Friday Night Lights

DirecTV (ended 2011)


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  • I despise when a show is cancelled unless its deserved. You're nuts if you think this one is. Its real and its awesome and its way better than most of the shows that are staying. I'm disappointed.

    This show is not deserving of the axe. Why on earth do networks kill off good shows and keep the really boring crappy ones. Hello! Sh*t my father says is a good show? Come on. Yet Fringe is a bubble show on the cusp of being cancelled. Keep the good shows people! No one wants to watch sitcoms anymore. And Ghost Whisperer got shut down after 5 seasons? ABC you had the option to pick it up but did you? NO. I cancelled my cable because there's nothing worth watching anymore. I'd rather watch reruns of Mr. Ed than that crap. Okay I'm done.