Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on The 101

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  • I must say the first season finale of Friday Night Lights was quite good. Dillon Panthers had made it to the final.

    I must say the first season finale of Friday Night Lights was quite good. Dillon Panthers had made it to the final. And guess against who? The team that has Voodoo as quarterback. During the lead up interviews Voodoo runs down Matt saracin but on the other hand one sees again the human being that is Matt, when he says nothing wrong about Voodoo. We find out that Mrs. Taylor is pregnant. She decides to only tell Coach when they get to Dallas. She tells him that she is pregnant and he is very happy. Meanwhile whilst doing an interview he is asked if he is leaving the Panthers, and he admits that his future is somewhere else. The team took this really bad. And in fact in the first half of the game the Panthers were losing 26-0. The team wasn't functioning at all. Matt Saracin didn't even hit a good pass. After a good and encouraging speech by Coach Taylor during half time, the Panthers look like another team in the second half. After staging a good comeback in the last minute they had chance to produce the greatest comeback in history. Matt Saracin used one of the tricks taught to him by Jason Street and passes to Tim Riggins who passed Smash for the touchdown. The Panthers win the match and are state champions. In the end Coach tells his wife that he wants to stay in Dillon but she tells him to follow his dream and go to the new job in Austin whilst she will stay with Julie in Dillon
  • After a long and tough season the Dillon Panthers are finally at state. This is the game the whole town has been waiting for. Can the Panthers defeat the Mustangs and bring home that state title?

    Like it says in the title this episode is about the state finale. About 50% of the episode contains football scenes, but that ain't all there is going on.

    The biggest part is about the state finale, so most scenes are about football. I really like these scenes and like expected the Panthers win the game after a huge come-back. The part I most liked was the scene where Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum got sacked. And off course the wining play called out by Saracen, the last couple of episode really showed he has evolved as a quarterback and a human being.

    It wasn't only about football though, early in the episode we find out Tami is pregnant and when she tells coach T. in Austin you can really feel the love between those 2. I really hope they still have enough scenes together next season.

    We also have some cute Julie/Matt moments where they are trying to plan their future to still see eachother after they move to Austin.

    Another memorable scene was the scene where Lyla's car broke down and she gets a ride with Landry and Tyra. Speaking of this ride, it had the funiest scene in the episode with Tyra's mother and some dark chocolate.

    For me this was a perfect season ending with the Panthers winning state. There wasn't a real cliffhanger only that we don't know coach Taylor final decision now that Tami decided to stay in Dillon.
  • Welcome to state! (spoilers)

    Everybody heads to Dallas to see the Panthers play the state final. Landry is excited about giving Tyra a ride to Dallas but he ends up giving Tyra's mother and sister, Lyla and Matt's grandmother a ride too. Meanwhile Tami has some news for coach Taylor.

    In Dallas the Panthers are preparing for the final when the news of coach Taylor leaving gets out. The players have a hard time dealing with that and they miss their start in the state final completely. But after an inspiring half time speech of coach Taylor the players rise above themselves and Tim, Matt and Smash decide the state final. And coach Taylor is still not sure wether or not he should leave Dillon.

    This was a good episode, but not a 'world shocking' finale.

    We are still not sure if coach Taylor will leave the Panthers, so that is something to look forward to for next season.
  • The cliffhanger that never was!

    Once again, I have been left wondering by this show. Not by the plot lines.
    Nor the usually terribly cliched 'cliffhanger' episodes that most other TV shows utilise to hook in all the idiots for next season.

    What has kept me wondering is the fact that we may not see it on our TV sets again!

    I was dreading reaching the last few final episodes of FNL. The show is art in its purest form at times, tragedy, terror, ecstacy all permeate through. Coming to the end of the season means no more for a while, and thats a sad thought.

    Its the utter uniqueness that makes this show better than its contemporaries and rivals. It would have been so easy to end the season with Saracen diving for the pylons, trying to win the game. Or it would have equally been enough to have the Panthers missing out on the State title by a last second Voodoo Tatum touchdown. But no! FNL once again surprises me, and turns the main event, the state championship, into the sideshow. Now your wondering, will Eric Taylor be there next season?!

    That question is most likely answered with 'no'. In fact, seeing as NBC wrapped the show up so well a Panthers win, accomplishing what they set out to do at the start of the season, my instincts lead me to believe that we won't be seeing a series.

    Which is a shame, for one of the best TV shows around. Having said that, it's not surprise, especially not today in the cheap laughs, even cheaper reality TV world we have bought into.

    All the greats are ahead of their time.
    FNL is no different.
  • SI says that it could be the last show ever :(

    I was reading SI and it said that no one watched the show and that they were taking it off the air :(. But if this change and they don't, they said Matt might change teams and that they were going to put some new players in and take some out. Anyway, back to the show, this show was way to predictable. Like what did u think was going to happen. if there is a next season i'm hoping that they actually lose some games, and not win every game. Though, i like what they did with Smash, that even thought he praticlly broke his hand he still played.
  • This has quickly became the best show on tv!

    I have realised since FNL came back from it's hiatus just how much I missed watching this show. It is phenomeonal!! As a European I don't really understand the footballing significance, the rules etc. but the fact is I am hooked on this show despite this. The level of character development & emotional depth is staggering. This is supposed to be a SPORTS drama!!!! Sports dramas don't do emotions?! But this episode just had everything. It is amazing that it still has the ability to shock. The Taylors having another baby? Voodoo getting nailed (I enjoyed that he is such a kn*bjockey!!) Smash scoring the winning touchdown, it all just got me. I really feel that it is shame that this show might not be renewed. The acting is superb,the writing is amazing and most importantly there is someone that every single person can relate to. It crosses all spectrums of society and I just hope the "men in suits" don't cancel another quality show!!
  • needs to add another classification choice to the top of these reviews specifically for this show- "Spectacular as usual."

    The season finale of the best new show of '07 did not disappoint. As Dillon High's big day in the state championship approached I was sure that the team would lose and that would be a great catalyst to change the coaches mind regarding his new job at the college level. Things didn't go as I envisioned. In fact the forces pulling at Taylor go much deeper than simply winning or losing a football game.

    Once again the writers put together a vibrant picture of what the basis of this show is: Family, friends and relationships. From young love trying to find solid ground, like Matt and Julie to a prodigal son finding his place to shine (Jason) to a family tearing apart (the Garritys) and one growing and still learning how to make it work, like the Taylors.

    Taylor's devotion to his family was never more evident than in this episode. A pivotal moment came when he told his wife Tami that he was going to stay in Dillon because he didn't want them to be split up while he worked in Austin. Tami's slightly unexpected, yet touching reply was for him to go to Austin to chase his dreams. (Which is a common theme for the show as a whole.) This seems to make his decision easy and a move for the coach seems imminent. However at the final team meeting before telling the team goodbye, looking in his players eyes, I think Taylor suddenly realized what we the viewers have known all along- His family consists of much more than just the people he goes home to every night.
  • God, I don't know how to feel about this episode. I really don't!

    The first half: I absolutely love. Some of the funniest, sweetest moments. When Tyra asks if he could get a ride with Landry to State, his face was just priceless. Landry buys cocoa beans as a snack for Tyra, possibly to seduce her on the way to State. (Isn't that kind of bad since what happened to her a couple of episodes back?) Anyways, Landry finds himself in a car with 5 other girls, all singing horribly on the radio. Quite possibly the funniest scene since the inception of the show.

    After the revelation of last week's preview for this episdoe, I'm glad they didn't prolong the revealment that Tami was pregnant. What a nice kinda circular plot and character involvement, Smash's mom helping Tami out. And in the midst of all the anxiety and confliction in the family, I'm glad that the pregnancy news brought a smile to Coach Taylor's face (he hasn't smiled in a while). I would have griped if Coach Taylor threw a fit, but of course, he didn't, so I'm very happy.

    The biggest gripe I do have is the much too cliched football game, trailing behind so far in the first half and gaining back momentum in the last to win it. The half-time pep talk was nice as Coach Taylor talked and they played clips of the fans who were still rooting for them out in the stadium (but not as inspiring as the pep talk in Friday Night Lights, the movie). I couldn't help but compare this show to the movie, because the movie really was what made me decide to give this show a try. I'm not gonna ruin if for someone who hasn't seen the movie, but I was always expecting something like it to happen during the game. As much as I didn't care for the way the game was played out, it's still a good thing that they won. After the win, the show returns to the most pressing issue of all, will Coach Taylor leave the Panthers? It felt just so raw, listening to the radio comments, bringing me back to the very first few episodes when everything was up in the air. Andd the way the show ended clearly didn't help at all.

    I understand cliffhangers, and I usually do like em, but man, this is really killing me.
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