Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 8

Seeing Other People

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • A lot of hooking up is going on... sort of.


    This was an episode that was almost exclusively about relationships forming, breaking apart and finding something in between. I wasn't ecstatic about all of the relationships that were beginning or potentially beginning, but at least the episode was written well.

    For one, I sort of wish this season wasn't so obvious in the directions it decided to go in. I'm not saying I saw these things coming, but the second that Glen was introduced, was there really anybody who wasn't thinking that there'd be some sort of jealousy thing going on between Coach Taylor and his wife? Of course, the writers are smart enough to know better not to go through with it and have Tami and Glen having a thing, but still... That being said, I still enjoyed the scenes between Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. They light up the scenes that they're in together.

    I have to say, I'm glad that Smash is getting something to do. It's also nice to see him at a place where everybody doesn't immediately like him. It was a little over-dramatic to have that Pattrell guy chasing Smash around, but it was a fun little scene and continued the "recruitment process" that began in the last episode.

    As for this whole Matt and his nurse thing, it's getting a little lame. Okay, they've hooked up... now what? This doesn't feel like a Friday Night Lights plot, mostly because their hook-up feels as if it has no chemistry.

    I do like how there was a whole lot of hooking up and breaking up going on. Tami gets worried that Julie is getting too close to the teacher and ends up yelling at him as a result. Julie yells more at Tami and we get their usual tete a tete.

    This was a good episode though... sometimes I feel as if I'm too harsh on the show, but I know this show is able to pull it together and create some amazing television. The first season was so consistently good that it's a bit jarring to see the second season all over the place. But this is still among the best TV I've seen in awhile.

  • The reason I watch this show.

    Wow, so much happened tonight. The theme seemed to be: what you want you can't get, at least till you do your homework.

    How well behaved I'd be if I lived in Dillon...but then again, why wouldn't I with all those pretty boys hangin' round? The script is so good, even bad actors would sound good, but luckily we're blessed with top notch actors all around.

    Tonight tells me it's the best drama on television. It's funny, exciting, it's intelligent, it's the combination of what every man wants and what every woman needs. So let's hear it again: "Please, NBC, don't cancel my show, pretty please?"
  • This episode has a lot going on

    This episode isn't exactly pivotal to the plot but a lot of interesting things happen. Smash gets him self in trouble as always and doesn't learn any thing when he visits a party school and is chased away by a very angry guy. When Matt picks him up it is pretty hilarious, but left me wondering when the two of them made up and became buddies again. It was interesting to watch Matt choose between his safe cheerleader girlfriend and the older Carlotta, but he choose in the end and who knows if it was for the better. Tim's roommate is one of the weirder characters to appear, but overall this was a really good episode.
  • This episode made me really enjoy this show for the first time since late last season.

    "Seeing Other People" really had it all for a FNL episode. We open with a game that sets up a future storyline. Coach Taylor is frustrated with the team, particularly the defense that was exposed in a 37-0 beatdown. So his reactions to Tammye spending time with another man are completely understandable. I can't really sympathize with her at all but I think both of them came to their senses by the end of the episode. This was the first such moment between the two of them since before Coach Taylor decided to leave Dillon.

    Smash's recruiting trip was a good subplot and adventure. It was good to see that he and Saracen are coming together more. Smash also brought an aspect to the story that helped move Saracen's storyline forward. Smash's "open relationship" strategy ended Saracen's boring relationship with Lauren and really got things moving at home, so to speak. This was a well-written romance, the first of which I have seen on television this season.

    Riggins' subplot was just as entertaining as Smash's but ended up being more compelling. He was completely in character during his apology to the team - a great illustration of the quality of the writing on this show.

    Finally, I seriously dreaded Landry's confession after the preview for this episode. But after his meeting with the victim's brother, it fell together for me. The only thing that's been getting Landry through is his ability to justify his actions. Now, in his own mind, he can't. Therefore, he deserves to be punished. I've hated this storyline from the start and I would have preferred a much quicker (and maybe sloppier) resolution to this story just so the show isn't bogged down. But this resolution is probably the truest. Again, a good example of a well-written show.