Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 2

Tami Knows Best

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on DirecTV

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  • Tami defends her choice, despite the whole town hating her. Matt searches for a way to help his grandma and must find his long lost mother. Eric continues to help Smash. Tim and Lyla face a roadblock in their relationship. Tyra runs for office.

    So it is Tami vs. Dillon, she took the jumbo-tron funds and used them to buy books and pay teachers and have the Texas high school air conditioned, but the town wanted a big screen at the games, cause most high schools have those, right? Well she saw that going against Panther football in Dillon was a dumb idea, and although I agree with her, the school needed that money, and granted she did not do anything wrong she began to realize that she became enemy number one. Eric knew this was happening but he did not say anything, and of course her jumped out of bed so quickly to tend to baby Gracie.

    Tyra's story line coincided with Tami's, however unlike Tami, Tyra succumbed to the pressure and demeaned herself to win the election. Now I will agree that most student governments in high school do do nothing more than organizing prom and other dances and fundraisers and do not do any real governing. Yet it was clear that Tyra sold herself out to win and Tami was wondering if she would soon have to do the same, thus negating her argument against the jumbo-tron.

    Tim, has to be saying to himself that it is never going to work with Lyla, and despite all that he continues to pursue a relationship with the girl he loves. Yet Buddy has something to say about it, he does not want Tim to ruin the relationship he has with Joe McCoy and he does not want him to hurt his daughter. I am waiting for him to really self-destruct but then Lyla shows ups with burgers and he and her still seem to be ok. I am waiting for this to play out more in the season, I think at some point Tim will self destruct.

    It was nice to see that all Smash really needed was to play with the team again, because despite his massive ego, he really needs to be a part o something to succeed. It was good to see the team rally behind him. Now he just has to make sure he can ace the tryout with A&M.

    Matt is once again faced with the fact that his grandma cannot take care of herself, this is beginning to get played out, for three years he has been dealing with this situation, and it keeps coming back to bite him in the butt. Now though he takes drastic measures by visiting the mother who abandoned him and lives somewhere else in order to get emancipated so that he can fully take care of his grandma. Well Matt's mom seems to be a bit of a free spirit, just judging from her house. She was definitely concerned to see Matt and felt a sense of guilt for abandoning him and his dad. What came out of this was the reconciliation of sorts between Matt and Julie, she is showing that genuine concern that made me like her back in season one, and I think sparked something in Matt. So maybe she is just the thing he needs this season?

    There were a few funny moments, courtesy of Landry and Billy Riggins, but this was a definite high emotion episode, and once again this season is not pulling out any stops in the drama department.