Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • Sometimes goodbye means goodbye...

    We lose two more of the beloved original cast: Matt Saracen & Lyla Garrity, as the character turnover continues. As Coach Taylor guides the new Lions to their best effort of the season, Tami prepares for a day in the very near future where their daughter will be saying goodbye as well.

    As hard as this season has been: a truly emotional roller-coaster with Matt's fathers death still fresh in out minds – there have also been plenty of bright moments to even things out a bit. Two perfect examples in "Stay": the Riggins Brothers hitting the East Dillon practice field, and Assistant Coach Traub standing up for Vince & Luke.

    I thought the writers did a really nice job with Matt & Lyla's farewells, especially considering their circumstances had little in common: Matt initially decided to stay inn Dillon, both for his grandmother & Julie. Lyla chose to leave Tim behind for Vanderbilt, her dream school.

    Lyla briefly feels the pull of home, and a laid-back, no worries life. But in the end, you knew it was temporary. As Tim so succinctly put it: "Goodbye Lyla Garrity".

    Matt's departure is a little more complicated. He still has Julie and Landry around, along with his family. Yet at the same time, it's hard not to root for Matt to get out of Dillon. Matt & Julie are able to enjoy some quality time at an Austin music festival, but Julie – who's character has really grown in the past two years, knows she has to let Matt go.

    The final two scenes just remind me again why I love this show: Matt looking in on his mother and grandma through the hanging tire in the front yard, and Riggins & Becky on the back porch – barely saying a word...

    First things last: who are the people rating Friday Night Lights on this site. a 6.8 average score for "Stay"? I have a lot of friends who are big fans of the show, and all of them are raving about Season 4. Then again, looking at the Top 20 shows on - maybe I shouldn't be surprised...
  • Saracen makes a big decision.


    The last scene of the episode left me feeling cold (and not necessarily in a bad way). If this is the last we see of Matt Saracen, I'll be upset. Gilford has been such a strong presence on the show that it would boggle my mind if his character were to just up and leave, especially with his grandmother's health deteriorating. But my faith int he writers is at an all time high right now. Besides a few story arcs that haven't fully developed yet, this season has been perfect and could end up being its best yet.

    Following the funeral in the last episode, a number of different people are in limbo, heading away from Dillon or at least feeling unhappy with where they are in life. Saracen is the obvious example, who is feeling like he needs to get away more than ever when it comes to Dillon and the people around him. He obviously loves Julie, but he's messed up right now and feels like DIllon isn't made for him anymore.

    We also have the return of Minka Kelly as Lyla. Her return doesn't have much of an impact, but it does give us more Riggins/Lyla scenes, which are always well-done. It also gives us the sense that Riggins is one of those people who will always be in Dillon, regardless of who or what tries to get him out. Becky (the new character) sort of fits in here, mostly with how she's jealous of Lyla, but as I mentioned above, this is one of those character arcs that hasn't been fleshed out yet but has the potential to get better.

    Finally, there's Coach and Tami, who are forced to face the fact that Julie will be leaving home soon for college... but is it really necessary to comment on how great Chandler and Britton were here? They're always giving powerhouse performances and this episode was no exception.

    Once again, it seems as if I'm taking all the time to write about everything but the football scenes. The football scenes her were great as well, as exciting as any Panther game that Taylor had coached. This time around, they went up against an undefeated team and nearly beat them; it helps that Vince and Luke are finally starting to get along better.

    Equally interesting is the way Coach Taylor is running the team. Technically, based on what we saw, there wasn't a whole lot of order to the plays. There was no official QB or receiver and the offense would sometimes play defense. It's a cool way to play. I also enjoyed the scene in Sears where Luke and Vince are watching game tapes and are confronted by J.D McCoy and the Panthers, only to be turned away by Assistant Coach Staub. It shows that the Lions are slowly becoming a team.

    There was very little development with Landry and Jess so I'll write about it when it actually blooms a little bit more. Overall though, this was another strong effort by the FNL cast and crew.

  • Finally the East Dillon Lions get on track and we get some good football sequences. We also finally get some closure with Matt and Riggens and most likely the end of their stay on the show.

    Finally the East Dillon Lions get on track and we get some good football sequences. We also finally get some closure with Matt and Riggens and most likely the end of their stay on the show.

    The East Dillon Lions team gets on track and looks to be turning into a competitive team with Vince and Luke leading the way with the wildcat formation. Its a shame that they havent used Landry more in the football side of the plot and brought him along as a valuable team leader as they seemed to hint at earlier in this season.

    Great to see Lyla back for a visit and her rekindle her relationship with Riggins, of which I am sure will see Riggins leave the Dillon to follow Lyla his soul mate. Matt and Julie on the other hand seem to have finally realised that Matt should have left for college and it looks like he has headed off to find his calling in life. Downside in this plot seems to be the complete uselessness the apprenticeship he did for the art guy was. Either way I'm exicted to see what happens in the next episode.