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  • I can't remember ever before seeing characters so real on television. This show is about so much more than just football. Please, give it a shot!

    I didn't particularly love the movie of the same name which Friday Night Lights was based upon and I'm not exactly a football junkie, so I didn't bother watching when the show first premiered. Apparently a lot of people felt the same way, and it lagged in the ratings. For a show no one was watching though, I sure heard a lot of hype from those few actually in its audience. The fervency of those fans reminded me of Roswell, which few people gave a chance, but which I loved with all my heart. So I bought season one of Friday Night Lights on DVD. Within about four episodes I was so hooked I was putting sleep on the back burner just so I could pop in the next show. Contrary to what I thought in advance, it was about so much more then just football. The characters are as real and developed as any I've ever watched on television. While the often adlibbed, sometimes hand-held camera style contributes to this, it's the actors and the way in which they all seem to embrace the roles they are playing that make it all work. Coach Taylor's equal parts stubbornness and integrity shine and make you love him both when he interacts with his players and while caring for his wife and two girls. Though I enjoy the football games that take place and they way they are filmed, filled full of little subplots, they are a very small part of the show. The real charm is in the multitude of complex, in-depth, realistic relationships found at every single turn. I swear I had the exact arguments with my parents that Coach Taylor and his wife have with their daughter. I've honestly felt uncomfortable watching at times, and I give the show enormous credit for being strong enough to elicit those types of feelings. So now I'm sitting here as one of hyped up but still small audience begging others to tune in. Rent season one and please give it a shot. If you do, watch at least through episode four, because it took me about that long to be completely familiar with all the characters. When they are first introduced it is a little overwhelming and distracting, but not for long. Trust me, you will be setting up your DIRECTV account before you realize just so you can see season three before the poor suckers who have to wait until it runs on NBC in 2009.
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