were life is great and everything is a cliché. People had to fight for what they wanted and you could feel it. And don't remember why I picked this show when I started to watch it... Maybe because wrote a good review about it... but I remember I was apprehending the football aspect of it. I know nothing about it, it is not a cultural thing here, (we have rugby) and it actually doesn't matter. It's actually not about the sport, even if the sport is the core of everything. This show was a breath of fresh air and I'm not sure I will ever watch a show like this again. And this make me sad. I'll sure be missing it. Clear eyes, Full hearts. Can't lose. Go Lions!
  • Friday Night Lights follows the lives of the people of a football-crazed town called Dillon.

    This show changed my life. I can say that honestly and fullheartedly. I was a bit of an introvert before I started watching this amazing series. I was the QB of a championship football team, took over the year after we won it all, became the leader my senior year. I was selfish and took my opportunity lightly, and got benched midway through the season. My teammates threw me under the bus, and I lost the respect of my peers, my family, my schoolmates, and my teammates. I earned my spot back late in the year and played in the championship game, my final game ever in pads, and we lost. Heartbreak.

    The parallels between my and Matt Saracen's story, I believe, are what made this TV show so meaningful to me. That, and the fact that I hadn't spoken to my father in years.

    After my final season playing football, I grew to resent people and football. Everything that reminded me of my awful last year of high school made me shut down and pull away. But this all changed after I watched this series. After watching this series, I fully understand now the importance of bonds, not only between family and friends, but of an entire community. This enlightenment has really helped me grow and mature as a person, not to mention stab at my heart with guilt for not taking football more seriously. I have worked to better myself as a person since getting the privilege of watching this fine series.

    I began watching this series a few weeks ago, and got to enjoy the final episode last night. I can only say what a treat it's been to watch maybe the greatest television series of all time. I loved every main character who popped out throughout the seasons. Jason, Lyla, Tim, Matt, Julie, Coach and Mrs. Taylor, Landry, Tyra, Smash and Vince, Billy and Mindy, Luke and Becky, Hastings and Jess, Buddy Garrity and Grandma, Herc and Mama Williams, the list goes on. It's just amazing how every character took place in your heart and became a part of you. Realistic storylines, super acting, stellar production, and those tear-jerking moments make this the absolute greatest show I've ever seen.

    I absolutely recommend this to anybody and everybody. It doesn't matter if you don't care about football, it doesn't matter if you aren't a drama lover. This show will steal your heart.
  • I can't remember ever before seeing characters so real on television. This show is about so much more than just football. Please, give it a shot!

    I didn't particularly love the movie of the same name which Friday Night Lights was based upon and I'm not exactly a football junkie, so I didn't bother watching when the show first premiered. Apparently a lot of people felt the same way, and it lagged in the ratings. For a show no one was watching though, I sure heard a lot of hype from those few actually in its audience. The fervency of those fans reminded me of Roswell, which few people gave a chance, but which I loved with all my heart. So I bought season one of Friday Night Lights on DVD. Within about four episodes I was so hooked I was putting sleep on the back burner just so I could pop in the next show. Contrary to what I thought in advance, it was about so much more then just football. The characters are as real and developed as any I've ever watched on television. While the often adlibbed, sometimes hand-held camera style contributes to this, it's the actors and the way in which they all seem to embrace the roles they are playing that make it all work. Coach Taylor's equal parts stubbornness and integrity shine and make you love him both when he interacts with his players and while caring for his wife and two girls. Though I enjoy the football games that take place and they way they are filmed, filled full of little subplots, they are a very small part of the show. The real charm is in the multitude of complex, in-depth, realistic relationships found at every single turn. I swear I had the exact arguments with my parents that Coach Taylor and his wife have with their daughter. I've honestly felt uncomfortable watching at times, and I give the show enormous credit for being strong enough to elicit those types of feelings. So now I'm sitting here as one of hyped up but still small audience begging others to tune in. Rent season one and please give it a shot. If you do, watch at least through episode four, because it took me about that long to be completely familiar with all the characters. When they are first introduced it is a little overwhelming and distracting, but not for long. Trust me, you will be setting up your DIRECTV account before you realize just so you can see season three before the poor suckers who have to wait until it runs on NBC in 2009.
  • Great premise turns soap opera in second episode

    Regarding oct 10 episode:
    How freaking arrogant on the part of nbc and bosses of the writers to think that they have a firm enough hold on their veiwership to leave a “cliffhanger” like that! Thought after the first episode I’d be dedicated to this show…not going to waste my time without a payoff per episode. Hey nbc, thanks for turning a spectacular premise into a soap opera…
    best of luck running this kind of play-
  • Misleading the American Public on Spinal Cord Injuries

    When the QB sustained his neck injury he was in a halo on the last show and not in one on the new show. That is very misleading, I work with Spinal cord injured patients and a halo stays on for three - four months and according to the time line it was only a few days after the accident before the next football game. Also he continued to use oxygen on the second show. He was probably not needing this 02. You need to have a physiatrist on your crew. You are misleading the American public on spinal cord injuries and their devastating effect on the patient, their families and friends.
  • I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv.

    I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv. If this is how people in Texas really are then I'm glad I don't live in Texas... If your whole town obsesses about a high school fotball team... Thats just pathetic. Not to mention the fact that there is apparently only one high school. Oh, and the hick accent thing, not that appealing to me. Hell, I liked Morning Edition better than this and that was an idiotic premise. I was really bored. Football and god, two things that I don't want to see on tv. If this is how people in Texas really are then I'm glad I don't live in Texas... If your whole town obsesses about a high school fotball team... Thats just pathetic. Not to mention the fact that there is apparently only one high school. Oh, and the hick accent thing, not that appealing to me. Hell, I liked Morning Edition better than this and that was an idiotic premise.
  • I can't believe I wasted an hour of my life watching this crap.

    The worst primetime show I have ever watched. There is no way the show lasts. Terrible. I find it hard to believe that a player could have neck surgery before the end of a game that he played in! It is clear that the show is aimed at young kids with all of the drinking and sexual overtones. There is no way that a high school football player could show up to a practice while drunk and have the coach simply run him through a tough drill. The game footage was hardly believable. The ending was never in doubt. Absolutely abysmal.
  • Needs its own pull...

    You can\'t really turn a good movie like this Friday Night Lights into a show. The movie is one of the better football stories of recent time, so I understand why they would want to make a show out of it. The show itself looked and felt just like the movie, which is good, but I don\'t feel that there could be a compelling storyline every week. NFL games can\'t even have compelling games every week. There will be their duds, and there will be their great games with great storylines, but in the end I don\'t see this one going the distance. Great effort, as the direction is great and the acting is on par. These directors should stop with this show and work with the guys who did Playmakers.
  • This show was good at times and horrible at other times. To many unrealistic situations and overdramtic over the top characters.

    I played 7 years of football and coached it. I had a very hard time watching what little bit of football they actully showed and the over the top characters \"Smash.\" No high school athlete would ever act this cocky infront of his coaches or the media, nor would he be talking about Tom Cruise and scientology, because high school kids do not care about Tom Cruise, tv writers do. Terrell Owens coming out of college was not as cocky or over the top as this high school kid. Besides the fact that all the students look like they are in thier mid to late 20\'s, this show resembles Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights the movie too much. They were both unrealistic but they were quick action movies that were exciting and only an hour n a half long, not an entire season. I like how the star QB goes out in the first game and there are race issues, and everything is about football in this Texas town,and the back-up who never played becomes the hero, but I liked it more the first time I saw it in Varsity Blues. And since when has a back-up QB never taken a snap, do people really believe injuries do not occur in football, because I know our back up QB took snaps every practice just in case something like that happened and he was prepared. I also know that with no time on the clock and the underdog team about to throw up a hail mary for one last chance to win the game, you would probably have a dime prevent defense in so that you could account for all the WR\'s so one wouldn\'t just happen to get wide open and be left all alone to run the ball 30 yards in for a touchdown, did the opposing team have a pre-schooler coaching thier team? That was a bit ridiculous. And if a player showed up drunk at practice, wow, he would not be playing the next game to say the least. And of course the real estate woman that seems to want an affiar with the alchoholic starting fullback, so there\'s even some Desperate Housewives thrown in for you. I love movies and shows about football, so this show caught my interest, I will watch next week to see if it gets better, but if it continues to be to overdramatic and like a fairy tale than I will stop watching, I hope the writers make some changes because they seem to know drama, but not much about football.
  • I never can get the fasination with bringing movies onto the small screen and removing all the quality actors who were in the movie. Then in a year theyll be scrathcing there head going why did this show fail.

    It seems to me almost every year some idiot decides to bring a movie and put it onto television. Then they wonder why the show has subpar ratings. well a the movies are usually only mediocre and b they remove the main actors. I dont see how they can possibly hope to have this show turn out good when its about people who play football they have tryed other shows like this and i think they had like only 8 episodes made because it blew so what do you think will happen with this one it will blow or get cancelled soon watch!!!!