Friday Night Lights

Season 5 Episode 12

Small Town/Texas Whatever

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on The 101



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    • Tyra (to Tim): I can't imagine how much you love Billy to do what you did for him. So are you ready to lose him? Because he's your family. He's your only family. Not a lot of people believed in you Tim, but he did.

    • Tyra (Discussing Dillon): It's kind of like this drug: when you get outside of it, you see it for what it really is. But when you're in it, seems like there's no other possible reality.
      Julie: It's a hard place to shake.
      Tyra: Yeah. I didn't see that coming.

    • Tim: You're going to State, correct?
      Luke: Yeah.
      Tim: It's never gonna be bigger than that. Play it like that. Lace up like it's the last game you'll ever play. And then move on. That's the best advice I can give you.

    • Tami: They'd like to replace the current dean with me and I would like to do it.
      Eric: Well that's in Philadelphia.
      Tami: Yeah.
      Eric: That's a long commute.
      Tami: We'd have to move there.
      Eric: We live in Texas.

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