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  • Friday Night Lights follows the lives of the people of a football-crazed town called Dillon.

    This show changed my life. I can say that honestly and fullheartedly. I was a bit of an introvert before I started watching this amazing series. I was the QB of a championship football team, took over the year after we won it all, became the leader my senior year. I was selfish and took my opportunity lightly, and got benched midway through the season. My teammates threw me under the bus, and I lost the respect of my peers, my family, my schoolmates, and my teammates. I earned my spot back late in the year and played in the championship game, my final game ever in pads, and we lost. Heartbreak.

    The parallels between my and Matt Saracen's story, I believe, are what made this TV show so meaningful to me. That, and the fact that I hadn't spoken to my father in years.

    After my final season playing football, I grew to resent people and football. Everything that reminded me of my awful last year of high school made me shut down and pull away. But this all changed after I watched this series. After watching this series, I fully understand now the importance of bonds, not only between family and friends, but of an entire community. This enlightenment has really helped me grow and mature as a person, not to mention stab at my heart with guilt for not taking football more seriously. I have worked to better myself as a person since getting the privilege of watching this fine series.

    I began watching this series a few weeks ago, and got to enjoy the final episode last night. I can only say what a treat it's been to watch maybe the greatest television series of all time. I loved every main character who popped out throughout the seasons. Jason, Lyla, Tim, Matt, Julie, Coach and Mrs. Taylor, Landry, Tyra, Smash and Vince, Billy and Mindy, Luke and Becky, Hastings and Jess, Buddy Garrity and Grandma, Herc and Mama Williams, the list goes on. It's just amazing how every character took place in your heart and became a part of you. Realistic storylines, super acting, stellar production, and those tear-jerking moments make this the absolute greatest show I've ever seen.

    I absolutely recommend this to anybody and everybody. It doesn't matter if you don't care about football, it doesn't matter if you aren't a drama lover. This show will steal your heart.
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